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chriswhmm, is there anyway to get buildout to manage site-packages?12:15
chriswI have an eclipse user on windows who I want to haev an easy way to get all the packages they need...12:16
afd____chrisw: make him a bat file/python script that downloads and installs the packages12:18
afd____I presume that you're not dealing with regular, easy_installable packages12:18
chriswafd____: on the whole I am12:19
chriswand I'm looking for a cross platofrm solution12:19
chriswbuildout is a good match, apart from the fact that eclipse whines that bin/py.exe isn't a "real" python12:20
afd____chrisw: there's a pydev extension that writes into the Eclipse config file paths to the eggs, so you'd get autocomplete, so you won't have to configure eclipse to know about that py.exe file12:21
chriswI wonder if there's somethng that I can plug into buildout that would give me a .pth file or something similar that I could put on PYTHONPATH rather than or in addition to bin\python12:21 - I am its author12:22
chriswooo, interesting12:22
afd____sorry, it's not a pydev extension but a buildout extension12:22
chriswwhat featrues do you *not* get that you would if you used a straight real python.exe?12:22
afd____well, in my workflow I used to configure the real python.exe file, plus the extra paths to the eggs12:23
afd____in the end all you want is Eclipse to know about egg paths12:23
afd____in addition to all the regular python stuff12:23
afd____so, you just configure Pydev as regular, then add the section into your buildout, which writes into the Eclipse conf file the additional egg paths12:24
chriswwhere does the conf file pop out?12:24
afd____it a special file that sits in the project dir12:25
chriswwhich project dir?12:25
afd____the Eclipse project dir12:26
afd____It's called .pydevproject12:26
chriswso this will be a new project in there or something else?12:26
chriswif new project, what name does it use?12:26
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afd____Ok, the workflow is like this: you create a new Eclipse Pydev project, write your own stuff in it. In the root of this Pydev project, you also run buildout12:28
chriswho :-S12:28
chriswoh :-S12:28
chriswthat's a bti less graceful than I was hoping...12:28
afd____so, you'll have there the buildout.cfg file and the rest, and you run your project outside Eclipse12:28
chriswI was hoping the recipe would create a pydev project file with the name of the section, or something like that...12:28
afd____well, yeah, but then you'd have to convince Eclipse that there's a project that it needs to import, etc12:29
afd____in any case, there's another recipe that does something similar, and more12:29
afd____it's called colective.recipe.omelette12:29
afd____what it does is this: in the parts folder of buildout it will create a directory structure made of symlinks that would replicate all those package structures and their namespaces12:30
afd____so you can really navigate this directory structure to the python modules, and so on12:30
afd____And you can point to this parts folder inside Eclipse, as another source path12:31
chriswyeha, but does it work on windows?12:31
afd____I think it does12:31
chriswI saw "simlinks" and got doubtful...12:31
afd____I think the docs will tell you what you need to get it to work in Windows, but I'm pretty sure it works there too12:32
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chriswdoes anyone have a buildout recipe that can run bog stadnard windows installers?15:30
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* benji thinks chrisw should change his password now.15:38
* mgedmin reads irc logs15:39
mgedminooh, windows15:39
* chrisw paranoidly looks back15:39
chriswI cant' spot anything...15:39
benjimaybe I just don't understand what "8sulk*" means15:40
mgedmindon't worry, when you type your password into an irc window, all we see is ********15:40
chriswoh, meant to be *sulk*15:40
chriswme sulking15:40
benjibtw, most windows installers have a silent install mode15:40
chriswI'm trying to get a buildout to run on windows15:40
chriswworks fine on linux15:40
chriswbut most of the fscking packages are only available as really crappy installers for windows that setuptools barfs on15:41
benjiare these installers built by distutils?15:41
chriswnot always15:41
chriswtake pysvn, talk about a nightmare...15:41
benjihmm, I don't know what to tell you then15:42
* mgedmin guesses that "switch platforms" is not an option, for some reason15:42
benjiyep; reproducable builds in general is a nightmare on windows15:42
mgedmins/reproducable builds/anything/15:42
chriswnow now15:43
chriswgimme a shell I can right-click to paste with on linux and I'd be happy15:43
chriswalso trying to get buildout working with pydev in eclipse15:43
mgedminthere's "paste" right there on my right-click popup menu15:43
chriswrecipes I've seen so far are suboptimal15:43
chriswmgedmin: "I did NOT say right click gives when where I can paste", I said "right click pastes"15:44
benjispeaking of terminals; I discovered "terminator" yesterday, multipane terminal; it's still young but cool so far15:44
* benji buys chrisw a three button mouse for Chrismas.15:45
chriswbenji: when you get me a three button stylus for my touch screen laptop I'll stop whining :-P15:45
benjithat's why I buy thinkpads; three buttons baby!15:45
chriswhmm, I'll have to try the touchscreen stinkpad then...15:46
mgedminI'm sure xterm can be reconfigured with X resources to do anything on any mouse button15:47
mgedminif you can stomach its ancient and arcane and ill-documented configuration syntax15:47
mgedminprobably easier than mastering buildout.cfg, anyway15:47
afd____chrisw: what's your wishlist for a buildout recipe that would ease the integration with Pydev, that or omelette won't cover?15:47
chriswheh, it's linux, what else would I expect? ;-)15:47
chriswomelette requires symlinks and doesnt' work with single-file libraries on Windows15:48
chriswyour recipe just felt a bit clunky... I like the idea, it's just not slick enough15:48
afd____chrisw: feel free to extend it, it's hosted in Plone's collective15:48
chriswI'm thinking of a zc.recipe.egg-ish thing that spits out a .pth file you can stick in your PYTHONPATH15:49
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chriswratehr that a script in bin15:49
afd____I think you can configure buildout to always unzip eggs, should solve the problem with omelette15:49
chriswI do that already, it didn't15:49
afd____I see15:49
afd____well, it should be trivial to change the pydev recipe to output a pth file instead of writing to some xml file15:50
chriswthere's also the "windows crappy installer" problem, which I'm more interested in solving right now15:50
chriswbut that raises a more interesting cross platform problem...15:50
afd____also, back then when I've used Eclipse, I think it didn't support pth files15:50
chriswhow do I say what versions of underlying stuff I need?15:51
chriswso, pysvn can be built for a particular svn version, but how do I say which *svn* version I need buildout.cfg15:51
chriswI may have a look at minitage, even though the author winds me up...]15:51
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kiorkythe author do not wind you up15:53
chriswyeah he does ;-)15:53
chriswit's a "me" thing, not a "you" thing, don't worry :_)15:54
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chriswhey Gary16:12
gary_posterhey chrisw.16:13
chriswany joy on getting your no-site-packages branch landed in buildout and released?16:13
gary_posterno, aiui jim is swamped at least through dec16:14
chriswcan soemone else not review and release?16:16
chriswJim bottlenecking stuff for no good reason is *really* annoying...16:16
chriswthere are other people who can release buildout on PyPI, can we not just get one of those to do it?16:16
mgedminoooh, no-site-packages16:16
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chriswmgedmin: yeah, there's tonnes of really useful stuff hiding on branches for buildout because Jim has amde himself a bottleneck to their release...16:17
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mgedminI'm irritated by zope.server filling my error log with socket errors like error: (104, 'Connection reset by peer')16:52
mgedminit doesn't even tell me what request it was serving at the time!16:53
chriswyeah, sounds about right16:53
mgedminthis is interesting: "ERROR SiteError Exception while getting view on exception"16:54
mgedminand then a traceback from my view code (browser/ with AttributeError: 'HTTPRequest' object has no attribute 'form'16:55
mgedminit's in the view's __init__16:55
mgedminand it's an Adding view16:56
mgedminwhy would a <browser:view> be instantiated for HTTPRequest?16:56
mgedminah, it's happening in zope/app/http/exception/, where it's trying to enumerate allowed HTTP methods16:57
benjimgedmin: we had the same error crop up recently (someone trying to send webdav requests to a non-webdav supporting site)17:00
benjiI don't remember what we did for it... the code in zope/app/http/exception/ is a bit insane17:00
mgedminbut why does getAdapters((MyContentObject, HTTPRequest), Interface) return a view that ought to be registered for BrowserRequest only?17:05
mgedminsome marker interface magic?17:05
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mgedminmy fault entirely!17:11
mgedminI've got a BeforeTraverseEvent subscriber that does applySkin(event.request, MyAppSkin) if event.object provides IMyApp17:12
mgedminit doesn't make sure the request was a browser request17:12
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mgedminhm, is there a #buildout?17:34
mgedminmaybe there should be17:34
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mgedmindoes buildout have a mailing list?  distutils-sig, iirc?17:50
chriswyeah, distutils-sig17:51
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mgedminI'm beginning to think subversion keywords like $Id$ are a bad idea19:56
mgedminmaybe I should declare keywordgeddon on my codebase19:57
koboldmgedmin: I did it this week for my company's code. :)20:02
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andresmgedmin: definitely.20:34
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