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MJphiliKON: The partial interface + adapter works fine00:22
philiKONgood to know :)00:22
philiKONthanks for your email on the book example by the way00:22
MJexcept that I now have to make the container class also contain the partial interface...00:22
philiKONhaven't looked at the code yet00:22
philiKONwill do so soon00:22
MJThe example is simple enough... simple mathematics.00:23
MJAnd just me being pedantic00:23
philiKONbut maybe already too not-straightforward enough to blur the reader's mind about what's really going on (annotations)00:23
MJBTW, how would one use conflict resolution in zope 3 with adapters like these?00:24
MJThe goal is illustration, I realize that00:25
philiKONdunno about conflict resolution. what do you mean exactly?00:25
MJIn z2 zodb you can use app-level conflict resolution00:25
MJwe use that with our rating class00:26
MJIf thread A reads, then thread B reads and writes, then thread A writes00:26
MJyou can have the class patch it up00:27
philiKONright. adapters do add some indirecdtion there00:27
MJSo the IAnnotatable cannot resolve the conflict00:27
philiKONthat's a very good question i'll keep in mind00:27
philiKONi presume not the IAnnotatable but the IAnnotations needs to solve the conflict00:28
MJMaybe MVCC make that less of a problem00:28
MJbut the lookup process to detect who is able to resolve it is going to be costly00:29
MJbetter to retry the whole request perhaps00:29
philiKONi'm unsure yet how to such resolving should happen anyway00:29
MJOne would have to figure out what changed and who's responsible for those changes00:30
MJPerhaps something for Jim to ponder.00:30
philiKONthat's what i'm thinking *grin*00:31
MJI, for one, am going to lay that to rest for the night at least..00:31
MJBedtime :)00:31
MJThanks for the help again, Philipp00:31
MJNight all!00:31
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epxI have read a book about zope x3 (von Weitershausen's), but I am having some difficult time to see "the big picture" of zope3, applied to making real-world web applications. Anyone knows some working example software I could study?02:44
d2mepx: have you looked at the download on the book-webpage ? http://worldcookery.com02:52
epxnot yet. didn't know where to begin03:05
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projekt01Do the OOBTree and the IOBTree have the same API?04:32
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philiKONTheuni, just replied to your email on the german transl13:20
* Theuni checks13:20
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MJphiliKON: I just chucked the partial interface and adapter13:27
MJand moved the DC stuff to the implementation instead13:28
MJMakes it all round cleaner13:28
philiKONmatter of taste i guess13:28
MJNo need to adapt really13:28
MJAlso makes the container stuff much cleaner13:28
MJNo need to make the editor contain the partial interface as well13:29
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projekt01Hi, J1m, back from holiday?17:35
projekt01J1m, I work together with Julien from nuxeo at the ecm workflow next week.17:36
J1mNo, just home to mow the lawn and check email.17:36
projekt01Does your OK for the lxml mean, we can add a branch for the migration and including xpdlcore17:37
J1mfow what migration?17:37
J1mfor what migration?17:38
projekt01... xpdl core uses lxml and the ecm wmfc package uses xpdlcore17:38
projekt01Right now we use a replacement for zope.wfmc at the ecm project17:39
projekt01zope.wfmc should use xpdlcore which uses lxml in the future, right?17:39
J1mI still don't know what migration you are talking about.17:39
J1mUm, I don't really care.17:40
J1mI think the rewrite of the xml parser was a waste of time.17:40
J1mThe sax parser worked fine imo, but of someone else wants to take over maintenance and use a different strategy, that's OK with me.17:41
projekt01I mean this proposal:17:41
J1mok, I'm -0 on that propsoal.17:42
projekt01Cool, have a nice weekend17:44
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roym`I need to create a view w/NEXT/PREV buttons for a folder's contents.20:39
roym`My plan is to define an Interface with next()/prev() methods, then20:39
roym`write an adapter for my content object to the Interface. Has this already20:39
roym`been done?20:39
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philiKONroym`, this is really a matter of the browser view. no need to adapt, i think21:41
philiKONwhat you're talking about is generally referred to as batching21:41
roym`philiKON, ok - maybe this is about batching in batches of one...21:45
philiKONah, ic21:45
philiKONi misunderstood you21:45
philiKONin this case an adapter seems feasible21:46
roym`imagine going thru a subfolder of recipes, one at a time.21:46
roym`am I right in assuming that I need to grow my own solution here?21:47
philiKONan adapter for IContained could yield the next/previous item in its containing parent21:47
roym`thanks - that's what I had figured.21:48
roym`btw, your RecipeView example (pg 231) inherits from BrowserView. srichters book claims that this is no longer necessary.21:48
roym`I couldn't however find the way he mentions in his book.21:49
roym`sorry - phone?21:49
philiKONi'm on the phone21:49
philiKONwell, i don't think BrowserView is deprecated21:55
philiKONso, at least that "no longer" is not entirely right21:55
philiKONit's correct that it's not necessary21:55
philiKONfor the sake of clarity, I still do it, even in my own code21:55
philiKONbecause it explains, where the __init__ and self.context, self.request come from21:55
philiKONzcml is doing too much magic there if you ask me21:55
philiKONzcml should be about registering stuff, not about saving two lines of python code that could very well be there and explain (esp. to newbies) a lot21:56
roym`agreed wholeheartedly...21:56
roym`I find it tedious to restart the engine each time zcml changes.21:57
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roym`is there a way to register a page in ZCML as an alias for another?22:32
roym`I have a view named "xx.html" and I want "index.html" to be the same view without duplicating the declaration.22:32
philiKONnay, you'd have to duplicate the zcml directive22:43
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roym`I am trying to figure out how to use a python View class to handle23:35
roym`both form submission, and display (just like Philipp's RecipeView23:35
roym`class). However, I want to render my own ZPT file - how would I do23:35
roym`this? Should I define a __call__ method? I don't understand the23:35
roym`use of response.redirect(".") in the example..23:35
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