IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-05-23

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__odieI cant get zope3 to start with any external packages ... no matter what I do it says "no module named whatever" anyone know why it would do that?04:05
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__odieis there no view for the Dict schema field?05:00
__odien/m i fucked up somehow05:06
__odienope, dont think I did actually come to think of it :) anyone know if there is a dictionary view for the Dict() field? trying to determine if *I* messed up or there isnt a view05:30
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tvonCan I validate data against a widget without actually setting value of the widget?07:03
tvoneg, check before set07:04
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tvonah, I misunderstood the docs07:12
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__odiepretty dead in here07:59
__odiereally hard to break into zope when theres no documentation and no one in the irc channels :)08:17
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tvonthere's documentation08:33
tvonesp the Developers book08:34
__odiehehe Ive got it infront of me, and the philikon book, but thanks :08:34
tvonalso, if you fire up a local zope3 you can go to http://localhost:8080/++apidoc++ and browse the generated documentation08:34
__odienow that I didnt know about!08:34
__odieinteresting, I'll have a look at it08:35
__odieWhat id *REALLY* like is a sort of a zope 3 cookbook, its hard to know what the *correct* way to do something is sometimes ... I find that at least08:35
tvonYeah, a cookbook would be very useful08:36
__odiebecause, often i find myself asking, should I implement this as a container, adapter, interface ... all would work :)08:36
__odieif sricther is around he tells me how to do it correctly, otherwise, I make my best guess heheh08:36
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ignaswhere can i find technical info about Zope3 security model ?12:39
SteveAthere's a .txt file on it12:39
ignasthank you12:41
ignasa lot of XXX'es in there :/12:51
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SteveAi may be able to fix them after EP, seeing as i have an implementation of it.13:17
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ignasare content declarations inherited ? like if i set <content> for class A and B is a subclass of A will i have to add a separate content declaration for B ?16:34
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philiKONthey're not inherited16:35
philiKONyou have to make separate ones16:35
philiKONyou *can* explicitly inherit security delcarations with <require like_class="..." />16:35
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ignasphiliKON, thank you16:36
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VladDracphilip do you know anything about zope3 sprints at EP?16:53
philiKONVladDrac, there will be a Z3 ECM sprint/brainstorming session beforehand16:54
philiKONstarting thursday or so16:55
* VladDrac 'd like to do a bit more core zope3 stuff16:56
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philiKONthere might be a possiblity to do that too16:57
philiKONbut nothing has been planned16:57
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projekt01J1m, what is the state of your workflow branch? What's the next target?23:58

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