IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-05-22

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bob2hm, putting skins in the browser/ module is just a convention, right?09:21
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elbixiohi, i'm trying the ZODB Programming tutorial and i got an error when i try to do: userdb[] = newuser11:26
elbixioi think userdb is an OOBTree. how do you append a ke/value pair to an OOBTree?11:27
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bob2hm, so, I get this when trying to run tests:12:29
bob2  File "/home/rob/projects/orious/ZopeX3-3.0.0/build/lib.linux-i686-2.3/zope/app/tests/", line 541, in visit12:29
bob2    __import__(pkg)12:29
bob2ValueError: Empty module name12:29
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* VladDrac still doesn't quite understand the meaning of '@@' (yeah, views, they're "eyes")14:15
SteveAit means, do not traverse the name using normal traversal.  instead, traverse by looking for the view with that name.14:17
SteveAhi bob214:18
bob2hey SteveA14:18
VladDracah ok14:18
VladDracso in stead of resolving attributes on objects (sort of), use the skinning machinery?14:19
VladDracso does that mean that all "templates"/views are prefixed by @@ ?14:19
VladDrac(doesn't that result in alot of ugly urls?)14:19
projekt01VladDrac, because we lookup items in a container and if no item with this name is found we lookup views with this name!14:19
projekt01This give us unique namspaces for views and items14:20
VladDracso http://domain/foo.html and http://domain/@@foo.html are equal as long as there's no item named foo.html14:20
VladDrac(makes sense, it could be a ZODB pagetemplate)14:20
* VladDrac notes that his Zope2 experience conflicts here :)14:21
VladDrac(and this will probably solve alot of zope2 issues I ran into once)14:21
projekt01You can call views without @@ but it's not recommended, because perhaps you call a item form a container with the same name14:21
VladDracNamespaces are one honking great idea -- let's do more of those!14:21
bob2since folks are around now, can anyone point me at a sample zope3 application that will run with the zopex3 tarball release?14:21
bob2the messageboard one seems to error out with an exception I don't understand14:22
VladDracbob bob how about zphoto/zphotoslide?14:22
bob2ah, where can I find them?14:22
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bob2is there a simple way to tell if a particular zope app is for zope3 or 2?14:26
MacYET_by looking at the code14:27
bob2ah. what should I look for? afaict zope2 and 3 code live in the same namespace, so it's not as simple as checking imports.14:28
yotalook zcml files14:39
yotaif exists, it's zope3 app14:39
VladDracor a zope2 five app :)14:40
yotayes ;)14:40
bob2ahhh, thanks14:40
bob2VladDrac: photo loooks interesting, thanks a lot14:40
VladDracbob2 if you're looking for an application to reverse engineer, please check srichters book first14:41
yotaor weitershausen's book14:42
bob2VladDrac: I have it in my hot little hands14:42
bob2VladDrac: but the demo code on svn.z.o doesn't run with zopex314:42
bob2and I don't know enough to figure out why, so it's kinda hard to learn from14:43
bob2the book itself is good, though14:43
d2mbob2: the files for the Zope3Book are at svn:// an should run with the tarball15:02
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bob2d2m: hmm...should I file a bug somewhere if I try again and find it doesn't?15:02
d2mbob2: you should care to install zx3 correct - did you create an instance already ?15:03
bob2d2m: yes, I did.15:03
d2mbob2: is the zope3-users-mailing list15:04
* VladDrac would still really really really like zope3 to be a bit more developer friendly15:08
VladDraci.e. usuable tal parse errors15:08
VladDracin stead of 'unsubscriptable object'15:08
MacYET_commit a patch for your current problem15:09
VladDracif I could I would15:09
VladDracafaik, there already is a patch somewhere btw15:09
MacYET_why can#t you? you're smart :)15:10
VladDracmac: in general, zope3 tends to raise errors during zcml parsing or somewhere outside tal parsing, not at the actual place where the error takes place15:10
VladDracmac: I'm still rather stupid when it comes to zope3 :)15:10
MacYET_what a bad excuse :)15:11
VladDracso untill then I'll just beg for help as a stupid newbie :)15:11
bob2is the ftp side of things documented anywhere?15:16
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* VladDrac hates css15:31
VladDrac(just so you know)15:31
bob2hm, something rather obvious, how do I logout of zope?15:34
VladDracpress 'logout' :)15:34
bob2wow, I'm blind15:35
bob2that toally wasn't there before15:35
bob2except that it doesn't seem to log me out15:36
VladDracthat might happen - some browsers have issues clearing HTTP authentication15:38
bob2hmm, dang15:39
VladDracif you want an anonymous view, just connect to
VladDracthat's what I do usually15:40
bob2ah, awesome, thanks15:42
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dagnachewwhere to buy a 64 GB opteron box ?21:54
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