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trollfotHi folks00:54
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trollfotI have my signed commiter agreement, though the email address for posting it seems unexistant. Where should I send it to ? :)00:55
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nyowtf, I can't send messages to zope-dev mailing lists01:23
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nyowho's the mailing list admin? :-)01:33
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nyoWhen I try to send any message to any zope mailing lists (tried zope-dev and zope-web), I get permanent delivery failure (CIDR not allowed: (state 14)) :(01:41
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nyoAnybody wants check out the refactoring results? It's in Sandbox/nadako/ folder in svn.16:33
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DrogoNevetshi all, i am wanting to limit how many times users can login at once, how do i do this?16:39
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benjiDrogoNevets: I don't know of an out-of-the-box way16:42
DrogoNevetsbenji: what about a walkthrough? We have our own PAU we've written authenticationg against a RDB so we can add something to that?16:43
benjisounds like it might be tricky too -- will sessions expire after a while? will a user be able to expire other sessions that pushed them over the limit? etc.16:43
DrogoNevetswe thought of doing it via session too, but it is going to be running on multiple instances so the sessionw ould have to be the the same across the board16:44
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nyofaassen: hey there. do you have time to check out refactored as a steering group dude?16:47
benjihow secure does it have to be?  I suspect you'll have to rely on cookies to identify the browser.  Then if a request is made without an identifying token, and handing out a new one would push the user over their login limit you'd display an error instead16:48
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DrogoNevetsneeds to be a touch more than that unfortunatly16:50
DrogoNevetsbut that was a good idea16:50
benji"more"?  more what?16:51
DrogoNevetsmore secure16:51
benjiIf the token is reasonably time-limited, the only attack I can see would be if the user copied the cookie value to a different machine; is that an attack you're concerned about?16:52
DrogoNevetsthats not no (i assume) - but we need to ensure the user "bob" can login on comp a but not comp b if he is still logged in on comp a, but if her logs out on comp a he can log in on comp b16:54
DrogoNevetsdoes that make sense?16:54
faassennyo: yeah, I want to catch up on the mailing list. I've been slow in checking it and then last week lots of personal stuff happened, but I'll catch up later this week.16:55
benjiI think so.  It sounds to me like the token-based approach plus keeping up with whether or not there is an outstanding token (login) would work.16:56
DrogoNevetscould you explain it a little more for me then please, not sure i understand?16:56
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benjiWhen a request comes in you'd check to see if they have a non-expired token, if so, let them perform the request.  If not, check to see if that user has already had a token granted, if not, give them one and let the request happen.  If they have already been issued a token, but didn't present it in the current request, give them a message that says that they have to log out (or wait for the token to expire in X minutes).16:58
benjiYou'd also need a log-out function that would clear the token and set the log-in count to 0.16:58
benjifor a small increase in security you could check not only that the user's token is valid, but that it was the most recently issued token (so they can't re-use tokens for the few minutes they remain valid)16:59
benjiplus you'd also have to add a step so that when the user presents an expired token but correct credentials you issue them a new token17:00
benjiand now that I think of it the "small increase in security" bit is actually required17:01
benjithere are likely corner cases I haven't considered17:01
benjiI'm just making this up off the top of my head :)17:02
DrogoNevetsthats fine, we're disscussing it now17:02
projekt01DrogoNevets, theres a simpler solution, just clear all existing tokens if a user will access the site, this will invalidate other open browser logins17:06
benjithe tokens are stored in browser cookies, how would one clear a cookie stored in a browser not currently making a request?17:07
projekt01clear the session token17:08
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projekt01but, what about with browsers opening more then one tab?17:09
benjiDrogoNevets said that they don't have a common session store between processes, so -- if I'm understanding him correctly -- they don't have a way to do that17:10
projekt01I guess it's not possible at all with tabed browsers, beause they share the http cokies between tabs17:10
benjiI suspect they want to avoid users paying for one account and sharing it amongst many people, so tabs wouldn't be a worry.17:11
projekt01probably a ticket sysstem could work, but this means you have to use a ticket in each request/post/url etc.17:11
projekt01yup, whould be good to know what's the real requirements17:12
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DrogoNevetsbenji, your right, its an anti accoutn sharing thing the customer wants (as well as security)17:13
projekt01DrogoNevets, another solution could be to implement a session string, after login set this session string as a traverse part e.g. server/sessinID/app17:15
projekt01make sure you issue a new session string after each login end remove the old one per user17:15
benjiI suppose your customer isn't worried about users setting up an HTTP proxy that would let them share a single account.17:16
projekt01this whould invalidate access to users after the logged in with a new browser17:16
projekt01even tabed browser could work with such a url pattern17:16
DrogoNevetstabs arent too much an issue, in fact i would say they have to be able to work, but issue with session string there are 5 servers so potentially 5 different sessions17:17
benjiunless a user copies the URL from one tab to another, then they would have two tabs using the same account17:17
projekt01share the sesisson with memcache could solve the problem17:18
benjiyep (as long as they aren't worried about the users copying the client ID cookie between browsers)17:19
projekt01benji, yes your right17:19
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DrogoNevetsprojekt01: how can we share the session?17:20
projekt01thre is a lovely.memcache package, thsi could be installed as a replacement for the zope session17:21
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projekt01then the single memcache server will act as a session share17:22
benjiif the session is stored in ZODB, you can use ZEO so many web servers can connect to the same DB17:22
benjior, since you already have a relational DB, you can put the session data there17:22
DrogoNevetsbenji, yes we would be using zeo17:22
projekt01yes, true17:22
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projekt01benji, are the session data shared asap or by the time given from a setting in the session container data?17:24
benjiZEO will send out an invalidation message to all clients immediately, so all clients should see consistent session data17:25
projekt01benji, I mean with shared with all ZEO clients17:26
projekt01if the session data are not shared asap, it depends probably on which session persistent pattern your load balancer is using17:26
benjiI don't think I understand the question.  Since the session data are persistent objects, if a change to them is commited to the ZODB, all ZEO clients will be immediately be told to discard the old version of the session data.17:27
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projekt01I think the session data container write session data to the ZODB only periodicaly, or not?17:28
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projekt01otherwise we whould not need a session, we could use the principal annotation for store objects or properties???17:29
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projekt01benji, is there a difference in write data to ZODB and update objects in ZEO instances?17:32
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benjiright, sessions are only checked to see if they have expired every so often, but if a user writes data to a session or explicitly removes it that change is seen by all clients immediately17:38
* benji needs to concentrate on some work stuff now. Good luck DrogoNevets.17:38
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elroIs there a way to supply build arguments when using zc.recipe.egg:custom? I'd like to build lxml with `python bdist_egg --static-deps`21:22
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