IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2005-08-12

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fdrakeok, the in-place build is tested; no problems00:07
fdrakechecking a distro now00:07
srichteroh, sounds good00:09
srichterI think Jim will like this00:09
srichterhe always wanted to use the distribution built system being used for the checkout as well00:10
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fdrakeyes, that's certain00:12
fdrakehe also wants it to be more automagical00:12
fdrakehe'd like a single that can be dropped into any checkout and do the right thing00:13
fdrakeor at least be even smaller than the one we'll be using00:13
srichtermmh, but that's assuming zpkgsetup and all cfg file are available right?00:14
fdrakeand that it knows where to find them  :-)00:14
fdrakethe minimum would be to tell it where they are00:15
* _projekt01 argh, I don't like this adding view, addMeuItem and addform part00:21
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fdrakewe have too many tests, and too many times to run them...  :-(00:22
srichtera good problem to have00:23
projekt01better then mine00:24
fdrakebetter start writing tests then!00:30
MJHow can I best unittest something that depends on being registered?00:33
srichterregister that thing00:33
MJIn a doctest?00:33
MJSorry, not yet too familiar with the testing framework for that..00:34
* MJ has been trolling for examples already00:34 and
srichteryou can also use zope.component.provide*00:35
MJAll I need is an instance adaptable to IRegistered00:35
srichterso register the adapter00:36
srichterzope.component.provideAdapter(AdapterClass, IFoo, IRegistered)00:37
MJDummy IRegistered adapter00:37
* MJ slaps his head.00:37
MJThanks Stephan,00:38
MJsorry for being dim00:38
MJ(and just when I found addUtility in as wel)00:38
srichterno problem00:39
fdrakeJim certainly prefers using zope.component directly these days for test setup00:39
srichterhe wants to fade out ztapi00:39
fdrakeso if you're targetting 3.1+, that's the way to go00:39
fdrakeand zapi as well, I think00:39
MJzapi is being fazed out?00:40
fdrakenot clear; I think Jim would like to, or at least reduce it00:40
MJplacelesssetup is rather handy.00:40
fdrakenot for 3.0, clearly00:40
fdrakeyes, but you don't need zapi for that00:40
fdrakehe's not trying to phase out as far as I'm aware00:41
fdrakethat's very useful00:41
srichterhe only wants to get rid of
srichtersince we can replace it with zope.component.provide* calls00:42
fdrakehere comes the bomb...00:42
fdrakeok, srichter, update the branch and try it out00:43
MJtest passes00:50
MJthanks, that suddenly became much easier00:50
MJnot that the test does anything useful as it passes by the whole registration mechanisms, but hey.00:51
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fdrakeok, time for me to hit the road00:54
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benji_yorkme too00:54
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srichterwow, I never saw plain Zope start up this fast: 2.86 secs01:07
srichterthe release is really much faster than the trunk01:07
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projekt01srichter, ayt?03:54
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srichterprojekt01: not really04:03
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projekt01srichter, I'll ask you tomorrow, good night.04:23
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projekt01mexiKON, ayt?11:51
projekt01I get a security proxy around a object in a functional test. Does somebody know what I can do?11:59
mexiKONprojekt01, yup12:15
mexiKONwell, what are you doing to the object in the functional test?12:15
projekt01I write a test for the z3lab ecmworkflow, I just use the buddy and publish them like in Jim's sample, but ecmworkflow will put something in to the __annotations__12:17
projekt01This ends in a ForbiddenAttribute: ('__annotations__', <buddydemo.buddy.Buddy object at 0x035F98F0>)12:17
mexiKONthe annotations adapter would be a trusted adapter12:18
mexiKONso it should work12:18
projekt01It works, but not in the functional test12:19
projekt01Should I use a ftesting.zcml and register the adapter trusted for IBuddy?12:20
projekt01That's not nice, but perhaps it will work.12:20
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srichterwhy isn't the adapter registered during the setup phase?13:02
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projekt01anguenot, ayt?13:07
projekt01I have problems with a functional test, I can't setup a IWorkflowUtility for functional tests.13:10
anguenotI just send you a mail13:10
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projekt01Yup, I saw13:10
anguenotok saw for ecm stuffs the channel is #z3lab13:10
anguenotright ?13:10
anguenotto avoid the noise in here13:10
projekt01Ok, let's use this channel13:11
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yotaffanguenot: ping16:12
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fdrakesrichter, you there?17:22
srichterfdrake: what's up?17:23
fdrakedid the build changes work for you?17:23
srichtereverything built and all tests passed17:23
fdrakeyou think it's safe to merge to the trunk?17:23
srichterI certainly see no problem17:24
fdrakeok, i'll get that done so Tim will feel good re-generating his Zope3 C extensions for Windows package17:24
srichterwhat is the point of an out of place built int he first place?17:24
fdrakeyou can do it with multiple Python versions17:24
fdrakeor on multiple platforms17:25
srichterah, I see17:25
fdrakeusing a shared source tree17:25
srichterI think we do not need those use cases now17:25
fdrake(NFS or the like)17:25
srichterI see17:25
fdrakeprobably not, but it's part of what distutils supports out of the box17:25
fdrakewe're using, but breaking the expectations17:26
fdrakethat's undesirable17:26
srichterok, right17:26
fdrakeanyway, that can be added back later17:27
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fdrakethe build changes are on the trunk now18:15
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fdrakeTim's started the tests on Windows...18:20
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fdrakeis anyone using zpkg for CVS-based projects, for whom working with a checkout/export isn't sufficient?18:52
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fdrakeI've made a release of zpkg.22:06
srichterthis way we can use the release in ST22:07
fdrakethere's a tag and a tarball22:08
fdrakeor get it from PyPI22:08
fdrakethere's also a mailing list22:10
fdrakesince we didn't have enough of those22:10
srichterhe he22:10
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