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projekt01nyo, everything fine?02:44
nyoprojekt01: ?02:45
projekt01just saw that you are working hard and was wondering if I can help you with something02:46
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nyoprojekt01: well, not so hard. I just got some time to work on that, so I'm doing refactorings :)02:47
nyoprojekt01: i almost finished for today :)02:48
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nyoprojekt01: btw, about helping. as you may see on the list, we're removing deprecated interfaces from zope.component. those interfaces were still used by zope packages, so I moved them to more sane places and adapted some of packages I know of. The IView and IDefaultViewName were moved to zope.publisher.interfaces, the IResource -  to Others are simply removed. I adapted some dependent packages, but I may miss something, b02:52
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projekt01nyo, can I release, zope.traversing and
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projekt01this packages use zope.publisher skinnable stuff02:58
nyoprojekt01: lemme see02:58
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nyoprojekt01: and zope.traversing - yes. - no, but it seems that there's no need to release it, as the only change is the adaptation to removal of zope.component's bbb interfaces.03:03
nyoprojekt01: or, did you just not yet committed your changes? then you need to temporary roll back the change of import of IDefaultViewName.03:04 uses setDefaultSkin(request) which I need to replace "if IBrowserRequest" with "if ISkinnable"03:04
projekt01no problem IDefaultViewName works with newest packages03:05
projekt01I release zope.publihser with them03:05
nyoprojekt01: yep, but other released packages still use IDefaultViewName from zope.component03:05
nyoprojekt01: so something may break badly03:05
nyoi think it's better to revert the change and bring it back after the release03:05
projekt01from where did you remove IDefaultViewName?03:06
nyozope.component.interfaces (it was in zope.component.interfaces.bbb actually)03:06
nyoit was moved to zope.publisher.interfaces03:07
projekt01I think I'm fine if I can release and zope.traversing03:07
projekt01there is still a the ISkinnable which should go to
nyoprojekt01: ok. and i'll mail to the list about making a release of new zope.component, so we can release other adapted packages and see what will break :)03:08
projekt01should I sommit taht without release it03:08
nyoprojekt01: of course03:08
projekt01Ok will do so03:08
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projekt01I release and zope.traversing and only commit to without release it03:09
nyoprojekt01: ok03:09
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projekt01nyo, seems not to provide IAuthenticationUtility anymore03:52 uses that in test_zopepublication.py03:52
projekt01nyo, is there a way to test such dependencies, I heard about compttest or so?03:52
nyoprojekt01: hmm.. it needs to be updated then, as that interface was deprecated03:53
projekt01will do that as next03:53
projekt01IAuthenticationUtility get just removed and can get replaced with IAuthentication, right?03:54
projekt01test seems to work if I change to IAuthenticationUtility to IAuthentication03:54
projekt01it's only used in tests03:54
nyothe IAuthenticationUtility was a subclass for IAuthentication03:55
nyoprojekt01: so yes)03:55
projekt01seems to work03:56
projekt01Oh, I miss the good old time where we had deprecation warnings ;-)03:56
nyoprojekt01: that interface was deprecated for a long time without any deprecation warning03:58
projekt01I think this will become a big problem for our package users and they get into time trouble if the have tu update ASAP during develop thier projects03:58
projekt01I don't care about myself, I can live without them03:58
projekt01deprecation message are only for users of our libraries and not for us03:58
nyoprojekt01: well, I hope, that we won't just remove code without any bbb imports. however I like deprecation warnings as well. judging from the ML, people who argue against them seem to be annoyed because of wrong usage in zope2/cmf :)04:00
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projekt01everybody which doesn't like deprecation message must see a lot of them, that's not good at all because they don't fix versions for their release04:01
projekt01after every update they get more of them, that must be a pain to develop that way. I whould think about the development process they use and not about deprecation warnings whihc the get disturbed about04:02
nyowell, maybe they will do that if we prepare meaningful release notes04:02
projekt01nobody gave an argument why it is better to skip them04:02
projekt01except that they popup to many times. I'm really confused and can't understand that04:03
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nyoprojekt01: I think so as well. However whatever they will decide, it's okay with me, as I'm watching the zope development and keeping my application code up to date. ;-) If that "rest of python world" are really fine with that deprecation/refactoring scheme without warnings - okay then. Especially, if extension for the test runner will be developed that warns about indirect imports.04:07
* nyo is interested in stephan's opinion on that04:08
projekt01Yes I agree with a good BBB inntrospector tool or something like that04:08
projekt01me too04:09
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projekt01normaly such a tool should get written first and then propose a deprecation message remove concept because of a better concept if that works04:11
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Fubar^how can i keep track of instances of my package in ZODB?11:45
Fubar^for example i want a list of everything in the database that implements my interface IGame11:45
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mgedminthat's not necessarily a good idea...11:54
mgedminwhat problem are you solving?11:54
Fubar^there are certain things in my game that needs to be reset at server start, so i have an event subscriber for the DatabaseOpenedEvent. But i dont know which Game-instances there are11:56
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mgedminFubar^: you could use findObjectsProviding, I suppose, but know its limitations and disadvantages13:19
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Fubar^mgedmin: thanks!15:03
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fcorreapcardune: yt?19:53
pcardunefcorrea: howdy19:53
fcorreapcardune: hey what's up? I've trying to access your z3c-tutorial but it seems it got it's page layout messed19:54
pcardunefcorrea: that's possible, (moved servers recently) I'll take a look19:55
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fcorreapcardune: was about to send that to a friend when I noticed.19:55
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pcardunefcorrea: thank god for docutils generating good symantic markup...19:56
fcorreapcardune: yeah, very readable. Tho I liked the old layout19:56
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fcorreaToo bad zope found had issues with the designer19:57
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pcardunefcorrea: hmmm, looks like the hard drive on my server might be hosed... randomly can't access different files20:17
pcardunefcorrea: will have to wait till I get home to inspect more...20:18
fcorreapcardune: oh..that's bad news. Well, thanks man20:19
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