IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-10-04

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drzoltron_evening even00:03
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drzoltron_I just wrote a view for an ordered folder which contains "move up/down" arrows for every item ... how can I add it to the svn ?00:04
J1mAre you a contributor?00:04
drzoltron_Hi J1m00:05
drzoltron_no not yet, the form never made it to me @ goldegg00:05
J1mwell you can download one, sign it and either fax it or send me a scanned copy.00:05
drzoltron_J1m: sure ...00:06
drzoltron_when done, where to put it ?00:06
J1mHm, do ordered forlders have a custom contents view now?00:06
drzoltron_in my solution ?00:08
J1mI don't know what you are asking.00:08
J1mDid you want to contribute your view?00:08
J1mIs that what you were originally asking about?00:09
J1mOr were you asking something else?00:09
J1mwanna start over?00:10
drzoltron_right now - as far as I can see - theres only
drzoltron_i extended the with a column (order)00:10
drzoltron_and with a method "move"00:11
drzoltron_the latter moves items up or down00:11
drzoltron_it works fine, haven't found out to replace the current contents yet00:11
drzoltron_maybe I should add a type "OrderedFolder" too ?00:12
J1mah, so you could register your view for it.00:12
J1mYes, I think that would be a good idea.00:13
drzoltron_yeah, maybe00:13
drzoltron_I am using it on my own types, but maybe somebody else would like to use the OrderedFolder right away ...00:13
J1mOr, you could define the view and leave it up to others to register it for their types.00:13
drzoltron_or both :)00:14
J1myup :)00:14
drzoltron_where would my view go then in the svn ?00:14
J1mI would say in zope/app/container/browser00:15
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drzoltron_ok good00:15
drzoltron_but first the form .. :)00:16
srichtermmh, we really need to setup a bot to build release tar balls every night00:17
srichterthis way we can see failures due to new dependencies early00:18
srichter(note that SchoolTool does this already and the build failed because of the new zope.dottedname dependency in z.a.container)00:18
drzoltron_J1m: jim[æt] ?00:30
drzoltron_J1m: the agreement ...00:32
J1msend it to jim at
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newpersare there any west coast zope-{users,developers} in here?01:00
mpwest coast of what? :)01:01
drzoltron_greenland ?01:02
newpersgood question01:03
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whitnewpers: whacha need?01:17
* whit knows some bay area zopers01:17
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drzoltron_what does <!-- BBB: Gone with 3.3 --> in the source mean ?10:15
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sashav_drzoltron_: BBB = Backward compatibility (don't ask me how they made it to BBB :)10:32
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drzoltron_sashav: thx ;)11:19
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Lewyhi, is there a big difference between z3 trunk and z3.1?11:37
andrew_mLewy: yes, some things didn't make it into z3.1 (locking module for example)11:39
Lewyhave a problem with jsonserver and I don't know if is caused by wrong installation or incompatibility11:39
LewyI'm a z3 newbie11:39
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Lewyany clues?
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andrew_mLewy: according to the jsonserver guys you def. need a checkout of the trunk11:42
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Lewyandrew_m: thanx, are they here?11:43
andrew_mdunno.. have a look at their web page.. or drop them a mail and ask what svn revision is known to work11:44
Lewymaybe i can use another revision11:44
andrew_myeah.. i currently also use a very specific revision because things change so fast11:45
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Lewyandrew_m: cpsskins finally work :)11:54
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* VladDrac 's gonna have a look at and see if its of any use to him12:41 == zope.formlib?12:42
VladDracit's not part of 3.1 right?12:42
j-wVladDrac: its zope.formlib indeed now12:44
j-wVladDrac: I don't think its in 3.112:44
j-wVladDrac: you do know it requires Python 2.4, right? (zope.formlib I mean)12:44
VladDracI remembersomething like that12:45
VladDracis that a really big problem?12:45
j-wno for me :)12:45
VladDracand why can't it be ported back to 2.3?12:46
j-wI mean, not for me :)12:46
VladDracand where can I find it, where does it live nowadays?12:46
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j-whope this helps :)12:49
VladDracah ok :)12:50
efgeVladDrac: it can easily be ported to 2.312:52
efgehowever nobody really cared for that12:52
VladDracwell afaik 2.3 is still "optimal" for 3.1 right?12:53
efgebut everybody interested in formlib switched to 2.4 anyway, and realized it worked as well12:54
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faassenyeah, Zope corp themselves is using 2.4 with 3.112:54
efgealso, ZC said they'd been using 2.4 for a while12:54
faassenwe have been as well. it works fine.12:54
efgehi martijn :)12:54
VladDracfor me it would mean having to switch to 2.4, installing some deps (psycopg, SQLObject)12:54
faassenanyway, we're going to make this all sensible come next release cycle.12:54
VladDracnot a real problem12:54
faassenefge: hey.12:54
VladDracjust annoying if it turns out formlib isn't what I need :)12:54
efgeVladDrac: to port to 2.3 you just have to change the decorators I think12:55
faassenwell, if you're using zope 3 forms, formlib is what you need. :)12:55
VladDracfaassen: I'm using.. Flex forms!12:55
* VladDrac hides12:55
J1mWhat are flex forms?12:55
VladDracflex is a RIA toolkit from macromedia12:55
VladDracbasically, it's forms in flash12:55
VladDracit communicaties with servers through an rpc system named "amf"12:56
VladDracwhich is why I recently implemented amfserver for zope312:56
J1msounds interesting12:56
VladDracanyway, I dislike flash, but my customer wants it12:56
VladDraca third party is building the Flex gui, and I want to build some html forms now for my own convenience12:57
J1mI dislike most flash applications I see,12:57
J1mI have the impression that it has some potential for actually building decent appls. <shrug>12:57
efgeflash doesn't integrate with browser history or native UI (shortcuts, etc) and it's a real pain12:58
faassenflash is nice if you need to program a flash game. :)12:58
VladDracjim well that might be through Flex, perhaps12:58
faassenthe only flash I interact with is flash games, and the occasional ad that wants to annoy me.12:59
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VladDracwhat's the correct way to install zope.formlib?13:44
VladDracthe package names suggests within SOFTWARE_HOME/lib/python/zope13:44
J1mIt's interesting to note that my achange to containment constraints to allow dotted named didn't "fix" much.13:46
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VladDracyou mean fysically naming the package zope.formlib (and creating a dir with that name) should make it available as zope.formlib?13:58
VladDracthat doesn't work for me13:58
* VladDrac 's just named it "formlib" in INSTANCE_HOME/lib/python13:58
VladDracwhich means my imports might be "incompatible"13:58
J1myou need to install the formlib package into your zope package13:58
J1mWe do this by creating a zope directory in lib/python and using pkgutil to knit it together with the zope package from the zope install.14:00
* andrew_m is away: zh14:02
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VladDracis there any code online that uses formlib?14:09
VladDracform.txt / page.txt are informative but I'd like to get the whole picture (including zcml etc)14:09
VladDracI can probably figure it out myself but some timesaving would be nice :)14:09
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regebroI would like to make a pure-python release of the python CalCore calendar library.14:59
regebroBut, of course, it relies on zope.interface and zope.schemas.14:59
regebroOr well, no it doesn't RELY on them. It imports them. :)15:00
srichterso, create a zpgtools based release15:00
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VladDracnoone have any formlib examples? Is this one of those packages that everyone hypes and noone uses like sqlos? :)15:01
regebrozpkgtools? Whats that, he wonders: <google>15:01
regebroOr rather: how does it help?15:01
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whitsrichter: are there any examples of using zpkgtools & eggs yet?15:02
srichterwe have done that for SchoolTool and it seems to work out nicely15:02
* VladDrac saw sqlobject eggs15:02
srichterwhit: yep, SchoolTool, Zope 3, Zope Interface, ...15:02
regebrosrichter: I guess you are saying that I should make a release that includes zope.interface and zope.scheman?15:02
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whitno excuse to not go install15:02
srichterregebro: well, you could if you want to15:03
srichterit depends on what you want15:03
srichtersince there are no separate releases for zope.schema yet, it would be a good choice I think15:03
srichterwith SchoolTool we will have two TAR balls, I think15:03
srichterone with the plain SchoolTool source and one with all batteries included to get the server running15:04
srichterthe former will be mostly to support distros15:04
srichterbut jinty might correct me here as I am not the SchoolTool release manager15:04
regebroWell, I don't know what I want. :)15:04
* srichter merely forced the SchoolTool team into using zpgtools :-)15:05
regebroOK, I'll try that and see what ends up in the final package. :D15:07
srichterzpkgtools is really cool, since you can load dependencies from SVN15:07
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regebroI have no idea what that means in practice, but I guess I'll soon find out. :P15:09
whitregebro: let me know how that goes ;)15:11
whitdid you find out what you needed to know about 1.1 yesterday?15:12
regebroI think I need philiKON to log on.15:12
whitI don't think any bugs were related to not releasing 1.115:13
whitit was just that faasen didn't have time to bless it15:13
whitand the logical window was missed15:14
regebroNo, there was some bugs till left to fix.15:16
regebroAnd I also need to understand how to fix the transaction package conflict best.15:16
whitand those were what you were looking for15:16
whitah..I see15:16
whitnot sure what those remainders were...15:16
regebroYeah, actually, I wanna fix that transaction thing and release 1.1 now. We need it. It works. :)15:16
regebroUnless there is some sort of bug that I don't know of, that makes 1.0.2 better. :(15:17
* whit had the feeling it was just minor stuff 15:19
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whitI thought the plan was to release 1.1 + fixes as 1.2 as the last z3.0 five15:20
regebroWell, 1.2 is supposed to include loads of new stuff. Don't have time to wait for that, it will take weeks.15:23
regebroEspecially since I'm doing some of it...15:23
whitsounds like a good rational for a 1.115:24
* regebro gets smashed the complexity of zpkgtools like a ten tone wight in a Python sketch.15:24
* whit hands regebro pythonic icepack for aching head15:25
regebrosrichter has left, and I don't have the two days of free time I need to figure this out by myself...15:25
regebroIt adds a lot of complexity, and I still don't know what, if any, use I have of it.15:26
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VladDracargh.. zope3 error reporting hell15:27
* VladDrac jumps out the window15:27
regebroSo, i'm back to my orginal question: How can I make CalCore not complain on missing imports from zope.interface, zope.schema and zope.i18nmessage id?15:29
regebroUsing zpkgtools without any kind of useful documentation is definitely *not* the way to go...15:30
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VladDraccalcore I know nothing about this, but if CalCore is depending on schema, interface, etc, do you have a choice then?15:30
VladDraceh /^calcore/regebro15:31
regebroIt's not depending on them. It just imports them.15:31
regebroIncluding them is certainly an option.15:32
faassenI'm fine with a release of Five 1.1 by the way.15:32
regebroOK, great!15:32
regebrofaassen: Any opinion on the transaction bbb conflict?15:32
VladDracregebro so if you remove the imports, it still works?15:43
regebroWell, no, becuase then the names imported doesn't exist. But it's all use for declarations of interfaces and "implement" statements. It doens't actually *do* anything.15:44
VladDracyeah well it does stuff, but it only makes sense in the z3 component architecture15:44
VladDracso what you might need is refactor the code into a z3 independent implementation, and a z3 wrapper which turns them into components15:45
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regebroVladDrac: well, that's not an option.15:51
regebroSeems I just have to give up the idea of making a python-only package.15:52
faassenregebro: no, I don't have the zen there..15:53
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regebrofaassen: OK, I'll see if philikon pops up, or I'll write him a mail and make a releas anyway. ;)15:54
faassenregebro: you can do a rc1. :)15:55
* VladDrac 's still trying to wrap his brain around formlib15:56
VladDracmostly the correct way to implement/use it15:56
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benji_yorkVladDrac, what are you trying to do? (edit form, add form, other?)15:56
faassenVladDrac: just hook things up using browser:page, use no template, just hook up the formlib classes. :)15:57
VladDracbenji: I'm creating forms for non-ZODB content (database forms basically)15:57
benji_yorkok, are you creating schemas?15:58
VladDracfaassen: that might make sense, let's see15:59
VladDracmno doesn't work15:59
VladDracshoud I define a browser:page with a class=".." that points to my form class?16:00
VladDracI've also defined a Page class, and that works fine - I can do pythonstuff in __call__16:00
VladDracbut that still doesn't give me a form16:00
benji_yorkVladDrac something like this will work:16:01
benji_york    class EditView(form.EditForm):16:01
benji_york        form_fields = form.Fields(interfaces.IHelloWorld)16:01
benji_york  <browser:page16:01
benji_york      for=".hello.HelloWorld"16:01
benji_york      name="edit.html"16:01
benji_york      class=".hello.EditView"16:01
benji_york      permission="zope.ManageContent"16:01
benji_york      template=""16:01
benji_york      />16:01
benji_yorkand then have a template ( that renders the form16:01
VladDracok what would look like?16:01
VladDracthat's my main problem I guess16:01
VladDracit fetches formfields from EditView?16:02
VladDrac(and what use is formlib.Page?)16:02
benji_yorksomething like16:02
benji_york<html metal:use-macro="context/@@standard_macros/view">16:02
benji_york  <div metal:fill-slot="body" tal:contents="view">16:02
benji_york  </div>16:02
VladDracah ok16:02
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VladDracthanks benji, this should get me started16:10
benji_yorkNP VladDrac16:11
VladDracI was understanding the individual components (page, form) but not the whole picture (how everything fits in zope3/zcml), a problem I seem to have quite often :)16:11
benji_yorkThat code was actually copy/pasted from my Zope 3 "Quick Start" I've started working on.16:11
VladDracok in that case16:12
VladDracs/contents/content :)16:12
benji_yorkyep, I just saw that :)16:12
xenruhdima: yo!16:20
hdimaxenru: hi16:21
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*** xenru_ is now known as xenru16:49
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projekt01srichter, ayt?17:50
*** dobee has joined #zope3-dev17:51
* andrew_m is back (gone 03:49:25)17:52
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srichterprojekt01: no time, sorry17:58
projekt01srichter, Ok, we see us in Germany18:00
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srichtermkerrin: are you ready for the sprint? :-)18:22
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mkerrinsrichter: yes - just just looking at maps to find out where everything is18:44
MacYETmaps of tuebingen18:45
*** jinty has joined #zope3-dev18:48
* philiKON laughs18:49
philiKONwould fit on a stamp :)18:49
MacYETphiliKON: better study your map of the chinese wall18:49
srichtermkerrin: the university of tuebingen has a nice Web site telling you which airport shuttle to take18:53
MacYETask m18:53
srichterthe research institute web site then tells you how to get from the train station to their building, which seems easy too18:53
MacYETtake the airport sprinter, line 828 from the airport to tuebingen18:54
srichteryep, that's the line :-)18:54
MacYETit runs at least every our18:55
tarekhi all18:55
MacYETand it brings you to the train station18:55
MacYETwhich is "close" to the institute18:55
*** whit is now known as whit|out18:55
tarekMacYET, i am coming by the trains station, from stutgart, does that mean i can just walk there ?18:56
MacYETtarek: about 15-20 minutes walk18:56
MacYETwhen do you arrive?18:56
srichtertarek: yeah, just go to the research institute Web site; they have detailed walking descriptions from the train station18:56
tarekok, i'll take the 828 then :)18:56
MacYETtarek: coming by plane or train?18:57
tarekfrom dijon18:57
srichter828 does not go through stuttgart (the city)18:57
efgeI want to add (in Five for now) an IObjectWillBeMoved event, and derivatives. Should I derive it from IObjectEvent, whose docstring says "Something has happened to an object", or should I start a separate interface hierarchy ?18:57
MacYETtarek: then you don't take the line 82818:57
tarekdijon -> stutgart then catch the train to tuebigen18:57
MacYETyou'll take the train from stuttgart18:57
srichterefge: no, better fix the ObjectEvent doc string18:57
tarekok i thaught you were talking about tuebigen train station18:58
MacYETthe bus station and the train station are close by18:58
tareki am going to get lost, as usual :)18:58
efgesrichter: ok I wasn't sure if maybe there wasn't a real intent of "past action" in there18:58
MacYETjust take your compass and head west from the train station18:59
srichtertarek: just print this :-)18:59
tarekok i will18:59
MacYETthis map sucks19:00
srichterbut the descriptions are detailed, so it will hopefully work for me :-)19:00
tarekso your there wen. night srichter?19:00
MacYETsend your gps coordinates and we'll find u :)19:01
srichterI will be there for lunch already :-)19:01
MacYETsrichter: when do you arrive in STG?19:02
srichterI am leaving in about 5.5 hours to the airport19:02
srichter11:50 tomorrow morning19:02
srichterwith Air France from PAris19:02
tarekwhere you coming from ?19:02
MacYETtoo late ...I'll drop of my friend tomorrow morning )19:02
srichtertarek: boston19:02
tarekoh ok, long run19:03
MacYETtake some warm cloth with you :)19:03
srichterok, I was planning on bringing my winter coat after I froze my butt off last year in Munich19:04
MacYETgood choice19:04
tarekMacYET: i have a "before-taste" here in Dijon (burgundy)19:04
MacYETdon#t forget your life's raining cats and dogs19:04
srichtermmh, reminds me of Germany... rain19:06
*** mgedmin has joined #zope3-dev19:06
srichterwe have awesome, awesome weather in Boston19:06
*** MJ has quit IRC19:11
*** elbixio has joined #zope3-dev19:20
*** projekt01 has quit IRC19:20
*** projekt01 has joined #zope3-dev19:21
*** sashav has joined #zope3-dev19:21
*** MacYET has left #zope3-dev19:23
elbixiohi all. i'm trying to create a vocabulary from a list object containing unicode strings, but i get this error message:19:24
elbixioUnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe1' in position 8: ordinal not in range(128)19:24
elbixioi think it's because this string: u"Apán"19:25
elbixiohow could i fix this?19:25
projekt01elbixio, try this:19:42
projekt01asciiStr = open(self.path,'rb').read()19:42
projekt01uStr = unicode(asciiStr, 'iso-8859-1')19:42
projekt01return uStr19:42
*** baldtrol has joined #zope3-dev19:44
mgedminI think I know what elbixio's problem is19:44
philiKONthe name "ascii" here is a lie19:44
mgedminbut I do not know a solution either19:44
philiKONelbixio, vocabulary terms have 3 parts:19:45
philiKON- the object that the term is representing19:45
philiKON- an ascii (7-bit!) token that uniquely identifies the term19:46
philiKON- a unicode title19:46
philiKONin your case, the object and title are probalby the same: the unicode string19:46
SteveAso, you need a function in the vocab that converts arbitrary unicode to ascii19:46
philiKONyou just need to make sure the token is ascii19:46
SteveAskipping the missing ones19:46
SteveAso, you can do this by telling the encoder to use a different error-handling strategy19:46
philiKONtoken = some_uni_code.encode('utf-7') is possible for example19:47
projekt01philiKON, good idea19:47
SteveAphiliKON: does utf-7 map to just ascii?19:48
*** elbixio has quit IRC19:48
*** vidasp has joined #Zope3-dev19:49
mgedminwhy does the token have to be ascii?19:49
*** zopepaul has joined #zope3-dev19:50
philiKONmgedmin, i guess to avoid ambiguities in web forms and such19:51
*** benji_york has quit IRC19:57
SteveAyeah, the idea is that it is something you can send in a variety of systems20:00
SteveAa "purist" approach would have you getting a view on a term for a particular view type, for the token20:01
SteveAand defining different such views for different circumstances20:01
SteveAbut, in this case, it is easier to say "it will be printable ascii"20:02
SteveAso you can email it easily, put it as a form id easily20:02
efgeformlib used to use some hex or base64 encoding for that20:03
efgeI think they changed it20:03
philiKONbase64 *is* ascii, right?20:03
efgethey changed it to have someting more readable20:03
*** zopepaul has quit IRC20:03
*** J1m has joined #zope3-dev20:06
*** dobee has joined #zope3-dev20:14
efgeI'm  not sure how multiple interfaces (IFoo and IBar) in the "for" of a <subscriber> work. Is that multi-adaptation ? When I notify(MyEvent()), what interfaces are matched to what ?20:19
J1mmultiple interfaces in for mean multi-adaptation20:20
philiKONefge, see the event chapter in my book if you have ti handy20:20
efgeok I'll dig in that. I was trying to hunt things in the source :)20:20
philiKONefge, like jim says, multiple interfaces in a subscriber directive means multi-adaption20:20
philiKONefge, for example, we have an IObjectAddedEvent20:20
J1mIf you say notify(ev), that calls a single-subscribers.20:21
philiKONif you only want to listen to IObjectAddedEvents that appply to IRecipe, you subscribe to (IObjecdtAddedEvent, IRecipe)20:21
* J1m lets philiKON explain20:21
*** tav has quit IRC20:21
philiKONinstead of just IObjectAddedEvent20:21
philiKONa dispatcher in takes care of dispatching events from IObjectEvent -> (IObjectEvent, providedBy(event.object)) so that subscriptions to e.g. (IObjectAddedEvent, IRecipe) catch on20:22
*** juka has joined #zope3-dev20:22
efgephiliKON: ah ok that last part was what I was looking for, who was dispatching20:23
efgewith multiple interfaces20:23
efgeI'll be experimenting with IObjectWillBeRemoved soon :)20:25
sidneinice how that reads: "i, 'object', will be removed!" :)20:27
philiKONlol, yeah20:28
philiKONhi sidnei btw!20:28
efgedo you guys prefer IBeforeObjectRemoval ? I liked to have just "WillBe" inserted in the middle of the name of the "after" interface20:29
J1mIs the intent to let subscribers veto or make alternate suggestions (ala action plans)?20:30
*** drzoltron_ has joined #zope3-dev20:30
drzoltron_regebro, ayt ?20:31
sidneiwas that to follow the other interfaces naming i think it would be IObjectBeforeRemove?20:32
philiKONugh, i think i b0rked zope.org20:32
philiKONwanted to upload the five 1.1 release announcement20:32
efgeJ1m: yes, although the primary intent is to be able to migrate from Zope 2 products which use manage_beforeDelete20:33
efgeand those product in effect can veto, although most of the time they just cleanup20:33
*** dobee has quit IRC20:34
baldtrolphiliKON: heh, oops :)20:34
baldtrolfix it quick and admit to nothing.  where i come from we call it "admin black ops"20:35
philiKONi can't20:35
baldtrolargh :(20:36
philiKONd2m, ping20:37
drzoltron_J1m: how's it going with my access to the svn ?20:37
*** baldtrol has left #zope3-dev20:38
J1mdrzoltron_, I didn't get any email from you20:38
drzoltron_strange, I mailed the stuff yesterday20:39
J1mwho did you mail it to?20:39
drzoltron_jim [at] zope .org ?20:39
J1mthat's not my address.20:39
J1mMy address is jim at zope.com20:39
J1mI mentioned this yesterday.20:39
drzoltron_will try again,20:40
* sidnei fears for drzoltron_ credit card number20:40
J1mYeah, don't forhet the pin. ;)20:41
drzoltron_want the 3-digit security code as well ?20:41
sidneihopefully it will be catched as spam by the other jim and ignored :)20:42
drzoltron_hehe, all those jims20:42
jukaHi all20:43
jukaAm I right with this : a catalog indexes all objects independent of its location20:43
jukaI need a catalog which only holds objects below the site it is registered in20:44
VladDrachmm I bet I want the wrong things the wrong way20:45
*** efge has quit IRC20:45
VladDracbut the fact that formlib hardcoded assumes the data is in self.context makes things slightly harder for me20:45
* VladDrac wants formlib to operate on another object than self.context20:45
drzoltron_J1m: mail sent, this time to the right jim, hopefully ;)20:46
J1mVladDrac, note that formlib is also a set o api functions.  You could lay the classes out differently if you chose.  Why don't you want to use context?20:48
J1mjuka, catalogs only catalog the objects in their site.20:48
jukaI got a different result20:48
J1mphiliKON, are you watching any irc channel but this one? ;)20:48
VladDracjim imagine I want to use formlib to create an email form20:48
VladDracthat doesn't mutate some zodb object but in stead sends mail20:49
philiKONJ1m, #zope #zope3-dev #z3-base #plone #silva #kupu20:49
philiKONJ1m, why?20:49
J1mDid you see my kupu question in #kupu? :)20:49
philiKONnow i did :)20:50
*** tziade has joined #zope3-dev20:50
J1mdrzoltron_, you should be all set now.20:51
J1mYou should get email with instructions for uploading your keys20:51
drzoltron_J1m: very nice, thanx alot, will commit my beginner code soon ;)20:51
J1mThanks alot for contributing.20:52
*** faassen has quit IRC20:52
*** tarek has quit IRC20:52
jukaJ1m, I have a catalog in my own site and a IntId utility in the root20:53
drzoltron_J1m. I thank you ;)20:53
J1mjuka, yes20:54
jukaMy catalog receives also object which I create in the top folder20:54
VladDracanyway, the form would be some view on top of some object that doesn't directly provide the data for the fields or handle the values through attributes20:54
philiKONVladDrac, that's still possible20:55
philiKONVladDrac, who says the thing you're getting a form view for is a persistent zodb object?20:55
jukaWhen I look at the code in there is nothing in the event handlers which prevents an object from being indexed20:55
philiKONVladDrac, could just be an object created on the fly to hold the email data20:55
J1mjuka, that's very odd.  I don't know why that would be.20:55
J1mjuka, the catalogs chosen depends on where the event originates.20:56
VladDracphil well I didn't say it's a persistent object, formlib just assumes that the form operates on self.context on which you get/set attributes20:56
J1mThe URL ultimately determins which site is active.20:57
VladDracphil I've been thinking of providing a dummy object to provide/store data20:57
J1mjuka, when you catalogged a root object, was it from the URL in the catalog's site?20:57
VladDracI'm currently wondering how that fits in my zcml configuration20:57
philiKONVladDrac, well, views are adapters, so of course they operate on self.context20:57
VladDracI'm used to zope3 creating objects (through addform)20:57
philiKONVladDrac, the question is just which object you're adapting/viewing20:57
VladDracthat makes sense20:58
philiKONJ1m, does formlib also adapt to the schema if the object doesn't provide the form schema?20:58
jukaJ1m, I create the object in the ZMI20:58
VladDracI think I'm perhaps abusing the form/view is an adapter concept a bit too much -20:59
philiKONVladDrac, the "old" framework has a neat feature that you can "abuse" here21:00
philiKONVladDrac, when you're viewing a form for an object that doesn't provide the form schema, it adapts the object to that schema21:00
VladDracthe real case here is that I'm actually modifying sqlobjects that don't really exist in zope3 space21:00
philiKONVladDrac, that adapter could be your "dummy" object21:00
VladDracphil hmm21:00
philiKONso, you wouldn't ahve to worry about creating it even21:00
philiKONwhatever "zope 3 space" is21:00
J1mphiliKON, yes21:00
philiKONJ1m, k, thanks21:01
philiKONVladDrac, so, jim just tells me that formlib also has that adapting feature21:01
J1mphiliKON, at least for edit forms.21:01
philiKONenough for me21:01
* J1m hasn't looked at formlib in a few weeks. :)21:01
VladDracinteresting, I'm gonna play with this21:01
VladDracafter dinner :)21:01
VladDracthanks for the help21:01
philiKONand i'm goin' to bed21:01
philiKONVladDrac, if you want an example of this feature, look at the registration framework21:02
drzoltron_philiKON: already ? the night is young !21:02
philiKONVladDrac, local utilities have this registration form21:02
J1mphiliKON,  is much further east than drzoltron_21:02
jukaJ1m, I see in : zapi.getAllUtilitiesRegisteredFor(ICatalog) should only return utilities from the root if the object is in the root folder21:02
philiKONVladDrac, it's all the same on all local utilities21:02
philiKONdrzoltron_, i'm on Peking time21:02
J1mjuka, exactly21:02
jukaWill have a deeper look at it, thanks21:02
J1mor more specifically, if the current site is the root folder21:03
drzoltron_philiKON: which is what ? 4 in the morning ?21:03
philiKONVladDrac, but it's still an editform, for="*", but schema="...IRegistratinoForm" or whatever21:03
*** tiredbones has joined #zope3-dev21:03
J1mIt's not about the object, it's about the current site.21:03
drzoltron_RegistratinoForm sounds very italian to me :=21:03
philiKONVladDrac, so, there's an adapter that actually interprets the results of the registration form (it would be useless to set the values on the local utlity as attributes, obviously)21:03
philiKONdrzoltron_, 2 am21:03
*** baldtrol has joined #zope3-dev21:03
jukaJ1m, but the current site should depend on the location of the object created21:04
J1mGenerally, yes21:06
J1mBut that21:06
J1mBut that's really up to the application/21:06
J1mThe site is set (by default) during url traversal.21:07
*** efge has joined #zope3-dev21:08
jukaWhat I did is just using ZMI to see what the catalog is doing, there is only zope code involved21:08
*** whit|out has quit IRC21:09
jukaI already used the site machinery in one of my applications and it did what you told me21:09
jukaAs i said, will have a second look at it, thanks21:09
jukaJ1m, found the solution, I need to define a IntId utility in my new site21:12
jukaIf I use the one from the root I get all objects21:12
*** MJ has joined #zope3-dev21:13
J1mjuka, I just:21:20
J1m- Created an intid util in the root21:20
J1m- Created a site under the root21:20
J1m- Added a catalog to the site, with a text index21:20
J1m- Added a zpt page to the site, it got indexes as expected21:21
J1m- Added a zpt page to the root, it didn't get indexed -- as I expected it wouldn't be.21:21
jukaactuall I don't know whats wrong, but it seems to be on my side21:22
*** baldtrol has left #zope3-dev21:23
*** vidasp has quit IRC21:25
*** tiredbones has quit IRC21:28
*** tiredbones has joined #zope3-dev21:28
*** philiKON has quit IRC21:29
*** juka has left #zope3-dev21:31
*** alga has quit IRC21:33
*** whit has joined #zope3-dev21:38
*** alga has joined #zope3-dev21:51
*** baldtrol has joined #zope3-dev21:53
*** whit has quit IRC22:01
*** juka has joined #zope3-dev22:01
*** Aiste has quit IRC22:03
jukaJ1m, after creating a fresh database my catalogs work as expected22:04
jukathanks for the help22:04
*** zbir has quit IRC22:05
J1mnp :)22:06
jukaBut, there's always a but, when I reindex the catalog it will index all objects which intid util contains !22:06
J1mI wonder what was going on.22:06
jukaAnd that's clear if u look at the code in catalog.py22:06
J1mah, good point!22:06
jukawhen reindexing all objects contained in intid util are indexed22:06
J1mThat should be reported as a missfeature, at least, if not a bug.22:06
*** whit has joined #zope3-dev22:07
jukasee updateIndexes22:07
*** tiredbones has quit IRC22:07
J1mI know exactly what you are talking about.22:08
jukaThis can be avoided if u use a separate intid util in the site, IMHO22:10
J1mI still consider it to be a missfeature. :)22:11
*** zbir has joined #zope3-dev22:20
*** zbir has joined #zope3-dev22:21
*** benji_york has joined #zope3-dev22:24
*** ignas has quit IRC22:24
*** lunatik has joined #zope3-dev22:25
*** mkerrin has quit IRC22:26
*** srichter has quit IRC22:26
*** juka has left #zope3-dev22:29
*** efge has quit IRC22:30
*** lunatik has left #zope3-dev22:30
*** alga has quit IRC22:30
*** J1m has quit IRC22:31
*** jukart has joined #zope3-dev22:32
*** J1m has joined #zope3-dev22:33
*** jukart has left #zope3-dev22:37
* VladDrac 's trying some reall odd stuff22:37
VladDraclet's see if zope3 and I understand each other22:38
*** mgedmin has quit IRC22:41
VladDrachmm guess not22:43
*** dobee has joined #zope3-dev22:44
drzoltron_VladDrac: whats wrong ?22:48
*** srichter has joined #zope3-dev23:01
VladDracI want my zope3 object to return (non-contained) objects through traversal23:01
VladDraci.e. my object is /foo/bar, I want it to have a hook so that /foo/bar/x will create an object and return that instead of some subobject/contained object 'x'23:02
VladDracI hoped that implementing ITraversable would do23:02
VladDracbut I guess not :)23:02
J1mIs this via url? Or internal (e.g. zpt) path?23:03
VladDracI might know what's wrong23:04
VladDrachmm no23:04
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o srichter23:05
VladDracIBrowserPublisher is what I need I guess23:12
*** dobee has quit IRC23:14
J1mso, for URL, you need to provide an adapter from the the object and request to IPublishTraverse.23:14
J1mURL and internal path traversal have different rules.23:14
VladDracfor internal traversal I'd need ITraversable?23:15
J1mI don't use this very often so I always have to look it up. :)23:20
VladDrachmm zope3 doesn't like my subobject23:20
VladDracTypeError: ('Could not adapt', <z3domaintool.browser.contactpage.ContactFormData object at 0xb6818fec>, <InterfaceClass>)23:20
*** deo has joined #zope3-dev23:22
*** tvon has joined #zope3-dev23:25
*** dobee has joined #zope3-dev23:30
*** dobee has quit IRC23:39
VladDracok slowly getting something working now23:40
*** drzoltron_ has quit IRC23:43
*** palmTree has joined #zope3-dev23:53
*** niemeyer is now known as nie_away23:53

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