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mgedminwait, where's the recursive error?00:00
mgedminI don't see a recursive validation problem in your code, what am I missing?00:01
mgedminif you set the 'parent' attr of an obj before adding it to children, it should just work, no?00:01
mgedminactually, I don't believe FieldProperty validates what happens to the list after the initial assignment00:02
mgedmin(BTW you use a nonpersistent list there---this might hurt you sooner or later)00:02
suptonright, FieldProperty does not know about extend/append of mutable collection fields, but what happens is that FieldProperty attempts to validate Object field, it not only validates that the object contained meets an interface, but it does validation (ostensibly for required) on the contained object, which includes the current state of the List field value, so it isn't children.append() triggering this, but setting the parent00:08
suptonI'm punting and just not using FieldProperty for parent, writing my own property on the class00:09
* mgedmin never uses FieldProperty BTW00:10
mgedminwhat's wrong with the list field value?00:10
mgedminI mean, if self.children = [] didn't barf, why would it suddenly start barfing when you set the parent on an unrelated object?00:11
mgedmindo you have additional constraints somewhere, saying that self must be in self.parent.children?00:11
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suptonno additional constraints, as pasted, I get the recursion and the monster traceback it entails... I'm not sure why00:19
mgedmincan you pastebin the traceback?00:19
suptonFieldProperty's notion of validation for Object fields is too aggressive00:19
mgedmincould be00:19
suptonin general, I think... it should only validate that the object (if required) provides an interface, not validate the fields of that object00:19
mgedminI never use Object fields?00:20
mgedminwell, I lie00:20
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mgedminbut I never use them for validation00:20
suptonbut, it does not do shallow validation... it isn't really FieldProperty, but Object._validate() at fault00:20
mgedminI guess the rationale behind that was that you'd construct a form from a schema containing Object fields00:20
mgedminand when the user submits it, you want the fields of those objects to be validated too00:20
mgedminno, I don't see it00:21
mgedmindoes List() imply min_length=1 by default?00:21
mgedminbut then FieldProperty would be unhappy00:21
mgedminare there unrelated uninitialized fields?00:21
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sree_hi one of our zeo instance is freezing, the culprit seems to be the thread "File "/home/plone32/Plone/Zope-2.10.7-final-py2.4/lib/python/ZEO/zrpc/", line 63, in client_loop14:45
sree_    r, w, e =, w, e, client_timeout)14:45
sree_Unable to understand the reason though, please advise14:46
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bigkevmcdsree_: You probably want #plone14:51
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bigkevmcdbut, it looks unlikely to be the culprit, something's causing the selects to hang14:51
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sree_bigkevmcd: thanks for the help, but for the last 20 minuts that thread is stuck in that line, also I posted it here as it looked linke a ZEO zrpc error15:01
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mgedminsree_: looks like the ZEO server is down, no?15:40
sree_mgedmin: Out of 4 threads 3 threads as working normally and responding to requests..15:45
sree_mgedmin: the last thread is stuck at this line15:46
mgedminhave you tried strace?15:46
mgedminwhat's the value of client_timeout?15:46
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mgedminis it sitting there, or is it looping and calling select repeatedly?15:46
sree_mgedmin: how will i figure that out?15:47
mgedmincan strace be limited to a single thread?15:48
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sree_mgedmin: futex(0xc51d0a0, FUTEX_WAIT, 0, NULL)   = -1 EAGAIN (Resource temporarily unavailable)15:56
sree_the above line in being repeatedly being shown15:56
mgedminand only that line?15:58
mgedminI wonder if that's the GIL?15:58
mgedminor some libc internal thing for thread synchronisation?15:59
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vaabHi, was wondering if there were known compatibility problems between kss.core and last zope3 zope.* packages ?16:02
* mgedmin does not know enough about the new linux threads implementation (nptl?) and futexes16:02
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Theuni1mgedmin: i'm not an expert myself but I saw this and that. What's you question?16:03
mgedminit's sree_'s question, actually16:03
mgedminhis zope is stuck waiting on select in zeo/ in one of 4 threads16:03
mgedminstrace shows futext() = -EAGAIN repeated over and over16:03
Theuni1Yeah, I've seen that. My understanding is that that's fine.16:05
Theuni1The futexes are faster but called more often and I think they're a replacement for some slower mutex implementation.16:05
sree_Theunil:  but that thread is freezing the instance16:05
Theuni1oh ah there.16:05
Theuni1Let me scroll back a bit.16:05
mgedminit's one, not ell at the end of theuni's nickname ;)16:05
mgedminmy font distinguishes them16:06
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theuni1somebody else registered my (registered) nickname16:06
mgedmindid you let it lapse?16:07
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theuni1No idea. My client is supposed to sign in automatically.16:07
theuni1Maybe my client lapsed.16:07
theuni1back to that hang16:07
theuni1sree_: how did you find out it's exactly that one thread producing those futex() calls?16:09
sree_i ran strace with -p and scanned the process when zope have no other active thread16:09
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theuni1sree_: if you restart the process - can you make it hang again?16:11
sree_yes, it hangs on the same line after some time and will spin till i restart the zeo client16:12
theuni1K. Hmm. Can't think of anything specific to do there. I'd try to go gathering data whats happening in the code around it by maybe pdbing or logging data16:13
sree_theunil: strace showed this line also "select(48, [3 8 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 25 28 30 32 33 47], [17], [3 8 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 25 28 30 32 33 47], {30, 0}) = 1 (out [17], left {30, 0}):16:13
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mintsauceI have a two buildout .cfg files, one for live, one for dev. I'd like to customise my error messages, via a skin zcml on the live server, but not the local server. Whats the syntax for including a zcml file in the cfg file?17:04
mgedminyou're specifying the zope.conf contents in your buildout.cfg, right?17:05
mgedminuse different site-definition directives for those two sections17:05
mgedminhave one include the other and override some things, or something like that17:05
mintsauceWhat about <include files="appname/folder/custom.zcml" /> in one cfg, but not in the other?17:07
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mintsaucemgedmin: Yup the different cfg files write different site.zcml files - but im not sure of the actual syntax for calling a skin zcml from that location ...17:13
mgedmin<include package="" file="filename/relative/to/that/package.zcml" />17:14
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mintsaucemgedmin: I was slightly wrong about the number of buildout files I have. I have live, dev and base. Base contains all of the settings that are common to both. Including site.zcml settings. How would I append details to the site zcml via the live/dev files?17:30
mintsauceI had a quick go, but ended up overwriting everythong from base.cfg17:31
mgedminyou can't; use different site.zcml files17:31
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mgedminor do you mean you want to inherit the zope.conf but override just a single option?17:31
mintsauceBut can't I generate different site.zml files?17:31
mgedminI don't know what zc.buildout recipe you use, and I don't understand any of them17:31
mgedminthey're all big and scary with pointy bits sticking out17:32
mintsauceI think theres an easy way round it, they each have a 'extends = base.cfg' setting - ill just duplicate that as base-custom.cfg and add the extra string.17:33
mintsauceAint pretty, but will work for now.17:33
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sawdogAny EU legals interested in doing a 6mos. contrating gig in London?  Zope2/3 & Plone (brely - but rememants of archetypes)21:34
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