IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-09-05

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roymif anyone is awake - I have declared a resourceDirectory; what syntax would I use to reference a css file present in it from elsewhere in my hierarchy? Is there an equivalent of the good old ++resource++RES_NAME syntax?03:12
roymHow would I use absolute_url in a zpt page to do this?03:16
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projekt01I have some wired behavior on a apache http GET request to a z3 server.12:11
projekt01The z3 server ends in a error like:12:12
projekt01The proxy server could not handle the request GET / </>.12:12
projekt01But this happens only from a link on webpage where is running under SSL12:12
projekt01Why is the "/" different intepreted from different links on pages if you klick on it?12:16
projekt01Could it be possible that it is a difference if you click on the same link listed on a https:// page or a http:// page?12:18
projekt01I guess there is no apache guru here ;-)12:19
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mgedmindo you use apache rewrite rules?12:26
mgedminwhat do they look like?12:26
projekt01RewriteRule (/?.*) http://localhost:8080/++skin++Admin/++vh++http:admin.amadeus.demo:80/++$1 [P,L]12:27
mgedminand for https?12:27
projekt01I don't run https. The problem is the link is listed on a webpage where is running on SSL12:28
mgedmindoes error.log say anything interesting?12:29
projekt01[Mon Sep 05 11:21:48 2005] [error] [client] proxy: error reading status line from remote server localhost12:30
projekt01[Mon Sep 05 11:21:48 2005] [error] [client] proxy: Error reading from remote server returned by /12:30
mgedmindo zope's logs show the request?12:31
projekt01I guess apache is calling a GET request for "/" but only on link listed on SSL driven sites12:31
projekt01I'll take a look12:31
mgedminBTW (/?.*) is not a very nice regexp -- it is completely equivalent to (.*)12:32
mgedminI use RewriteRule ^/(.*) http://localhost:.../...++vh++.../++/$1 [P,L]12:33
projekt01Ok, I see what's wrong. The SSL page sends cookie information via the request. Uhhh12:33
projekt01  File "C:\Python24\lib\", line 453, in set12:33
projekt01    raise CookieError("Illegal key value: %s" % key)12:33
projekt01CookieError: Illegal key value: Williams/OU12:33
mgedminwhoa, that's not nice12:33
mgedminz3 could at least render an error page12:33
mgedmin400 Bad Request or something12:34
projekt01hm, I'm not sure, I just will check this again and compare the exact time of the requests12:34
projekt01mgedmin yes, it's for sure the SSL server sends cookie information.12:37
projekt01perhaps this is because the SSL page list the page runs at URL: https://opera.amadeus.com12:38
projekt01and the page where the link is pointing to is
projekt01(same domain, different subdomain)12:39
projekt01What do you think is it a bug in z3, does apache do this everytime on same domains?12:39
projekt01and we have to make sure that such requests can be handled in z3?12:40
projekt01mgedmin, here is the error traceback:12:42
projekt01Who is the z3 webserver guru at ZC?12:43
mgedminI'd say this is a zope 3 bug12:53
mgedmingiven an invalid Cookie request header, z3 should not just fail to return a response12:54
mgedminit should return a 400 response12:54
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projekt01mgedmin, which component is responsible to send a cookie with the request to a server if you click on a link? the browser or the webpage?14:14
projekt01Btw, there is no javascript involved in the link.14:15
bob2cookies aren't set by web pages14:24
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projekt01bob2, Ok, where sends a cookie if you click on a link.14:43
projekt01Or perhaps I have to ask where is responsible that the Request Header contains a key "Cookie" if I click on a link?14:44
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roymhi, does anyone know if using sql: expressions in zpt pages (w/sql_conn) is meant to be multi-threaded - or will requests be queued.15:59
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projekt01romy, srichter can answer this question, but he isn't only yet.16:05
roymok, thanks... looking at the code, it seems to be a straightforward use of the ZopeDatabaseAdapter utility. Would you happen to know if ZopeDatabaseAdapter conns are pooled?16:11
benji_yorkprojekt01, I'm looking at your test failure on XP16:12
mgedminprojekt01, the browser sends the Cookie: header16:17
mgedminif it had previously received a Set-Cookie: response header for a given domain16:17
projekt01mgedmin, I just googled for this. It's not exactly this way.16:19
projekt01A cookie is sent back just for the given domain16:19
projekt01But, the server can configure that the cookie is also sent back to servers on the same subdomain16:20
projekt01Cookies get never sent to another server if they not at least in the same subdomain via a link.16:21
mgedminafaiu links don't come into this16:22
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bob2only in the sense that they control who the request goes to16:23
bob2stop thinking of it in terms of web pages or links, it's all about http requests16:23
projekt01bob2, is this correct, that the server can define to which subdomain server a cookie will be sent via the browser if you click on a link pointing to the subdomain?16:26
projekt01bob2, mgedmin, found a documentaion about that this at:16:29
projekt01Seems that this is defined in the previous request header from the server with.16:30
projekt01e.g. Cookie: ... domain=DOMAIN_NAME ...16:31
projekt01But, I'm not sure what should happen if z3 recieves such a cookie from such a friendly subdomain server.16:32
bob2igore the link16:35
bob2but, yes, the cookie includes information about who should be able to retrieve it16:35
bob2doesn't zope's request object have cookie handling methofs?16:35
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mgedminyes -- and it raises an exception that is not caught16:37
mgedminlook at projekt01's traceback:
projekt01bob2, I'm not sure right now.16:37
projekt01mgedmin, Yes, there is no explicit error handling for this part.16:38
projekt01who is responsible or the master for the webserver part at ZC?16:39
mgedminsuggestion: zope 3 should complain loudly in a log file somewhere, and then ignore ill-firmed cookies16:39
mgedminprojekt01, perhaps you can file a bug report in the collector?16:39
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mgedmin(if there isn't one already)16:39
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projekt01mgedmin, I like to fix it, but I don't like to do this without contact the big boss.16:40
projekt01Ok, I take a look at the checkin logs.16:41
projekt01mgedmin, bob2, thanks for your help, just reported the issue at
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benji_yorkprojekt01, I just checked in a fix for the syntax error when running the tests on XP, I haven't looked at the other exceptions yet17:29
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projekt01benji_york, thanks a lot, the tests are Ok now.17:47
benji_yorkI took a look at the fsmerger tests, but don't have a clue without digging in a bit more, so I'll leave those for someone who knows what's going on17:48
projekt01Ok, I also didn't deep into this part, perhaps we can do it if we have more time and if it's get relevant.17:50
projekt01btw, does the fssync work at all? Does somebody use this package?17:52
benji_yorkI don't really know, but I've never seen these tests fail before17:54
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projekt01But, I remember a long time before the tests for diff3 where disabled on win. or I'm worng?17:55
benji_yorkyou're right, the tests check for os.popen, and if found check for diff3 and if found run the tests18:00
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SteveAanyone know if there is a particular release date planned for 3.1.0 ?18:27
benji_yorkI don't know of a date, but it should be Real Soon Now (tm)18:28
SteveAthe packager of zope for ubuntu was asking18:29
SteveAit would be nice to get zope 3.1 into the breezy badger release of ubuntu18:29
benji_yorkI would predict a release on Sunday or before, but that's just a guess, srichter may have a different plan18:30
benji_yorkI don't know when he'll be back on IRC18:30
projekt01benji_york, could it be that the check for os.popen is incorrect, since the implementation of popen changed in py 2.4.118:36
projekt01and the tests are running now on win too, but shouldn't like before?18:37
benji_yorkoh!, you just prompted me to think of the answer (I think :)18:38
benji_yorkdo you have a diff3 executable on your Windows box?18:38
benji_yorkI do, and that's why it's running the tests18:39
projekt01No, I guess not, or is it included in GNU diff?18:39
benji_yorkdon't know, type diff3 at a command promt and find out18:39
projekt01Oh, well I have diff3 installed!18:40
benji_yorkthat explains why we are seeing failures and noone else is18:41
projekt01It's hot here in switzerland today :-)18:41
benji_yorkso, apparently fssync (or its tests) doesn't work on Windows18:42
projekt01Yes, I guess it doesn't work since a looong time or didn't never work on windows.18:45
projekt01benji_york, perhaps we can contact fdrake and ask him about the state of fssync18:51
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benji_yorkI think just explicitly disabling the tests on windows would be best, they are obviously not ment to run on windows, so they shouldn't18:57
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roymfolks, how woud I get info about the currently logged in user (role, id, etc)... there used to be something like session.getUser() in z2...23:24
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roymmp: thanks.23:25
mpAt least I hope... I've never used it ;)23:27
roymThat gives me the login id; I don't see how I can get role information..23:28
roym(ie: I can do "request/principal/getLogin" in zpt)23:29
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