IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2009-03-05

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nyostrichter: ayt?01:21
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srichternyo: yep02:03
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projekt01nyo, ayt?02:45
nyoprojekt01: hi02:49
projekt01nyo, do you have time to review my latest checkin for zope.publisher?02:50
nyohmm.. I'll try to check it out now02:51
projekt01I fixed some odd issues and implemented the default skin pattern within adapters02:51
nyooh, that sounds interesting02:51
projekt01I need to release the package because I have to maek more progress in for finishing the concept.02:52
projekt01It is wokring wihtout future changes in, but changes in will allow us to use it in z3c.jsonrpc without to depend on IBrowserRequest just for support default skins02:52
nyoprojekt01: I personally don't really use z3c.jsonrpc, so...02:55
* nyo is looking at the changes02:55
projekt01no problem, this allows just to use the default skin pattern for non IBrowserRequest implementations02:56
projekt01I tested the implementation using z3.jsonrpc with a default skin, it works well for me02:57
nyoprojekt01: looks like the ISkinnable, IDefaultSkin and ISkinType should be moved out of .interfaces.browser to just .interfaces, or not?02:58
projekt01do you think I should do that too?02:59
nyowell, I guess. if it's not browser-only, it should be in plain interfaces or may be interfaces.http?03:00
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projekt01I was thinkin to move the if shane or others will split the browser, http, xmlrpc into own packages03:01
projekt01i think I was reading something about such a split03:01
nyobtw, the ISkinChangedEvent is probably in that company as well now, so it should be moved, but with bbb import.03:01
nyoprojekt01: well, it's not very clear when that will be done03:02
projekt01Ok, I ll do that cleanup and provide the original imports03:02
projekt01what's the marker for BBB imports? did we define something?03:02
projekt01just a #BBB comment at the end03:03
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nyoprojekt01: i also write some comment after BBB, why it was moved, for example03:03
nyoprojekt01: btw, why use the named "default" adapter instead of just unnamed one?03:06
projekt01the default unnamed adapter is configured by a project03:06
projekt01the default named adapter is a fallback, right now only configured for IBrowserRequest03:07
projekt01IDefaultBrowserLayer is such a fallback default layer03:07
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nyoah, that's more clear to me now03:08
projekt01if you define a default skin in your project, you will use the defaultSkin zcml directive, this will register a unnamed adapter03:08
nyoprojekt01: the setDefaultSkin logic seems fishy :-)03:15
projekt01do you mean it doesn't raise errors if something is wrong?03:16
nyoprojekt01: yep. why silently ignore it? if wrong interface is registered, then something is wrong in the application.03:17
projekt01the concept before allows to apply any interface as skin, I don't know what others did with that implementation03:17
nyowell, I think that others still use IBrowserSkinType'd interfaces as a defaultSkin, so we can check that more strictly... however this may be a topic to discuss on the ML)03:19
nyoalso, why calling and catching TypeError instead of simply checking on IInterface.providedBy(skin)?03:21
projekt01hehe, that's buggy03:23
projekt01the defaultSkin directive registers interfaces insted of adapter factory which will return the interface by adaption03:23
projekt01this interfaces are not adaptable and will end in TypeErrror somewhere in the adapter registry03:24
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nyoprojekt01: but, we can check the skin object we got by adapter lookup if it's an interface or an adapter by simple IInterface.providedBy(skin) check instead of trying to call it as an adapter, no?03:25
projekt01yes, but exceptions are faster in python then check something03:26
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nyoprojekt01: hm.. really? how much faster? I just think that one can get really strange bug, if the request will be somehow adapted to the interface we get by IDefaultSkin lookup.03:28
nyoprojekt01: if it's not a gross "bottleneck", i think we can live with a providedBy check, which is also fast I believe.03:29
projekt01it will provide IDefaultSkin, I don't expect any other component then an adapter or interface03:29
projekt01or some wired thing must go on03:30
projekt01Ok, I'm fine with that03:30
projekt01I 'll write a mail to the list with some open questions03:31
nyoprojekt01: btw, I think that the skinType in the "applySkin" function can be determined from the skin itself03:32
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projekt01do you mean IDefaultSkin(request)03:34
projekt01and getAdapter((request,), IDefaultSkin, name='default')03:34
projekt01if so, No because of the junk (plain interface) in the dapter registry03:35
projekt01if the defaultSkin directive whould register an adapter factory then yes03:35
nyoprojekt01: no. I mean that now the "zope.publisher.browser.applySkin" requires setting an skinType argument for applying non-browser skins03:36
nyowell, at first, this function, as well as skinchangedevent is now not only for browser, so it should be moved to more general module03:36
nyoand we don't need to explicitly set the skinType, because it can be easily determined from the "skin" argument we are passing03:37
projekt01the skin type for z3c.jsonrpc is IJSONRPCSkinType which is inherited from ISkinType03:38
nyohm, something like skinType = [iface for iface in providedBy(skin) if iface.isorExtends(ISkinType)][0]03:38
projekt01this whould require that we type the type or not?03:38
nyoif skin supposed to provide only one ISkinType interface, this will work03:39
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projekt01Hm, no, each layer will provide ISkinType03:40
projekt01the real traversable skin is a named ISkinType e.g. IBrowserSkinType03:41
nyoI mean, that single skin won't provide both IBrowserSkinType and IJSONRPCSkinType03:41
nyothen my example will work)03:41
nyohm.. wait03:42
projekt01each layer will provide a skin type not only one03:42
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projekt01IDivFormLayer or IFormLayer etc will provide ISkinType if someone registers them within the interface directive03:43
projekt01  <interface03:44
projekt01      interface="z3c.form.interfaces.IFormLayer"03:44
projekt01      type="zope.publisher.interfaces.browser.IBrowserSkinType"03:44
projekt01      />03:44
nyohm.. this is IBrowserSkinType, not plain ISkinType)03:44
projekt01I think we can't find the right layer without the skinType argument03:45
projekt01yes, but right now only IBrowserSkinType is used anywhere03:46
projekt01some of my skins provide both skin types (if I use JSONRPC within z3c.form)03:47
projekt01the skin pattern is only there for make more views and adapters available at request level03:48
projekt01it has not really something to do with request types which we don't have03:49
nyoprojekt01: ah.. I thought you said "yes" when I asked about that both ISkinTypes in one skin won't present at once :)03:50
projekt01no I was wrong, only one of them is named03:51
projekt01but wait03:52
projekt01we have to remove ANY skin type03:52
projekt01doesn't matter what skin type because the result is a clean request with only the given skin applied03:53
nyoprojekt01: ah, then we don't need the skinType argument either )03:54
projekt01setDefaultSkin applies a "default" skin if available and the applySkin aplies a given skin03:54
projekt01another question03:54
projekt01why do we not remove any skin in setDefaultSkin like done in applySkin?03:54
nyoprojekt01: I dunno, I guess it's because when setDefaultSkin is called, the request object don't have any "skins" applied yet, so there's nothing to clear.03:55
nyohowever, I'm not sure03:56
* nyo needs some sleep:)03:56
projekt01I'm not sure too03:56
projekt01I also need some sleep ;-)03:56
projekt01Ill add them to the mail03:56
projekt01them = question03:56
projekt01nyo, thanks a lot for your feedback03:57
nyoi'll review the changes again when I'll awake, so I can be more constructive :)03:57
projekt01Ok, I'll write a mail to the list before I do more changes03:59
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afd__what's so special about the "" apidoc permission that it's not granted through a grantAll declaration?10:00
afd__<grantAll role="zope.Manager" />10:00
afd__  <grant permission="" role="zope.Manager" />10:00
afd__Unless I do the second declaration, I get an Unauthorized screen10:00
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afd__nevermind, I didn't include it's zcml10:05
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DrogoNevetsis there a CookieCrumbler type product out there for Zope 3??11:39
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DrogoNevetsis there a CookieCrumbler type product out there for Zope 3??12:28
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