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jeandanielzope3 is working toward better re-use, and componentization. Is the wsgi middleware interface design a part of this work? or just remotely interesting?00:02
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nyojeandaniel: yes. on the forthcoming PyCon, some developers (shane, jim and others) will discuss about refactoring zope publishing framework to wsgi pipeline as well as possibly reusing WebOb for request/response objects.00:30
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jeandanieli remember having read a blog about that now by now. I was wondering what a wsgi pipeline could be at that time.00:44
nyojeandaniel: there's a poposal on the wiki -
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jeandanielnyo:  thank you, to me this wsgi pipeline looks a lot like the "Application Routeur" described in the sipservlet API (jsr289). SIP is a voip protocol like HTTP is a web protocol, the siplet api does a job similar to the http servlet API in java and the wsgi in python.01:03
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jeandanielI am certainly oversimplifying but as I read the zope pipeline proposal and their intended use of ZCML to configure the list of application, I think about the config.xml of bea weblogic sipserver which allows us to choose and sequence the classes which would receive the request (zope is a web framework like bea's sipserver is a sip application server in j2ee)01:20
jeandanielmaybe python needs a ssgi, a sipserver gateway interface so that sip framework can develop in the same direction with fewer wheels to reinvent :)01:24
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Count-Duckulalist all principals method?13:50
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mandarhow do I call an external python function from ZPT?14:21
mandarhow do I call an external python function from ZPT?14:23
yvlit would be nice if you didn't do that14:25
yvlhandle the logic you want in the view class14:25
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mandaractually i am new to can u please ellaborate? I am using plone 3.1 and it doesn't have this functionality yet.14:32
yvlsorry, I am not familiar with Plone enough (yet ;)14:33
yvlperhaps a better place to ask this question would be Plone-oriented channel14:34
yvlI mean they would suggest how to solve your problem, not how to hack-your-way-through14:34
yvl#plone should suit you14:37
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Count-DuckulaHow do I ensure the creator of a content object has ManageContent rights, seems like it would be a pretty obvious thing to need.14:56
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agroszermalthe_, would you mind releasing chameleon.core>=1.0b2215:10
malthe_agroszer: I did15:11
malthe_unless there's some bug15:11
malthe_err mistake15:12
agroszer says "Not found"15:12
malthe_i'll be damned15:12
malthe_agroszer: Server response (200): OK15:13
malthe_just uploaded it (again)15:13
malthe_sorry about that!15:13
agroszerbetter now15:13
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* mintsauce having issues with SSL support in virtualenv17:16
mintsaucesystem ssl support works fine17:16
mintsaucevirtualenv python "import socket hasattr(socket, "ssl")" returns false :(17:17
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agroszerI'd guess virtualenv had an issue with _ssl.pyd17:17
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mintsauceagroszer: I've tried creating a new virtualenv, but get the same result.17:18
mintsauceWhere exactly does virtualenv build python from - i thought it was based on the system version?17:18
agroszerno idea17:19
agroszerI remember last time I had to copy manually .libs to make work17:19
mgedminvirtualenv creates a lot of symlinks17:20
agroszerseems that _ssl.pyd must be on pythonpath17:20
mgedmin.pyd is a windows thing17:22
mgedminI thought virtualenv didn't work on windows?17:23
agroszermore/less it works17:23
agroszerwith some manual help on edge cases17:23
agroszerI guess it has the same problem on linux with or whatever it's called17:24
mintsauceI've tried this:
mintsaucewhich got me as far as ssl support on the system python17:24
mgedminpph, you're right17:25
mgedminsocket.ssl exists in my virtualenv17:25
mgedminon linux, virtualenv 1.3.217:25
agroszer>>> import _ssl17:26
agroszer>>> _ssl.__file__17:26
agroszerthen you'll see where it is17:26
mintsauce"No module named _ssl"17:26
agroszerin system python?17:26
mintsaucethats my whole problem - see the link above17:27
mintsaucein virtualenv17:27
agroszerbut check it in system python, then you'll know what to link/copy to virtualenv17:27
mintsaucehow do i copy that path into virtualenv?17:28
agroszerI think it has a local site-packages folder for the virtual env17:29
* mgedmin thinks mintsauce should report a bug for virtualenv17:31
* mgedmin also wants to know mintsauce's os and virtualenv version17:31
mintsauceos x  - 10.5.617:31
mgedminvirtualenv 10.5.6 doesn't exist17:32
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mintsaucethats the os x version ;)17:33
mgedminand I asked for virtualenv version17:33
mgedminyou're trying to shortchange me! :)17:34
mintsaucevirtualenv 1.3.2 (took a while to check!)17:34
mgedminsoftware that doesn't support --version is not friendly17:34
mintsauceSo, what exactly should I put in /usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages - I'm out of my depth now ...17:36
mgedminyou should not touch /usr/local/lib17:37
mgedminyou should copy the _ssl.pyd file (isn't it called on macosx?) into /path/to/your/virtualenv/lib/python2.5/lib-dynload-or-wherever-it-was17:37
mintsaucedoh ENV/lib/17:37
mgedmincopy or symlink17:37
mgedminmy virtualenv sandbox has no files with 'ssl' in the name17:38
mgedminyet I can import socket; socket.ssl17:38
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mgedminthat's because my virtualenv has a symlink for the whole lib-dynload/ directory17:39
mintsaucemgedmin: i get the impression if you had openssl support installed (which I didnt), when you first build a virtualenv, it'll pick it up fine17:39
agroszerthat's somehow understandable17:39
agroszer(meant for mgedmin)17:40
mgedmindon't think so -- the directory is symlinked17:40
mgedminif you install a new file under it, it'll become visible through the symlink17:40
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Count-DuckulaCan I set up a content object with a DENY permission by default?17:46
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mintsaucemgedmin: Brilliant - that's fixed it, thanks :)17:53
mintsauceWhere would i report the bug / do you think that is a bug?17:53
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mgedminI think that is a bug18:00
mgedminif there's a bug tracker link on the virtualenv home page, I'd report it there, if virtualenv has a web page18:00
mgedminotherwise I'd send an email to the author listed on the PyPI page for virtualenv18:00
Count-DuckulaCan some please explain Z3 permissions, I'm struggling to get my head round it.  I can't seem to access an object view unless I have view permssions on EVRYTHING down to the site root.  This seems stupid, since I don't want to give users permission to see the site root, but I do want the to view certain objects??? Anyone?18:03
ignasCount-Duckula: you have permissions on either views or object attributes18:11
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ignasCount-Duckula: without seeing the error messages it is difficult to say, but maybe you want to allow people to access the attributes of the root object that lead to the final object...18:12
ignasalso - if you will make all the "views" on the root objects require some other permissions - people won't be able to access them18:12
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Count-Duckulaignas: I have a root->folder->obj.  If I set set every permission to -allow- for my principal on the folder and obj, it still doesn't allow me access.  I have to set allow on every permission on root for that principal too.  This doesn't seem right.18:16
ignasif it is not working - it should be giving an error18:17
ignasif it is giving an error - could you18:17
ignaslisppaste6: url18:17
lisppaste6To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.18:17
ignaspost it18:17
Count-Duckulaignas: It's not giving me an error, just saying I'm unauthroised18:17
ignasand in console?18:17
ignasor log files?18:17
Count-Duckulanothing in console or log18:18
Count-Duckulawrong window :-)18:19
ignas /++etc++site/default/RootErrorReportingUtility/@@configure.html18:19
ignascan you access this page while logged in as a manager?18:19
benjiwe need a bot that complies with people's :q commands by kicking them ;)18:20
ignasyeah, away with those pesky VI users18:20
Count-Duckulaignas: Nothing in RootErrorReporting either18:23
ignasif you can access it18:23
Count-Duckulabut it's ignoring Unauthroised18:23
ignasremove the Unauthorized from the list18:24
ignasand try performing the operation again18:24
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Count-DuckulaI get an Unauthorised Exception in the log18:25
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ignasclick on it18:27
ignaslook at it18:27
Count-Duckulauser: unauthenticated, seedasam, Sam, dasd   << my nonesense user          -------- URL http://localhost:8080/reports  --- which is the one I've given seedasam explicit ALLOW permissions on18:29
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Count-Duckulaideas anyone?18:35
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Theunisrichter: ping23:24
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Theunisrichter: sorry ... i'll ping you again tomorrow ... i'll fall into my bed instead now :)23:26
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