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Count-DuckulaHow do the IntId index work, because I have a some persistent zodb objects, which I know are in the index because I've pulled them out, but I can't do inids.getId(self) and if I index them manually then I can find the URL of objects when I later pull them out of the index.  So it must be index different interfaces of my objects??  I'll I'm trying to do is get it to update the catalog index for my object when I change something, which it isn't at13:23
Count-Duckula*can't find the URL13:23
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malthewho's release manager for
nyomalthe: I doubt that there's a single "release manager" for that package)14:46
maltheok; who would I bug for a new release...?14:51
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nyomalthe: anyone of pypi owners :) I can do the release, if you want )15:00
malthenyo: if you have time for it, it'd be great.15:00
maltheit doesn't need to be *today* :-)15:00
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malthenyo: there was just an issue there which caused the application to basically hang forever... that's pretty nasty.15:01
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nyomalthe: okay, I'll check it out soon15:04
malthemuch appreciated.15:04
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nyomalthe: i got errors here: unsupported operand type(s) for +: 'int' and 'str'. Looks like you forgot to cast the length to int before calling "read"15:08
malthethat's odd; it works in real life.15:09
malthehow can it work.15:09
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nyomalthe: are you going to fix that thing or can I just add int() cast there?15:33
malthenyo: you can add the int() cast15:34
maltheor I mean, I can do it too, right---anyone.15:34
malthebut someone should :-)15:34
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nyomalthe: okay, fixed. but, please, just run the tests next time ;-)15:37
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malthenyo: yeah... sorry :-) ---15:38
malthenyo: I suspect that .. but that's odd, but that Python's socket somehow accepts a string argument there.15:39
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malthewhich the test setup probably doesn't account for (nor should it)15:39
nyomalthe: dunno. i just ran bin/test on my python 2.6 (so, it can also be 2.6 problem)15:40
maltheit could15:40
nyomalthe: whatever. it's released now15:40
malthethat's excellent15:41
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nyomgedmin or J1m, can you share some pypi power for zope.component?15:45
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Count-DuckulaHow can I find the ID of my persistent object in IntId, is wrapped in a KeyReferenceToPersistent, so intids.getId() doesn't work?17:56
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nyoCount-Duckula: if getId doesn't work, it's not registered. also, you can always get the original object from the KeyReference by simply calling it18:05
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Count-Duckulaipdb> intids.items()[3][1]() == self18:09
Count-Duckula>>> True18:09
Count-Duckulanyo: The problem seems to be that IKeyReference(self) keeps returning me new instances of KeyReferences rather than the same one as in intids18:10
nyoCount-Duckula: that's because KeyReferences are not dependent on intid in any way18:11
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Count-Duckulanyo: That's what IntIds does tho': key = IKeyReference(ob); return self.ids[key]   If IKeyRef always returns something different how does it ever match?18:12
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nyoCount-Duckula: keyreferences are compared and hashed specially, so the keyreferences for the same object are the same :)18:15
nyoCount-Duckula: see IKeyReference interface18:15
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Count-Duckulanyo: If I do sm.getUtility(IIntIds).getId(root['folder']['fred']) in a debug shell it works fine.  But If I do that of getId(self) from within the object, it doesn't work.  What's the difference?  It's the same object.18:17
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nyoCount-Duckula: it should work fine. is the utility registered properly?18:19
markusleistCount-Duckula: are there more than one SiteManagers?18:20
Count-Duckulanyo: Yup that was just an example and I can find 'self' in the IntIds utility manually, it just doesn't like getId18:20
Count-Duckulanyo: No18:21
nyoCount-Duckula: hmm... just to try. may be it's proxied somehow. try to call zope.proxy.removeAllProxies on that "self" before getId18:22
Count-Duckulanyo: nope, this is what I have so far:
Count-Duckulano no no....getSite()['folder']['fred'] == self  is TRUE18:29
Count-Duckulaintids.getId(getSite()['folder']['fred']) WORKS18:29
Count-Duckulaintids.getId(self) DOESN'T WORK18:29
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nyohmm, wtf..18:30
nyoI guess that "getSite()['folder']['fred'] is self" is True, of course?18:33
nyoCount-Duckula: also, try IKeyReference(self) == IKeyReference(getSite()['folder']['fred'])18:33
nyoCount-Duckula: if it's the same object, the above should return True18:34
Count-DuckulagetSite()['folder']['fred'] is self ---  FALSE ??18:34
Count-DuckulagetSite()['folder']['fred'] is ContainedProxy whereas self is Report.18:35
nyoCount-Duckula: btw, you can inherit from zope.container.containe.Contained to avoid proxying objects with ContainedProxy, if your objects are intended to be contained.18:37
nyoCount-Duckula: may be here's a problem, I'm not sure how ContainedProxy is transparent for IKeyReferences18:38
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Count-Duckulanyo: getId works when given the containedproxy but not for my raw python class, so IntId presumable indexed the containedproxy.  How do I get my containedProxy for self ?18:39
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nyoCount-Duckula: you can wrap it using zope.container.contained.ContainedProxy, but that feels more like a work-around than a thing you should do.18:41
Count-Duckulanyo: All I want is the getId to work with self.18:42
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Count-Duckulanyo: And I'm thinking that I need to get the ContainedProxy bit of 'self' so intids understands my object18:43
agroszerjust make your Report Contained, because it is18:44
Count-Duckulaagroszer: Stupid question, what does contained mean, it's not a folder?18:45
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Count-Duckulanyo: Yes got it working, thanks a lot for all the help.  Not sure what I'm doing with zope 3 yet.  But no matter how frustrating I always like to start out of my depth.18:53
Count-Duckulaagroszer: Thanks18:54
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agroszerCount-Duckula, a good idea would be to get Philipp's book19:04
agroszerthat would save you these headaches19:04
agroszerCount-Duckula, section "books"19:06
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Count-Duckulaagroszer: I've got it.  Just reading it out of order, so I didn't read the section on contained before searching :-)19:06
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Count-Duckulaagroszer: I prolly learn more doing it this way too, even if it does send my blood pressure sky rocketting sometimes.19:11
agroszerit's your life19:11
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agroszerI tend to read magazines starting from the back, but this is a book19:11
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Count-Duckulaagroszer: To be fair this book seems to be more heavily dependent the sequence of the chapters than most i've read, where each chapter tends to be more self conatined.19:14
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