IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2005-05-20

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srichterStevea: no00:05
Steveathere was some work around checking for installed python packages00:06
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Steveaworth i look i think00:06
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srichterok, I will00:06
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__odieSo in zope3 there basically is no *stable* way to search objects yet?  The TextIndex NG thing is horrid00:47
VladDracthere's the catalog00:48
VladDracting3 is ony zope2+five at this moment (not yet 'ported' to z3)00:48
__odieWhat exactly does the catalog do? There is like *no* documentation on any of this :)00:49
__odieIIRC it finds objects with a certain property?00:49
VladDracyou're not familiar with zope2?00:50
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__odieno ... :)00:51
VladDracthe catalog indexes content based on attributes00:51
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VladDracusing specific indexes00:51
VladDraclike TING3 (which isn't available for z3)00:51
VladDraca simple text and fieldindex are00:51
__odiecould you search for a partial match? or say a value inbetween two ranges?00:53
VladDracnot with the current implementation00:53
VladDracbut eventually, yes00:53
__odieso im gonna need to bone up on search algortihms and write something myself heh00:54
VladDracor fix the catalog :)00:55
__odiei doubt im qualified currently for that :)00:55
srichterVladDrac: I thought Andreas said it works with the Zope 3 catalog as well?00:57
VladDracsrichter I've looked at it00:58
srichterI see00:58
srichterthat's too bad00:58
VladDracas far as I can tell, it can be made to work once you write the z3 glue code around it00:58
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VladDrac  TXNG 3 is the reimplementation of the well-known TextIndexNG product for00:58
VladDrac  Zope 2 using Zope 3 technologies. The current implementation runs00:58
VladDrac  out-of-the-box on Zope 2 (in combination with Five). The core implementation00:58
VladDrac  can be re-used easily in Zope 3.00:58
__odiewhich really means "cant be used at all" because if it was easy, he would have done it ;)01:00
VladDracactually it looks doable01:00 does resemble z3 index implementations alot01:00
VladDracI might give it a shot01:01
__odieis there some place which gives the current status of the Z3 catalog and what needs to be done to it still?01:04
__odieprobabyl would be easier for me to fix it, than write something similiar and then switch over to yours when it works later :)01:09
srichter__odie: the catalog is pretty much done01:11
srichterwe kep it small on purpose01:11
srichterthe version that is in the trunk will be part of the release01:11
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__odiesrichter: right, but it can only find exact values right? :)01:33
__odieyou couldn't query for substrings? or values between two valuse (perhaps with the index interface?)01:35
__odieI read the API documentation it was pretty confusing to me, but tahts what I got from it :)01:35
srichterI think the textindex should be able to find substrings01:46
__odiesadly, you're far better off with sql in this regard :)01:50
srichterbut textindex ng is supposed to be pretty good02:04
srichterbetter than SQL02:04
srichterbecause it lets you do language-specific filtering02:05
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elbixioHello everybody. I'm new to Zope3 and I'm trying to use PostgreSQL with it. I've read that you can add a SQL script in the the content space and you can use sqlexpr using TALES. Is there another way to use SQL with Zope3? Thanks08:44
__odieelbixio: its pretty quiet here this time of night, I think youd have better luck tomorrow morning (and I dont know the answer to your question :-)08:56
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odie-awaysrichter: I had some major inspiration for my search problem today ... perhaps when you're around I can run it by you :)08:57
odie-awaygoodnight all!08:57
elbixiogood night :)08:58
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VladDrac odie what kind of idea?11:02
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elbixiohi. do the "authentication" package and the "pluggableauth" package have the same purpose?11:21
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* VladDrac would really like to be fixed12:10
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VladDracI guess using TextIndexNG under zope3 is slightly less trivial12:47
VladDracthe core isn't as zope2 independend as andreas claims :)12:47
VladDracwait, it compiles!12:47
VladDracship it!12:47
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regebrodoes the unittest run?13:05
VladDracdon't think there are any13:05
VladDrachmm wait, there are13:06
regebroSee, you must have quality controls. If the unittest runs:ship it! :)13:09
gintasThe functional test is failing for me for some reason.  Is it just my machine?13:09
hdimagintas: Windows?13:10
hdimastrange, on Linux the test passed13:12
gintasit's odd: the traceback does not include the code of the last few entries in the traceback which the functional test checks, just the file names and line numbers13:12
hdimaI've seen some the test breakage on Windows, but I don't remerber the cause13:13
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VladDracI lost all errors13:16
VladDracbut it doesn't really index or search yet :)13:16
VladDracinterface.providedBy(foo) returns true if foo can somehow be adapted into interface?13:30
VladDrachmmm guess not13:31
projekt01VladDrac, try interface(foo), if no CommponentLookupError occurs, you get the right adapter13:34
VladDracyeah ok13:34
VladDracI'm more of a LBYL guy13:34
projekt01LBYL ???13:35
VladDraclook before you leap, google it :)13:35
gintasVladDrac, better use IInterface(foo, None) and check if result is not None13:37
gintas(of course, you can use a marker object if you expect None sometimes)13:37
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projekt01Yes, this is also possible, it depends on what you are trying to do.13:42
projekt01But you are sure that you don't know there is or is not a adapter and you have to check it?13:42
projekt01I preferre to call adapters only if I know there are there. You allways can add a generic adapter for a minimal support for Interface (for="*").13:44
VladDracI'm sure :)13:44
VladDracit's about indexing - random objects must be adapted into something before their index attribute is accessed13:45
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VladDracokay, coolness14:11
* VladDrac got TextIndexNG 3 to work witn the zope3 catalog14:11
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VladDracspeaking of the devil14:16
VladDrachmm wait, nevermind14:16
VladDraclunchtime :)14:16
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VladDracmogge j1m15:09
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VladDraclet's see if I can get the tng3 tests to work as well15:53
VladDracI wonder if porting additional zope2 indexes is as easy as porting tng315:53
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VladDracare there any zope3 sprints planned for EP?16:34
projekt01Ask, philiKON perhaps he will be there and know something about a sprint16:35
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odie-awayVladDrac: Hows that textNG thing going? :)19:49
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VladDracodie: it's working19:52
__odieVladDrac: cool, maybe you can describe what you did to me sometime ;)19:52
VladDracbasically it will be a new index package for zope319:53
VladDracbut I have to discuss some details with AJ before finalizing things I guess19:53
__odiegood work :)19:53
__odieso you made the textindex use the index interface?19:54
__odieso it can be stored in catalogs?19:54
VladDracin a sense yes19:56
__odieI am trying hard to understand how this stuff works :) not much documentation to go on heh19:56
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VladDracthe catalog/README.txt and catalog/browser/README.txt should get you started19:58
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__odieI read the catalog Readme a few times, still have some conceptual gaps to fill first ;)19:59
__odiebut thanks :)20:00
__odiegood work though20:00
__odiewhat issues did you encounter while doing this?20:00
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VladDracFetching external item into 'src/zope/testing'23:57
VladDracsvn: 'src/zope/testing' is not a working copy23:57
VladDracdamn, why does svn keep failing23:58
J1mJusr remove it23:59
J1mJust remove it23:59
J1m(externals suck)23:59
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VladDracI did23:59
VladDracit's just annoying, svn is already slow sometimes, if I leave my svn up unattended I'll find it broken later23:59

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