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benji_yorksrichter, I have a patch for a bug in 3.1, will it be OK to wait until Monday to apply it?00:45
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bob2I'm doing some principal annotations stuff, but they're not being stored anywhere07:55
bob2(in the tests)07:55
bob2which seems reasonable, except that setUpAnnotations does magic so the object annotations get stored07:55
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philiKONsrichter, ayt?16:14
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projekt01some xpdl experts here?16:44
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MJHmm, anyone want to give some data/metadata advise?19:05
MJI have a simple object, a key, that will be heavily used in user interfaces19:05
MJAs such it has an id, a title and a description19:06
MJThere are different implementations, one of them manager-editable19:06
MJBut also an adapter-generated version, where the adapted objects (principals) already have the same information.19:07
philiKONby "id" you probably mean its name inside the container...?19:07
MJphiliKON: It so happens the id is also the name in the container19:08
philiKONok. but that's just coincidence, then?19:08
MJphiliKON: Not really.19:08
philiKON(i'm asking because some people still use the crummy zope 2 vocabulary which isn't very clear)19:08
MJBut that is outside the scope here19:08
philiKONgo on19:09
MJI read your book :)19:09
MJNow, the manager-editable implementation is also IAttributeAnnotable19:09
MJSo it has a DC metadata view19:09
MJWith it's own title and description19:10
MJAnd that bugs me :)19:10
MJAlso, the container thus leaves the Title empty because the DC title is empty19:10
MJIt may also cause user confusion19:10
philiKONwell, here's what i do19:10
* MJ listens19:10
philiKONwhen i need title and description, i always use the DC items19:11
philiKONmakes it easier because it's a standard zope api for these things19:11
philiKONe.g. the zmi knows how to read it19:11
MJBut there are more implementations, some of which are *not* annotatable.19:11
philiKONwhat you do is, you have a schema that represents all the data19:12
philiKONbasically, all the data you want to enter about such an object through a form19:12
philiKONid, title, description i presume19:12
philiKONthat is the interface you use in <browser:*form schema="" />19:12
philiKONnow, those objects that will use the DC title/description *WON'T* implement this interface19:12
philiKONthey will implement a duller interface19:13
philiKONand you adapt between this duller interface and the full schema19:13
philiKONin that adapter, you map title, description to IZopeDublinCore(self.context).Title etc.19:13
MJAnd that adapter takes the DC info instead19:13
philiKONthe browser:editfrom will automatically notice that the schema you wanted to render the form with is not provided by the object in question and adapt19:14
MJI was already contemplating making a custom DC adapter19:14
MJBut this is more elegant.19:14
MJThanks Philipp19:15
philiKONi actually wish it was even easier to have metadata included in regular edit forms19:15
philiKONi guess this is an optional enhancement one could think about for zope.formlib19:15
MJSo I leave <*form schema="" /> unchanged but do provide an adapter.19:15
MJBut for now I have a way forward.19:16
MJThanks Philipp19:16
philiKONyou leave the schema="IFoo" unchanged, but you won't have your objects provide IFoo19:16
philiKONyou will have them provide INotTotallyFoo19:16
MJIf you are curious: this is for Chronolog19:16
philiKONand adapt between INotTotallyFoo and IFoo19:16
philiKONwhat's Chronolog?19:17
MJMy Zope 3 project to build OSS timesheets19:17
philiKONah, cool19:17
philiKONMJ, i know the perl script you wrote for infrae :))19:18
* MJ goes off to provide dinner for the lil' ones19:18
philiKONused it myself19:18
MJEveryone who visited Infrae does :)19:18
MJgotta go19:18
philiKONsee you19:19
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roym`Folks, I find that I can nest a macro within another (ZPT) as follows:19:24
roym`  define-macro M119:24
roym`    define-slot S119:24
roym`      define-macro M219:24
roym`        define-slot S219:24
roym`However, when I use the macro as follows:19:24
roym`  use-macro M119:24
roym`    fill-slot S119:24
roym`      use-macro M219:24
roym`        fill-slot S2 (with 'some text')19:24
roym`I find that slot S2 isn't filled with 'some text'19:24
roym`I am not sure what I am doing wrong here... any suggestions?  (note: I19:24
roym`find that the fill-slot directive doesn't care if the named slot "S2"19:24
roym`exists or not)19:24
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philiKONi hate, i hate, i hate zope.org20:19
philiKONphew, now it's out of my system20:19
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roym`sorry, lost my connection so I missed any replies; however, I found my answer... thanks.20:29
roym`I was using <div use-macro-"..."> instead of <div metal:use-macro-"...">20:29
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