IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-04-24

srichterjbb666: you should contribute your code back to the repository00:00
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projekt01srichter, ayt?00:15
projekt01I think there is a bug in the trunk00:15
srichterok, where?00:16
projekt01We register the error reporting utility named and lookup it unnamed00:16
projekt01ensureUtility(root_folder, IErrorReportingUtility, 'ErrorReporting',00:16
projekt01                  RootErrorReportingUtility, copy_to_zlog=False)00:16
srichtermmh, so it does not seem to be active00:16
projekt01errUtility = zapi.getUtility(IErrorReportingUtility)00:17
projekt01I run into a component lookup error if I run into a error where should reported by the error reporting utility00:17
srichtermmh, weird00:18
srichterit would take me a while to look at this00:18
srichterI am not having time right now though00:18
C8Nhi roger00:19
srichterI guess the best would be to file a bug, unless you can fix it now00:19
projekt01I'm not sure, can we look at it next week before the release?00:19
projekt01srichter, when do you make the release?00:20
srichterwell, the release will be an alpha00:21
srichterI plan to cut the release next week at some point00:21
projekt01Cool, Ok, I will add a issue, then we have time to fix it, thanks and have a nice weekend00:22
C8Nsomeone has an opinion about pythonpaste?00:22
srichterprojekt01: yeah, you too00:23
srichterI dunno what that is00:23
projekt01Hi, C8N, what's that?00:23
C8NPython Paste is a web application framework framework.  It uses WSGI  to create a framework-neutral set of components.  It also assists with application setup and deployment.00:23
C8Nseems to be a ian creature...00:24
srichteris it a WSGI application or server?00:24
srichterwhich one?00:24
C8Nyup was an answer to mine question00:25
C8Ni'm looking it now00:25
C8NThis is a tutorial for building a simple to-do list application using Python Paste, SQLObject, and Zope Page Templates.  You can view the completed application in the repository at examples/todo_sql or view the repository online at
C8Nseems a server..00:26
srichterwell, it is definitely a WSGI application00:26
C8N$ path/to/paste/scripts/wsgi-server  This will run a server on http://localhost:808000:28
srichterright, so it is both00:28
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C8Nas "application" it uses SQLObj and zpt, so it seems more a server effort00:29
srichterit seems weird00:29
srichterI don00:29
srichtert get it00:29
C8Nmaybe is too easy for yr mind :)00:30
srichterI bet you that Component.CPage is a WSGI application00:30
srichterwebkit create WSGI applications00:33
C8NWSGIKit isn't a WSGI server.  Still, it does include glue for servers (just a couple now, but more in the future).  It will probably be distributed with some servers, just because that's more expedient and gives people a better experience.00:34
srichterno, wsgikit creates the WSGI application00:34
srichterI dunno, this code looks all very random00:34
C8N"""So... what is WSGIKit?  Maybe I'm a little confused now as well.  """00:35
C8Nok, we are not alone. also ian is confused :S00:36
srichterwell, till they get more organized, we can safely ignore it :-)00:36
srichterthanks to Jim, Zope 3 got so many things right that looking other people's work really hurts00:37
srichtereven twisted, which has an awesome core, looks very immature when it comes to testing and quality00:38
srichterI am very worried that twisted will do the same mistakes Zope 2 did; in some parts of the framework it is already pretty unpythonic00:38
projekt01Yup, and did you take a look at Chandler?00:39
srichteris it good code?00:40
projekt01Hm, more or less, since we work on z3 it's hard to see better code.00:41
projekt01Do you know Chandler?00:41
srichterI only heard about it00:41
projekt01I think this project can give Python a real breaktrough for applications.00:42
srichterI think that Chandler's initial ideas of writing everything from scratch were not good either00:43
srichtermaybe they changed00:43
srichterchanged directions00:43
projekt01To what?00:44
srichterto be more pythonic00:44
C8Nprojekt01: ok, but *when*?00:44
C8N(23:45:15) projekt01: I think this project can give Python a real breaktrough for applications.00:44
C8Ni hear about this vaporware from... let me thin, 3 yrs?00:45
projekt01I think in one year or two years.00:45
C8Nuhm i'm almost sure it was the project of the year 2003 ;)00:48
projekt01C8N, Yes, but take a real deep look into the website and you will see, that's not just a project. I never saw such a great documentation.00:49
projekt01It's huge and every little descission is based on a good evaluation process etc.00:49
C8Nyup. my definition of vaporware :-D00:51
srichteroh, they use zpkgtools it seems00:52
C8Nit reminda me a recent ML discussion..00:52
C8Ni.e. none uses zpkgtools00:53
srichterwell, but this was just the opinion of a couple Zope 3 people00:54
srichterthey do not necessarily know who is using zpgtools00:55
projekt01I think it will be a important project in the future and perhaps we can participate with the zope3 server in some ways with the client server app of Chandler00:58
projekt01srichter, I added a issue (398) for the named/unnamed ErrorReportingUtility01:14
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projekt01srichter, how can I ensure a utility and use it in a package, I have troubles with the bootstrap process03:34
projekt01Argh, it looks that this part also depends on the alphabetic package or configure.zcml order.03:51
projekt01Is there no way to register a utility in package "z" and use the utility in a directive in package "a"?03:53
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J1msrichter, ayt?19:20
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C8Nhi J1m19:56
J1mI was wondering who you were20:23
C8Ncarlo. nice 2 meet you20:23
J1mCarlo who?20:24
C8NCarlo Miron. you don't know me, if you are wondering this...20:25
C8Nbut, obviously, i know you :)20:25
J1mNow I do :)20:25
C8Ni'm from mialn, italy20:26
C8Noops milan20:26
srichterJ1m: not really; I am on and off, but more off :-)20:27
* C8N thinks: he's off his mind...20:27
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mkerrinsrichter: do you have a minute for some Twisted FTP20:30
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srichternope :-)20:43
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jbb666hi... what exactly is a context??23:11
philiKONin an adapter and view, it's the object you're adapting / displaying23:12
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jbb666any pointers to code that uses updated local utility API?23:24
jbb666oh cool, i found it and now my test case works... yay23:26
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