IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2005-09-02

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alienoidhi, i see svn:externals for ZODB were changed for 3.1 branch to reflect new 3.5 final release, but not for the trunk, is there a reason or just it will be done lately?00:56
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MJalienoid: I am assuming you'll have to poke Tim about that01:25
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MJalienoid: the trunk will move to ZODB trunk01:29
MJTim says01:29
MJalienoid: 3.5.0a7 became 3.5.0 final01:30
MJ3.5.0a8 is to be trunk and future 3.6.001:30
alienoidok, thanks i just posted question to zodb list :)01:31
MJPoor Tim, I told him that you already have the answer01:32
MJSo's he can choose to keep his sanity ;)01:32
* MJ turns to his bed01:33
alienoidc u01:33
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tiredbonesI found mention,on google, of a script to change a pass word for zope called, but I don't have this script on my newly installed zope3. Does such a script live in zope3?05:44
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bob2context-dependant vocabularies don't look trivial11:24
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SteveAbob2: vocabularies are a tad over-complex.  the "sources" stuff is meant to fix that.11:57
bob2hmm, I gathaered from reading zope3-dev that sources can't be context-sensitive yet11:59
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baldtrolquestion...  been working with a particular set of macros all morning here, and suddenly the pt that's calling them can't find them, getting a traceback that includes the following:  "Warning: Macro expansion failed19:33
baldtrolWarning: exceptions.TypeError: unsubscriptable object"19:33
baldtrolnothing changed except some markup inside the macros, and now when i set them back the way they were, it still throws that, pretty much no matter what...19:34
baldtroli don't know where to start troubleshooting it, since it was working one minute, and not the next.  no zcml has changed, they're still in my for that skin...19:36
baldtrolany thoughts (other than "hush it up baldtrol" :D )19:36
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srichterbaldtrol: we changed to METAL to 1.1 which changes the semantics20:07
baldtrolhmmm...  that would explain things.  i just upgraded to c2, but this was working since then...  or maybe i just thought it was20:08
srichterit's hard to explain what's wrong20:08
srichterit would be nice if you could demonstrate the failure in a test20:09
baldtrolok cool...  bit rusty on writing tests for pagetemplate stuff, but i'll browse back through the examples and try to whip one up20:09
srichterit would be really, really helpful20:10
baldtroli'll get on it20:10
srichterthanks a lot20:10
srichterplease send the test to the list20:10
srichterFred or someone else will pick it up20:10
baldtrolwill do.  thanks man.20:10
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baldtrolsrichter: the pagetemplate problem was my own, not my c2 upgrade...  error logging utility just wasn't going back far enough in the traceback, but watching the requests (while attempting to build the test case) showed me where the macro compilation was failing.  my mistake...21:35
baldtrolthank you though.  and if i'd like to get involved with the zope3 project (documentation, test cases, whatever grunt work needs to be done), how would i go about it?  i use zope enough that i feel like i should be giving back :)21:36
srichterok, no prob21:36
srichterbaldtrol: cool21:37
srichterjust look at the proposals and see what you can do21:37
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niemeyersrichter: Hi!22:10
niemeyersrichter: In src/zope/interface/_zope_interface_coptimizations.c, SpecType is declared as both extern and static.22:10
srichterI think this is for GCC compat22:10
srichterut I am no C developer22:10
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niemeyerIt looks broken to me.. and to gcc as well :)22:11
niemeyerEither it is static, and the reference is used only inside the file itself, or it's extern, and people outside may use the reference.22:11
niemeyerIndeed.. declaring something as extern *inside* the file is not really meaningful, since it's available already.22:12
srichtersorry, I am sprinting22:12
niemeyerextern is usually necessary when you want to put a pointer to the structure in some .h file, but want everyone else to be aware that *someone* is defining it.22:12
srichterso I do not have much time22:12
niemeyersrichter: Ah.. I'm sorry.22:12
niemeyersrichter: Ok.. nevermind. The latest version is already fixed.22:13
niemeyersrichter: Have a nice sprint22:13
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tiredbonesCan someone point me to some detail instruction for migrating to Zope3 from Zope2.8? I'm finding a lot of bits and piece on google.22:24
srichtertiredbones: there are no such documents22:33
srichterZope 3 addresses a very different audience than Zope 2.822:34
srichterour support of migration is the Five work22:35
tiredbonessrichter, Five work is "do it the hard way"22:37
tiredbonessrichter, Five work is "do it the hard way"?22:38
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mgedminHow to port your Zope 2 application to Zope 3: the easy way22:43
mgedminstep 1: hire a team of experienced Zope 3 programmers22:43
mgedminstep 2: give them your Zope 2 application22:43
mgedminstep 3: pay a lot of money22:43
mgedminstep 4: wait a few months (depending on the size of the application)22:43
mgedminstep 5: profit!22:43
* mgedmin hides22:43
srichterright, good point22:43
tiredbonesIt sure is unfair to all those folks who jump onto Zope in the early days.22:47
tiredbonesI know, who said anything about being fair.22:50
srichterwell, we simply do not have a migration path for Zope 2 people22:51
srichterZope 2 offers a lot of TTW development, nothing of which exists in Zope 322:52
srichterseriously, reading one of the Zope 3 books is the best starting point22:52
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jbb666hehe good marketing ;)23:02
srichterwell, I wrote the book so people could get started with Zope 323:03
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fcorrea-wondermosrichter : how do you compare your book to the Phillip one?? Whitch one is good for a quick integration with Zope 3?23:17
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srichterfcorrea-wondermo: I have not looked at Philipp's book in such great detail for while to know the difference really23:40
srichterfcorrea-wondermo: also, what do you mean with "for a quick integration"?23:40
fcorrea-wondermosrichter: I mean integration with the technology, Zope 3 itself....23:44
srichterfcorrea-wondermo: what do you wnat to integrate with Zope 3?23:50
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