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TresEquismoldy: the docs are OK for ZODB00:00
TresEquistutorial, programming guide00:01
TresEquisone trick is that there really isn't a huge API00:02
TresEquisbecause you mostly just work with normal Python objects, and commit the transaction when you're done00:02
TresEquisOTOH, there is no generic query language except Python, either00:02
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countquestion about Zope 2.10 external method04:38
lisppaste6thecount12 pasted "z2 exeternal method" at
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koshimport os04:56
koshexternal methods are just like any other python module, all names in them must be defined04:57
koshoh wait04:57
koshput the import outside the function04:57
countI tried the import os outside the function and still got the error let me check one more time kosh:05:03
koshthat sure does not seem right05:03
koshyou did not happen to call this module or some other module in that directory did you?05:03
countokay did it outside the function or module and still had prob05:04
koshoh if you make changes to this you have to his the reload option inside zope for the external method05:04
countI named it list.py05:04
koshif you just change the method on the filesystem you will still get the old error05:04
countand pasted the function exactly as you see in pastebin05:04
koshmake sure you go into the external method in the zmi and hit save changes after you change it on the filesystem05:05
countokay will try that05:05
countoh well no error this time but it did not report anything back05:06
countshould return a list of files in External directory05:06
koshyou have to read() it I think05:08
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koshotherwise you just returned a popen object to zope05:09
countokay, you know you have helped me out soo far. I don't have an error, so its a matter of saving each time I edit, I will try to figure out the rest. I also needed help on how to open and read a file but it worked out fine after I saved in zmi05:12
countthaks kosh:05:13
koshif you just return it will work05:13
koshno problem05:13
koshI just tried your exactly code directly in pyton and checked what it returns05:13
koshand it was a popen object so I figured that was your problem05:13
countoh I will try with system05:17
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koshcount: well I am back, got disconnected from freenode05:21
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countokay what exactly did you type05:23
countnot getting errors or anything05:23
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countkosh: can you let me know exactly what you typed maybe with somethin os.system('ls') instead05:26
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koshreturn os.popen('ls').read()05:28
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koshheh on a new computer setup it was faster to download all of eq then it was to download the patches for windows05:30
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countkosh: got it to work with popen, not with os.system05:33
counttrying to think why its different05:34
countoh popen returns as an open file strange05:35
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countokay one more05:47
lisppaste6thecount12 annotated #96196 "untitled" at
countI re-edit , it has no errors, but want to simply touch a file05:49
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countI'm thinking in terms of this because the next step is to actually change directory05:49
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koshso what is the actual problem?05:59
koshalso you really should use the subprocess module06:00
countsubprocess module?06:01
countkosh: I just wanted to touch a file using os.system06:01
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countbut you mentioned subprocess module06:02
countokay just check subprocess, now I feel dumb06:03
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koshsorry I am doing many things at once at forget to reply06:05
koshthe subprocess module basically replaces popen, system etc06:06
koshhowever it is more general and has had a lot more work done on it to make it more secure etc06:06
countyea yea I see the security issues06:06
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count'file' object attribute 'write' is read-only when trying to write a file even if the file is in tmp07:14
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koshdid you open the file for writing?07:43
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countkosh: yea I opened the file for writing08:55
count1.  f=open('/tmp/what.txt','w') 2. data=f.write=('blah blah') 3.return data08:58
countI kept it real simple09:00
koshf.write is a function09:01
koshf.write('blah blah')09:01
koshyou can't assign a string to f.write and have it write to the file09:02
koshall you did was replace the write function with a string09:02
countI can't believe I made that mistake09:04
countso the lesson is to test it first  lol09:13
countwow even os.chdir is working09:17
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ignasI am getting Error Value: 'latin-1' codec can't encode character u'\u0117' in position 7382: ordinal not in range(256)11:44
ignaswhen trying to access error_log view11:44
ignasafter migration from Zope2.8 to Zope2.1111:44
ignasis there any way to fix it?11:44
betabugignas: didn't you see my reply yesterday?11:44
betabugyou have to set the encoding for the ZMI11:45
ignasdid I ask this already11:45
ignas(gaps in memory)11:45
ignasand where do I set it?11:45
betabugon my blog ;-)11:45
ignasahh, yes I did, but the reply was quite a while after the question I think11:46
betabugOTOH you can find the error information also in the error log on the file system11:46
betabugyeah, sorry, I'm not in front of the irc window 100% of the time :-D11:46
ignasas I have a lot of them11:46
ignasI'd like to have it on the web11:47
betabugwell, setting the ZMI to utf-8 is necessary in cases where you have utf8 info in some property pages too11:48
betabugfor one of my apps I have to do that always11:48
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* kosh sneaks up on betabug and sets him on fire11:54
betabugah, cozy & warm!11:55
betabughey kosh!11:55
koshhail betabug bringer of light and cooker of marshmallows!11:55
koshso how are things going?11:55
betabugfine :-D11:56
koshapparently some of our banks are screwing your country as bad as they are screwing this one11:56
betabugthis country has a long tradition of being screwed11:57
koshsome kind of deriviative speculation against greece, some kind of bet that is further screwing things up11:57
betabugwe make up for it by having good food & good weather11:57
koshapparently the country would be much better off without banks betting against it11:57
koshhmm I doubt the good weather part11:57
koshthat area seems far too hot for me11:57
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koshof course my ideal good weather is a cave followed by darkness and winter11:58
betabugwe'd all be better off without this joke of a financial speculation system11:58
betabugand we could send all the politicians to hell too, while we're at it11:59
koshwe would definitley all be better off without this financial system except for the financial people12:02
koshthey are better off under this system12:02
koshuntil we line them up against the wall and have them shot12:02
betabugthat's why it's there12:02
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mauritsHi all. is unresponsive for me.13:15
mauritsAnd for at least two others, who are also in the Netherlands, but I doubt it is just this one country. :)13:16
betabugcould be, the netherlands is pretty special13:16
mauritsah, coming up again.13:17
mauritsStill slow, but I guess that will improve.13:19
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sashavmaurits: that is probably why my buildout is so slow (sweden)14:11
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lcpfnvcis it possible to move a data.fs from zope 2.8.7 to zope 2.1014:25
betabugyes, but not necessarily back14:25
betabuglcpfnvc: make a backup14:25
betabugand check that you have the same (or upgraded) products installed14:25
betabugand if you use plone, ask on #plone and search on, in that case things will be more complicated14:26
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lcpfnvcta betabug15:49
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fsufitchcould someone help me out? this object is giving me "TypeError: can't pickle PersistentBase objects" and i can't figure out why...
fsufitchoh wait, i think i found it myself (i hate it when this happens)18:12
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fsufitchgot it :) lesson learned: don't use Durus's persistent class in ZODB18:17
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imgreygood evening #zope18:59
imgreywhat is the default password for management interface ?18:59
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mgedminafair you have to provide one when you create the zope instance19:06
mgedminyou can change it from the command-line somehow (zopectl password?)19:07
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imgreyhow to load dump into db ?19:59
imgreyin xml format20:00
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smimgrey: usually, go to the parent folder in the ZMI, and click import/export button or tab20:40
smpossibly support for xml format was dropped in recent zopes20:40
imgreysm, fsck20:41
betabugxml import/export was on/off being broken most of the time20:41
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koshhail freaks!22:22
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