IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-09-03

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sidneihello, anyone around?01:44
sidneiSteveA: ping?01:44
sidneihey srichter01:45
sidneidid anyone get around to having 'sites on filesystem'? eg: root of site not in zodb?01:45
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sidneiuhm, maybe wsgi would do?01:47
srichterwsgi is in Zope 3.101:47
sidneiim about to start a project next monday, simple site with rdflib and some views, going to try wsgi and see how far it gets01:50
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srichtersidnei: if you do not need the concept of sites, just make everything global02:30
sidneihumm, so the root could be a view for * and from there i make a custom traverser?02:31
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srichtersidnei: you can create a custom publication that has a custom root object for example02:37
sidneiyeah, i can try that02:38
srichtersidnei: the trick is not to get hung up in the standard installation02:43
srichteryou probably can also have a much simpler server startup setup02:43
sidneiyeah, very likely02:43
ignassrichter, ping03:15
srichterignas: pong03:22
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