IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-10-05

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VladDracis there an easy way to check if any of the interfaces implemented by an object provide a specific attribute?00:14
VladDraclike name in ISomeInterface.names() without explicitly refering to the interface00:14
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benji_yorkVladDrac, I think there is, but can't make time right now :(00:18
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projekt01benji_york, are you working on a windows box?01:15
benji_yorklinux and windows01:15
projekt01Do you have also a dualmodechannel problem on windows with the z3 server?01:16
benji_yorkI'm not familure with the "dualmodechannel problem"01:17
benji_yorkwhat do you mean?01:17
projekt01I get all the time such messages in the Dos box:
projekt01Do you know what this means?01:19
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benji_yorkI have seen it before, but it's been quite a while and don't remember :(  what are you doing when you see it01:20
projekt01Nothing special just call a page and they get returned correctly01:20
benji_yorkhmm, sorry I don't have any ideas01:21
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runyagawhy on fscking earth does zope3 insert base href?!?!?!01:55
* runyaga frowns02:01
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projekt01runyaga, there are some discussion about to remove BASE href insertion and use a different concept.02:29
runyagaits stupid02:29
projekt01runyaga, btw, this happens only if you don't define it in the template02:30
runyagai dont want base at all02:30
runyagano one wants to define it02:30
projekt01I agree, I run into some bugs because of that.02:30
runyagazope is the only system in the world that even cares about it02:30
runyagawhats hilarious is02:30
runyagaits not hilarious02:31
runyagaits just fucking wrong02:31
runyagaexcuse my language02:31
projekt01I guess it has to do with some traversal stuff where is solved with this concept.02:31
runyagano its not02:31
runyagai think its so you can use those stupid :method, :list02:31
runyagaconventions in forms02:31
projekt01Could be02:32
runyagai mean..02:32
runyagadamn i wish i would have hit this problem before 3.102:32
runyagai guess i could just check in the fixes02:32
runyagaredirect and __insertBase dont even USE self.getBase02:33
runyagawhy even have that method?!02:33
projekt01but __insertBase is not allways called02:33
runyagaas faulkner says "its further than crazy"02:34
runyagaclass LSTechBrowserResponse(BrowserResponse):02:36
runyaga    def getBase(self):02:36
runyaga        return ''02:36
runyaga    def setBase(self, *args):02:36
runyaga        pass02:36
runyaga    _base = property(getBase, setBase)02:36
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projekt01runyaga, did you see the BrowserDefaultTests tests in
runyagano i got my problem solved02:51
projekt01runyaga, the __insertBase has to do withe the setDefaultViewName02:52
runyagai will write that on my to look at list02:52
projekt01The default view forces to traverses to a view.02:53
projekt01I'm not sure if in this case the base url is needed, but if so you are not able to insert a correct base url because of the implicit (default view) traverse hook02:55
projekt01I guess z3 does insert a base url because of, there is no other way to provide a correct base url with the "default view name" hook. But I'm not sure ;-)02:57
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projekt01srichter, ayt?03:02
projekt01J1m, ayt?03:05
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projekt01kaczordek, hi04:43
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niemeyer_Damd firewall05:10
sidneiwassup nimz05:11
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fabiorizzohi people05:55
fabiorizzohow i solve this error type: TypeError("Could not adapt", obj, self) ?05:56
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VladDracfabiorizzo: by creating an adapter to adapt from a to b :)11:10
VladDracI refactored my IBrowserPublisher supprt into an adapter11:12
VladDracand now it won't adapt anymore :(11:12
* VladDrac drops the adapter11:15
VladDracI really would not know how to debug this11:15
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SteveAVladDrac: what do you have?13:39
VladDracsteve I wanted to refactor my class's IBrowserPublisher support into an adapter13:40
VladDracbut for some reason zope3 doesn't try to adapt my class (it just gives notfound)13:40
VladDracI've given up on it, and undone de refactoring13:41
J1mWas this a single adapter or a multiadapter?13:42
J1mThat's your problem.13:42
J1mAs I told you last night, this should adapt the object and the request.13:42
VladDracah ok13:45
J1mGenerally, you should expect anything having to do with presentation to adapt the request. :)13:46
SteveAthe whole thing is very "grammatical" in a way13:47
SteveA "traverse myobject as appropriate for this request"13:48
VladDracsorry, after all this hacking, my brain still hasn't transformed itself into a zope3 component :)13:49
SteveAin a language with rich cases, "myobject" would be accusative while "request" would be dative or instrumentive13:49
SteveAVladDrac: does dutch have cases?13:50
VladDracI think you mean something like "onderwerp" and "leidend voorwerp"13:52
VladDracbut I'm not sure :)13:52
VladDracI'm not to good in english grammar terminology13:52
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faassenSteveA: dutch doesn't have grammatical cases for nouns, if you mean that.14:16
faassenSteveA: not like lithuanian which has a zillion. German has cases, right?14:17
faassenSteveA: oh, right, accusative and dative and genetive (acquisition! :)14:17
SteveAyeah, german has cases14:21
SteveAthe nominative, accusative, genetive and dative, iirc14:21
faassenyeah, I just had to synch up with the english terms for these grammatical thingies.14:21
faassennominative, genetive, dative and accusative tends to be the way they're ordered in the tables. :)14:21
philiKONSteveA, right, not in that order though14:21
philiKONfaassen, correct14:21
faassenan auf hinter neben in uber unter vor zwichen14:21
philiKONthe order is the latin order14:21
faassenright, I use the standard order. :)14:22
philiKONthose are all dative :)14:22
faassenoh, I didn't remember that. :)14:22
faassenbut I remember that thing..14:22
faassenmit nach bei zeit ..something..14:22
philiKONhehe, yes, it's funny how you remember those sayings14:22
faassenI told Felicia last night she should be glad she's learning Dutch, not German, and gave the cases as the
faassento prove it. :)14:24
j-wfaassen: I bet you didn't touch the topics of tussen-n, kofschip etc. yet ;)14:24
faassenyes, we did touch kofschip in fact.14:24
faassenas I actually did verbal conjucations.14:25
faassenhet kofschip.14:25
faassenI don't know what tussen-n is. is that one of those newfangled thingies?14:25
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regebrodrzoltron: Hi!15:19
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drzoltronregebro: hi16:52
drzoltron(sorry in a meeting)16:52
drzoltronregebro: just wanted to comment on your zope2 <> zope3 thing16:52
regebroAlright, shoot. :)16:52
drzoltronyour headline said: zope2 vs zope2 ;)16:53
drzoltronah you changed it ?16:53
drzoltronno it's still there:16:53
drzoltronI see  many questions on the differences between Zope 3 and Zope 3 on mailing lists. Here is a short attempt to answer some of the most common ones.16:53
regebroNo, but I see now in the textthat it sais Zoe 3 vs Zope316:53
regebroThe headline I would have noticed. :)16:54
drzoltronthought you had a hotdog on your screen ;P16:56
drzoltronnot a big problem16:56
efgeproblem is, there are many differences between zope 3 and zope 3 :) so many versions...16:56
drzoltronbut disturbed me a little16:56
drzoltronefge: exactly16:56
drzoltronthought at first regebro made a live diff utilizing XUL ;)16:57
drzoltronhave to run16:58
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_projekt01srichter, are you arrived?17:08
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andresAgain i have a question: I have a Choice Interface with possibilities realised through vocabularys. Is it possible to set the prevuriously selected <option> as selected?17:13
andresIs the question clear enough?17:14
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srichterandres: the standard widgets should already do that17:20
andreshm. Then i have a bug in my vocabulary...17:21
srichteronly if it produces different keys for different call times17:27
baldtroldoes anyone have a suggestion on where to read up on the event dispatch machinery, esp redispatching of events?  or is that a 'documentation is the source code' kind of thing? :)17:28
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jukartJ1m, ayt18:10
jukartshould I put a bug in the collector for the catalog reindex problem ?18:11
jukartor a missfeature :)18:13
J1mYou pick. :)18:13
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d2mwhat is the [Refresh] button on the objects Metadata-view is made for ? it works identical to the [Save] button19:27
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srichterrefresh *should* reset your input data19:33
d2mit does not19:33
d2mit saves instead19:33
srichterok, then this is a bug19:33
srichterplease report or even fix it :-)19:33
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electricSqrlwhere can i find my zope3 content objects in "app" when i do a zopectl debug?19:43
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efgelist(app.keys()) lists them19:47
efgeapp['somename'] gets one19:47
smno app.objectValues() in z3 ?19:47
electricSqrlAttributeError: 'Debugger' object has no attribute 'keys'19:47
electricSqrli must be retarded, but i'll dig deeper :)19:47
efgesm app.values() , like dicts19:47
efgeelectricSqrl: then app is not the root object19:48
efgeI don't know what names are available in z3 debug19:48
J1mSee doc/DEBUG.txt.19:48
J1mapp is a Debugger object.19:48
J1mUse it's root() method to get the root object.19:49
J1m*That* object is a mapping object.19:49
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electricSqrland the magic peels away... thanks J1m...19:59
electricSqrl>>> root[u'Zultan'].values()[0].values()[0]19:59
electricSqrl<zwiki.comment.Comment object at 0xb6a9a22c>19:59
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smthere you go.. now you can probably use del to delete that dictionary entry20:02
smI'd use [thekey] instead of values()[n], it's a little clearer20:03
electricSqrlagreed on the clarity :)20:03
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smthen I expect you can do >>> del root['Zultan']['PageId']['Commentid20:05
electricSqrlhmmm... root[u'Zultan'].keys()20:05
electricSqrlOut[11]: <OOBTreeItems object at 0xb6c70cf0>20:05
electricSqrli thought zope3 containers must be id'd by unicode strings...20:05
smok, u'' if needed20:06
SteveAargh... the debug stuff is tightly coupled to the zodb.  i have hacked around this in launchpad, but i'd like to do better.20:06
smhmm, if keys are not strings perhaps your values()[0] way is best20:06
electricSqrlso SteveA, do you know how i can delete an object on the inside?  (del doesnt work)20:06
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smdel root[u'Zultan'].values()[0].values()[0]20:08
electricSqrlyeah, i tried that... TypeError: object doesn't support item deletion20:08
smah. :)20:08
electricSqrlmy crash course in zodb...20:08
electricSqrli can see the damn thing, i just cant delete it20:10
smI'm surprised you couldn't undo the adding of it20:11
J1mSteveA, I'd like to redo the debugger in terms of WSGI20:11
J1mIt's on my to-do list, but my to-do list is pretty long atm.20:11
SteveAsounds interesting20:12
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nederhoedVladDrac: busy?21:03
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nederhoedHello, I have plans for a simple FreeMind mindmap product for Zope3 does that sound interesting to anyone?21:12
nederhoedmaybe I should say "thoughts about" instead of plans :)21:12
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tekNiconederhoed: here's a thought.21:19
tekNiconederhoed: mind maps are usually hierarchical, and therefore too limited to reach their goal.21:21
tekNiconederhoed: the original "concept map" concept seems more useful, and generally applicable.21:21
tekNiconederhoed: I have a few more links to recommend, if you are interested... :-)21:22
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tekNiconederhoed: well, two will suffice:21:24
nederhoedmerci, I'll check them out21:25
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