IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-05-21

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d2mhi, a small alert: and cannot be resolved anymore (DNS lookup (both dig and host) reports: ";; connection timed out; no servers could be reached")01:01
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d2mok,|.com are reachable again01:22
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__odiealwayts a good thing01:47
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elbixiobesides sql scripts (content space) and sqlexpr is there any other way to use sql within zope3?07:37
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projekt01Does somebody know if Jim's workflow branch needs some UI work for to add workflows?12:47
projekt01I like to work on this but need some advice what's needed.12:48
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* VladDrac 's doins some zope3 skinning14:11
VladDracto bad I completely suck at css / html :(14:12
kaczordekcan be tough, that's true14:24
MacYETa looser job :)14:26
VladDrachey mac14:29
VladDracmac I hacked TING3 into zope314:29
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MacYETdefine "hacked"14:30
VladDracI wrote the appropriate ZCML and class to use it as an index type in the z3 catalog14:32
VladDracnot perfect clean yet, but it works14:32
VladDraca thin layer around the textindexng core14:32
MacYETi refactorted the zcml one hour ago14:32
MacYETcould you please send me the code of the wrapper class?14:32
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VladDracsure, which email?14:33
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VladDracthere are also some minimal z2 dependencies left in the textindexng core14:35
VladDracspecifically 'Persistence' (vs. persistent) and the dependency on Globals to get package_home14:35
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MacYETthat's the problem when you're trying to write compatible code for z2 and z3 :(14:40
MacYETia there something like package_home in z3?14:40
VladDracwell persistent vs Persistence can be hacked around easily14:40
VladDracin z3 your package *is* a package, you could either split __file__14:41
MacYET__file__ does not work with pypackage14:42
VladDracthough using zcml to configure textindexng would probably be the nices14:42
MacYETyou can configure it through zcml of course14:42
MacYETexcept i need the path to a configuration file :(14:42
VladDraca zcml config file you mean? That should just be included from your main configure.zcml14:43
MacYETno, an xml file for the converters14:43
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MacYETVladDrac: I'll try to incorporate your stuff into the core15:06
MacYETzope.index.field is not available in z3.0?15:12
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bob2er, stupid question is this a "developing zope3 itself" or "developing with zope3" sorta channel?16:37
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projekt01bob2, both16:55
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projekt01Hm, how do we ensure that we have the right reference of a registration.component in the registry if we copy a local site with activated utilities?18:55
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odayIs it ok to install zope3 with python 2.4.1?21:53
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elbixiohello, i'm trying to use sqlos with zope3, but when i try to start zope, it gives me this error message: ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'package', "Couldn't import sqlos, cannot import name IRollback")22:19
elbixiothe error is in this file: File "/home/elbixio/bdva/etc/package-includes/sqlos-meta.zcml", line 1.0-1.4322:19
elbixiois this a sqlos problem?22:21
elbixionp, it seems like a sqlos transaction subpackage problem. sorry to bother.22:34
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