IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-09-01

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drzoltron_I have a little problem with zapi.createObject()10:08
drzoltron_i call createObject('ImportToolCreateLinkedObjectRule')10:08
drzoltron_the factory of the class is defined as <factory10:09
drzoltron_description="Rule for linking an attribute to an absalon object"10:09
drzoltron_what's wrong ?10:09
drzoltron_i get a ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass zope.component.interfaces.IFactory>, 'ImportToolCreateLinkedObjectRule')10:12
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SteveAoh how lame is that11:29
SteveAyou can't register a PathAdapter for a name with a - in it11:29
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sashavdrzoltron_: you don't need a . somewhere there?11:46
drzoltron_sashav: hi, somewhere where ?11:47
sashavfactory should be module.ClassName11:47
drzoltron_yeah, doesn't work with that either11:47
drzoltron_I tried it with a folders factory as well does not work either11:48
sashavthen you need to go back to school and read you books :)11:48
drzoltron_i did11:48
sashavby the way thnx for the beer, very good! even my girl liked it so now I can't have them for my self :(11:49
drzoltron_I build the factory now in my routine and it works with that11:49
drzoltron_factory = Factory(ImportToolCreateLinkedObjectRule,'ImportToolCreateLinkedObjectRule','fact')11:49
drzoltron_                gsm = zope.component.getGlobalSiteManager()11:49
drzoltron_                gsm.provideUtility(IFactory,factory,'ImportToolCreateLinkedObjectRule')11:49
drzoltron_                newobject = zope.component.createObject('ImportToolCreateLinkedObjectRule')11:49
drzoltron_btw: wrote my first testcase in Z3 ...11:50
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philiKONi haven't used CVS for so long now, i don't even remember now to make a branch15:56
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j-wphiliKON: cvs tag -b15:59
philiKONj-w, yeah, found out just now :)15:59
philiKONthanks though15:59
j-wphiliKON: hehe15:59
philiKONsvn's command line feels a lot more natural in many respects15:59
j-woh, the number of times I forgot about the -b...15:59
j-wor used it when I didn't need it...16:00
j-woh well.16:00
philiKONwasn't going to switch to svn at some point?16:00
j-wwasn't *infrae* not going to switch at some point ;)16:00
philiKONyou still haven't switched?16:01
j-wno, not yet16:01
philiKONoh, poor guys :)16:01
j-was long as you know how to -b when you need to ;)16:01
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philiKONwell, there are other things16:02
philiKONi very much like svn's idea of changesets16:02
philiKONatomic changesets that is16:02
philiKONin cvs it's hard to see what other files were changed when a particular file was modified16:02
philiKONit's possible through the dates, but it's complicated16:02
philiKONand noone remembers the command line for that16:02
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philiKONtoday must be my pain day... i get a wisdom tooth pulled AND have to work with cvs17:05
j-wphiliKON: which one would you skip, if you could choose ;)17:09
philiKONworking with cvs17:09
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