IRC log of #zope for Friday, 2010-05-07

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CIA-46jim * r112107 ZODB/src/ZODB/ Removed trailing whitespace.00:41
CIA-46janjaapdriessen * r112108 grokcore.startup/ (buildout.cfg CHANGES.txt): Use groktoolkit. Fixes tests on windows.00:41
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sidneioh, cool we have a cia bot now01:35
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CIA-46tseaver * r112109 zope.formlib/CHANGES.txt: Update changelog for r111406.04:38
CIA-46tseaver * r112110 zope.formlib/CHANGES.txt: Better wording.04:38
CIA-46tseaver * r112111 zope.formlib/ ( CHANGES.txt): Prep 4.0.3 release.04:38
CIA-46tseaver * r112112 /zope.formlib/tags/4.0.3: Tag 4.0.3 release.04:38
CIA-46tseaver * r112113 zope.formlib/ ( CHANGES.txt): svb04:38
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CIA-46tseaver * r112114 zopetoolkit/ztk.cfg: Use new bugfix release of zope.formlib.05:50
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CIA-46trollfot * r112115 /megrok.z3ctable: Creating megrok.z3ctable repository.12:51
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CIA-46trollfot * r112116 megrok.z3ctable/ (32 files in 8 dirs): Moved from Dolmen's GIT.13:11
CIA-46trollfot * r112117 /megrok.z3ctable/tags: added tags.13:11
CIA-46trollfot * r112118 /megrok.z3ctable/tags/1.4.1: Tagging 1.4.113:11
CIA-46trollfot * r112119 /megrok.z3ctable/tags/1.4.1: removed malformed tag.13:11
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CIA-46trollfot * r112120 megrok.z3ctable/ Ready for 1.4.2 release13:30
CIA-46trollfot * r112121 /megrok.z3ctable/tags/ (1.4.2/ 1.4.2): Tagging 1.4.2 (1.4.1 is from Dolmen's GIT)13:30
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CIA-46trollfot * r112122 megrok.z3ctable/docs/HISTORY.txt: Added Missing HISTORY.txt14:02
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CIA-46trollfot * r112123 groktoolkit/grok-ecosystem.cfg:14:37
CIA-46Changed megrok.z3ctable to the latest version.14:37
CIA-46Removed dolmen forms packages. They are not in a useable shape (they will be re-added when they are out in a stable version)14:37
CIA-46Still, there are failures in lots of test. We need to act on this.14:37
* betabug wonders if that CIA bot is such a great idea in this channel14:37
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CIA-46ulif * r112124 /zope.password/branches: Create branches dir.16:22
CIA-46ulif * r112125 /zope.password/branches/ulif-zpasswd: Create branch for moving zpasswd utility from z.a.server to zope.password.16:22
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CIA-46ulif ulif-zpasswd * r112126 zope.password/src/zope/password/ Copy over zpasswd script from z.a.server.16:34
CIA-46ulif ulif-zpasswd * r112127 zope.password/src/zope/password/tests: Create testdir. As we will have at least three testfiles, it seems to make sense to have a special testdir.16:34
CIA-46ulif ulif-zpasswd * r112128 zope.password/src/zope/password/tests/ Make tests/ a package.16:34
CIA-46ulif ulif-zpasswd * r112129 zope.password/src/zope/password/tests/ Copy over zpasswd tests from z.a.server.16:34
teixbetabug: come on! with CIA we'll get more action on this channel ;)16:37
betabugyeah, but what kind of action ;-)16:39
teixbetabug: bytes :)16:39
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betabuglines in the log :-)16:44
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CIA-46ulif ulif-zpasswd * r112130 zope.password/src/zope/password/ ( tests/ Move main old testscript to new location.16:47
CIA-46ulif ulif-zpasswd * r112131 zope.password/src/zope/password/tests/
CIA-46* Copy testsetup pieces from z.a.server.16:48
CIA-46* Let tests apply to new package location.16:48
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CIA-46ulif ulif-zpasswd * r112132 zope.password/src/zope/password/
CIA-46* Get version from pkgresource.17:02
CIA-46* Make SSHA password manager the default.17:02
CIA-46ulif ulif-zpasswd * r112133 zope.password/ Add new dependencies needed by zpasswd.17:02
CIA-46ulif ulif-zpasswd * r112134 zope.password/CHANGES.txt: Update history.17:02
CIA-46ulif * r112135 zope.password/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Merge changes from ulif-zpasswd branch back into trunk.17:02
TresEquisbetabug, teix:  one thing we get is "activity" for the person who drops in, wonders if anything is actually happening in the Zope community at all17:08
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betabugyeah, I see that reason17:08
betabugbut I wonder if a bot is the right answer :-)17:08
betabuganyway, I /ignored the bot, so problem solved for me (assuming I got the syntax right) :-)17:09
teixbetabug: did you see r112135 message?17:10
teixTresEquis: and yeah I understand your point! ;)17:11
betabugyeah, did the /ignore after that... I think I'll notice when my /ignore fails :-)17:11
teixbetabug: ok but i could be a bot for you to check if you didn't receive CIA bot messages :D17:12
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CIA-46tseaver * r112136 Zope/ (doc/CHANGES.rst src/App/dtml/menu.dtml):17:31
CIA-46Added a link in the ZMI tree pane to make the tree state persistent.17:31
CIA-46Thanks to Lalo Martins for the patch.17:31
CIA-46LP #14240117:31
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CIA-46tseaver * r112137 Zope/ (4 files in 4 dirs):18:16
CIA-46Make undo log easier to read.18:16
CIA-46Thanks to Toby Dickinson for the patch.18:16
CIA-46LP #14246418:16
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CIA-46ulif * r112138 zope.password/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Comply to repository policy.18:30
CIA-46tseaver * r112139 transaction/ (7 files in 2 dirs): Updated tests to remove use of deprecated ``zope.testing.doctest``.18:30
CIA-46tseaver * r112140 transaction/ (18 files in 3 dirs): Conform to repository policy.18:30
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CIA-46ulif * r112141 zope.password/ (src/zope/password/tests/ Get rid of zope.testing dependency. Update keywords.18:45
CIA-46ulif * r112142 /zope.password/branches/ulif-zpasswd: Remove obsolete branch.18:45
CIA-46ulif * r112143 zope.password/CHANGES.txt: Update history.18:45
CIA-46tseaver * r112144 transaction/ (3 files in 3 dirs):18:45
CIA-46Remove double newline between log entries18:45
CIA-46it makes doing smarter formatting harder.18:45
CIA-46See LP #142464.18:45
CIA-46tseaver * r112145 transaction/ (CHANGES.txt Prep 1.0.1 release.18:46
CIA-46tseaver * r112146 /transaction/tags/1.0.1: Tag 1.0.1 release.18:46
CIA-46ulif * r112147 zope.password/buildout.cfg: Add section to generate zpasswd script.18:46
CIA-46tseaver * r112148 transaction/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development.18:46
CIA-46ulif * r112149 zope.password/src/zope/password/ Remove trash.18:46
CIA-46tseaver * r112150 Zope/versions.cfg: Update to bugfix release of transaction.18:46
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CIA-46tseaver * r112151 zopetoolkit/ztk.cfg: Update to buxfix version of transaction.19:00
CIA-46akm zsql_commit_fix * r112152 Products.SQLAlchemyDA/Products/SQLAlchemyDA/tests/ refactoring this a bit19:00
CIA-46ulif * r112153 zope.password/README.txt: Update docs.19:00
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CIA-46akm zsql_commit_fix * r112154 Products.SQLAlchemyDA/Products/SQLAlchemyDA/tests/ adding more tests19:16
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CIA-46akm * r112155 Products.SQLAlchemyDA/ (7 files in 4 dirs): Merged from zsql_commit_fix19:31
*** aaronv has joined #zope19:43
CIA-46akm * r112156 Products.SQLAlchemyDA/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Preparing release 0.5.019:47
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sig11Howdy.  I'm trying to write a precondition for a file object and I'm wondering if there are a list of attributes somewhere...19:58
sig11can anyone point me in the right direction for zope2?19:59
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CIA-46akm * r112157 /Products.SQLAlchemyDA/tags/0.5.0: tagging 0.5.020:02
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CIA-46akm * r112158 Products.SQLAlchemyDA/ ( Products/SQLAlchemyDA/CHANGES.txt): svb20:23
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CIA-46jim * r112159 ZODB/src/ (ZODB/ ZODB/DemoStorage.test CHANGES.txt):21:47
CIA-46DemoStorages now accept constructor athuments, close_base_on_close21:47
CIA-46and close_changes_on_close, to control whether underlying storages21:47
CIA-46are closed when the DemoStorage is closed.21:47
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* benji /ignores the overly chatty bot21:58
CIA-46gotcha * r112160 megrok.kss/ (9 files in 3 dirs):22:01
CIA-46Conform to repository policy.22:01
CIA-46At least one of the laggards has made a step forward...22:01
CIA-46gotcha * r112161 /megrok.kss/branches/0.2: can be created again from tag 0.222:01
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sig11Can anyone give me a hand writing a precondition for a file?22:09
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moo---sig11: what's a precondition for a file?22:11
sig11a precondition is a ZPT or DTML program that is run before a file is served22:12
sig11I want to try to use an external method to see if I can resolve a UnicodeDecode error.22:13
CIA-46gotcha * r112162 five.grok/buildout.cfg: pin zope2instance to avoid conflict with 4.xxx22:16
CIA-46gotcha * r112163 five.grok/ (12 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.22:16
CIA-46gotcha 1.0 * r112164 five.grok/ (12 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.22:16
CIA-46gotcha * r112165 five.dbevent/ (LICENSE.txt COPYRIGHT.txt src): Conform to repository policy.22:16
CIA-46gotcha * r112166 /Sandbox/gotcha/z3c.taskqueue/ (12 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.22:16
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moo---sig11: ummm... what do you mean by "file is served"22:17
moo---sig11: you can manually call your file or whatever it is from a zope debug console by using traversing22:18
sig11It's a zope file object...  so yes.22:23
moo---sig11: go to debug console and try type app.yoursite.zopefileobjectid()22:25
moo---sig11: it should do the same thing as calling the file from URL22:25
moo---sig11: it tries to output it to the terminal22:26
moo---sig11: and if there is a UnicodeDecode error then you should get a good traceback22:26
*** Hadaka has joined #zope22:26
moo---sig11: but my guess that file is damaged, its title or description contains illegal characters22:26
moo---sig11: which could be fixed from ZMI, I hope22:26
HadakaI have a zope 2.9 zodb database, that has a plone site - I want to recover a couple of plone pages from there - without installing plone and without running any zope http server - preferably I'd like a command-line tool for it22:27
moo---Hadaka: that's pretty difficult. It would be easier just to install Plone.22:30
CIA-46gotcha * r112167 /Sandbox/gotcha/five.taskqueue/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.22:30
moo---Hadaka: you need Zope environment in any case to read database22:30
moo---it does not function without the related code22:31
Hadakamoo---: that's nasty :(22:35
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moo---Hadaka: well in theory it does, but there are only 2-5 people in the world who probably could help you22:36
moo---it is not like SQL or anything22:36
moo---it is a hacked together database without proper tools22:36
moo---it works well if you use it like it is supposed to use :(22:37
Hadakamoo---: how about if I just convert it from FileStorage to DirectoryStorage? is there a decent command-line for that22:38
moo---Hadaka: it does automatically made any plone objects readable without plone code22:39
moo---Hadaka: just believe me and install plone... lots of easier22:39
moo---Hadaka: you need at least plone code, not necessarily running in http port22:40
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HadakaI know, but I just want the text parts - I can just slice them out from inside the binaries22:40
sig11moo---: hrm... AttributeError: __call__  :V  It took me a minute to remember the slightly silly latout of my app...22:40
*** MrTango has left #zope22:41
moo---Hadaka: ok, here are some tips and tricks how to manually replay transcations and
Hadakamoo---: thanks!22:43
moo---but trust me... you would still save some hours by just installing plone :)22:43
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Hadakamoo---: okay, solved the problem - finally decided to just sod it, opened the file with 'less' and searched for 'text/x-rst' as I know that was the mime-type for my pages23:06
Hadakamoo---: then just copy-pasted stuff out from the terminal23:07
moo---Hadaka: brute way :)23:08
Hadakamoo---: thanks for the pointers though - I got as far as to realizing that I can't even easily traverse objects without loading proper classes23:10
moo---Hadaka: I tried to tell you :)23:11
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TresEquismoo--- I'm not sure "hacked together" is a reasonable or fair description of ZODB23:23
TresEquisthe query language is Python, of course, which is a much nicer tool than SQL :)23:23
moo---TresEquis: only if you could read the data without loading the source :)23:24
moo---I think ZODB would be far better if it had been ported to PHP on early days and it would enjoy a bit more use, outside Zope/Plone folks23:25
moo---too small community, though it is a community of the greatest minds23:25
TresEquismoo---:  object databases are databases of objects23:25
TresEquisyou need the classes to use the objects23:25
moo---and having too great minds make it difficult for less great minds enter there :)23:25
TresEquisnot a unique characteristic of the ZODB23:25
moo---TresEquis: I hope ZODB book will help us greatly here23:26
TresEquismore docs can't hurt23:26
TresEquisand Carlos writes great ones23:26
HadakaTresEquis: there are self-describing objects and there are many formats where objects are traversable and their native datatypes can be easily read without having the class23:26
* moo--- nods towards Hadaka23:27
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TresEquisHadaka: but none of those are "object databases"23:44
TresEquisthe point of which is to make working with the objects themselves "seamlessly persistent"23:45
TresEquisthat is not a design goal of Mongo / CouchDB etc.23:45
TresEquisthe "canonical" way to get what you wanted would be to install the corresponding Plone, then run 'zopectl debug'23:48
TresEquisand be at a live Python interpreter prompt, with the objects available to be reached from the "root" object, 'app'23:48
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TresEquise.g.::  html =
TresEquisPython is the query language ;)23:49
TresEquisor you could write a script using 'app', and run using 'zopectl run'23:49
TresEquisI mean, would you expect to be able to get data out of a PostgreSQL DB dump without the PostgreSQL software?23:50
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