IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-09-04

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drzoltron_HI !13:24
drzoltron_How do I build a series of .cpt's and .cpy's in z3 ?13:24
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roymFolks, Quite frequently, when I try to add object to the site manager,17:31
roymI get errors of the following sort. Any ideas as to what I might be17:31
roymmissing (I am using the latest version of trunk and have created a17:31
roymbrand-new zope instance).17:31
roym  ...17:31
roym  File "/usr/local/Zope3-trunk/src/zope/interface/", line17:31
roym    481, in queryMultiAdapter17:31
roym    return factory(*objects)17:31
roym  File "/usr/local/Zope3-trunk/src/zope/app/component/",17:31
roym    line 387, in __call__17:31
roym    return proxify(self.factory(*objects), self.checker)17:31
roymTypeError: __init__() takes exactly 4 arguments (3 given)17:31
projekt01romy, this looks like a error from a widget used on a field.17:35
projekt01romy, try to print out the *objects and you see what objects are involved17:36
mgedminit's amazing to see how many ways the word 'utility' is misspelt in doc/CHANGES.txt17:40
roymprojekt01: the last set of values for objects is: (<zope.schema._field.Choice object at 0x44cf8acc>, <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance URL=http://michelle:8080/++etc++site/default/pluggable-auth-utility/group-folder/addRegistration.html>)17:52
roymdo I need to do a make clean before building zope trunk? is it possible that the pyc code is stale?17:54
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roymdid a make clean and re-ran; didn't make a difference!17:56
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royma search on google brings up this issue exactly once:18:09
roymAccording to the post, it was fixed in CVS in 2004... surely the18:10
roymsvn version is more than upto-date - or am I wrong in assuming that?18:10
projekt01roym, the svn trunk should work18:11
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projekt01Can you explain when exactly fails? I guess if you will call a view? right?18:12
projekt01roym, there is a mess in lookup a choice vocabulary for a field. What did you call? the group folders addRegistration?18:14
roymHere are the steps:18:16
roym1) In my 'default' site management folder, I am adding a pluggable18:16
roymauth utility.18:16
roym2) In this utility, I then succcesfully add a 'principal folder'.18:16
roym3) The error happens when I try to register the principal folder.18:16
projekt01roym, how did you activate the PAU? unnamed?18:21
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roymno, it was named "pluggable-auth-utility"18:22
roymIf I revisit the PAU, I see that it now has the contents - so it looks like the error18:22
projekt01You mean the name of the PAU use int he folder or the activation name?18:22
roymthe contents view name is "pluggable-auth-utility"18:23
roymI am not sure what the registration name is. How do I find out?18:23
roymah - I see that it is <no name>18:24
roymfrom .../++etc++site/default/++registrations++/@@index.html18:24
roymIs this bad?18:24
projekt01No, that's OK, this is called the registration name, the PAU is allways "unnamed"18:25
projekt01Let me checkout the trunk and follow your sample18:26
roymthanks a lot.18:27
projekt01roym, if you go to the configuration view of the PAU, do you see a field on the left side with a word "principal" inside?18:32
roymThe 4 that I see are:18:34
roymGroup Folder/HTTP Basic-Auth Plugin/Principal Folder/Session Credentials Plugin18:35
projekt01and in the field "Authenticator Plugins18:35
roymthe same 4 appear...18:36
projekt01are you sure?18:37
roymI just realized that this may be my error...18:37
roymIn my etc/overrides.zcml, I have the following:18:37
roym  <configure package="">18:38
roym    <view18:38
roym        type="zope.publisher.interfaces.browser.IBrowserRequest"18:38
roym        for="zope.schema.interfaces.IChoice"18:38
roym        provides=""18:38
roym        factory=""18:38
roym        permission="anoobe.quiztaker.Public"18:38
roym    />18:38
projekt01For what will use a RadioWidget?18:39
roymI was hoping to use the RadioWidget to force exactly one choice to be selected by the user.18:39
projekt01If you like to use a Radio widget you can register the RadioWidget for a Choice like18:40
projekt01for="...IChoice IMyOwnVocabulary"18:40
projekt01a sequence is used in this case, but you need a own vocabulary18:40
projekt01e.g. IMyVocabulary18:40
projekt01And in the field you can use your own voabulary like myAttr = Choice (vocabulary=IMyOwnVocabulary)18:41
roymI see: so you are saying that the adapter chosen becomes specific to the combination of (IChoice,IBrowserRequest and the Vocabulary) rather than just (IChoice and IBrowserRequest).18:43
projekt01Yup, that's your missing 4 th argument where I told before18:43
roymThankyou - that was a very educational experience.18:44
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projekt01Ok, have a nice weekend.18:45
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