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jintyhoi srichter, more zpkg issues for z3 trunk from the schooltool nightly build...10:45
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__mac__hi, is it possible to use the catalog to query all objects which implement a given interface?14:29
VladDracit is14:31
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VladDracI think14:32
VladDraccan't remember if I actually managed to do so14:32
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VladDracsorry can't really confirm that it works14:39
zagynot cool ;)14:39
VladDracbut you should be able to introspect what interfaces you implement and index them14:39
zagyprobably as dotted names, right?14:40
zagyI mean indexing the instances would be silly14:40
srichterphiliKON: so are you going to finish the zpkgtools work you started in a branch?14:40
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VladDraczagy don't know if that's silly14:41
VladDracas long as the catalog/index can index/compare them14:42
* zagy ponders14:42
zagywe'll try something14:48
zagythanks VladDrac :)14:48
VladDrac    def getType(self):14:52
VladDrac        """ return those interfaces that extend ICubicContent """14:52
VladDrac        return [inf.unwrap() for inf in providedBy(self.context) if inf.extends(ICubicContent)]14:52
VladDracthat's what I did I guess ;)14:52
VladDracwith the following index14:53
VladDrac          ('type', 'getType', ISearchableType, 1, FieldIndex),14:53
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VladDracso it does work, hurray :)14:55
zagywe'll try that, thank you :)14:57
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__mac__VladDrac: from where do you import providedBy?15:44
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__mac__thx srichter16:05
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__mac__VladDrac: your example almost worked: we had to use providedBy(self.context).interfaces() and inf.getName()16:06
VladDracmac the code I showed is a couple of months old16:10
VladDracdunno if anything in zope3 changed, but I assume it once worked for me this way as well :)16:10
VladDracwith indexing pure interfaces, not strings16:11
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* mgedmin stares in wonder at @apply in zope.testbrowser.browser19:26
srichteryeah, I am not sure I like this use of decorators either; it seems dubious19:27
srichtermuch more effort and less readability for using a new feature19:28
srichterI do like @property for read-only properties though19:28
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benjisrichter, I'd be interested in discussing the use of decorators in testbrowser if you wish (or ignore you if you don't :)19:35
benjimgedmin, do you stare because of confusion or awe?  :)19:35
srichterbenji: I just realize that I would not prefer it this way19:36
srichterbenji: I accept your choice there, otherwise I would have changed it already ;-)19:36
mgedminbenji, I think it is either insanely great, or insanely crazy19:36
mgedminI'm not sure which :-)19:36
benjimgedmin, I'll take either19:36
tarekgreatly crazy19:36
J1m_The @apply hack is better than the alternative,19:36
* mgedmin just hooked up mechanize and zope.testbrowser.browser to functionally test a roundup instance19:36
srichterwell, I like the alternative a little bit better19:37
srichterI guess the advantage of @ apply is that it does not leave useless methods around in the class19:37
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smnice, mgedmin19:39
benjimgedmin, I'm confused about what you have done; testbrowser already uses mechanize and can access arbitrary web sites (see over_the_wire.txt)19:39
mgedminall I have done is learned how to use what already exists19:41
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mgedmin(without depending on zope.schema/zope.interface/other chunks of zope)19:42
benjimgedmin, so you followed over_the_wire.txt?19:42
mgedminnot quite19:45
benjiwhy not?19:46
mgedminI needed a script to find a bunch of *.txt files, load them, muck with pythonpath to make mechanize available, start the roundup demo server in the background, run the doctests with unittest, then kill the background server19:46
mgedminso I wrote one19:46
mgedminand since I liked zope.testbrowser.browser.Browser better than mechanize.Browser (nice properties, etc.)19:47
mgedminso I had to figure out how to get that one without importing half of Zope 3 into our local project repository19:47
mgedmin(which was: comment out all mentions of interfaces)19:48
mgedmintherefore the reading of zope/testbrowser/ and goggling at @apply decorators19:48
mgedminbrightened up my day19:48
benjithere is a doctest that explains how to do that without touching the testbrowser code (testbrowser is useable without the rest of Zope 3)19:48
mgedminis it?  it imports zope.interface unconditionally19:49
benjinext time you need brightening I have more code you can ready19:49
mgedminI also liked the any() function ;-)19:49
mgedminis there an obfuscated Python code contest?19:49
benjiyep, see... wait for it.... over_the_wire.txt19:50
mgedmin(I saw it)19:50
mgedminI think we're misunderstanding each other19:50
mgedminby "without the rest of Zope 3" I meant "without having modules in my PYTHONPATH"19:51
mgedminnot "without using the Z3 publisher infrastructure directly"19:51
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benjimgedmin, ok that makes more sense, I've been wanting to make a simple distribution with the required parts (zope.interfaces, etc.) included20:00
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* mgedmin dreams about zpkgtools and python eggs converging and becoming automatically built Ubuntu packages20:01
srichterbenji: it's a matter of 15 mins, if DEPENDENCIES.cfg and SETUP.cfg are setup ;-)20:01
benjisrichter, 15 for someone who knows how to do it (which isn't me) :)20:02
srichtermgedmin: I think there will be some drive to create eggs using zpkgtools20:02
benjiI saw where someone already started on that, so that's good20:02
srichterbenji: just copy the ZopeInterface release directry, change some of the info and you should be done20:02
srichtermgedmin: isn't jinty also working on this type of stuff?20:03
* mgedmin doesn't know20:04
jintyin my dreams;) if I had the time20:04
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tareksrichter, ayt ?21:25
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srichtertarek: yep21:32
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tareksrichter, yes so i located the problem of #481, it's an issue with I need to dig it more, to learn how BuffedStream works but I have a workaround for
tarekcalling readlines() instead of read() works fine21:45
srichterok, so that;s a twisted bug, we should add it to their bug collector and use read() for now21:45
tarekread() always sends '' when using readExactly api21:46
agroszerare local utilities persistent?21:47
agroszerbut globals not?21:47
agroszerI'm asking, because I'm a little bit confused about how zope.wfmc and ecm.workflow are cooperating21:48
srichtersprry, I know nothing about ecm.workflow21:49
agroszerI'm also just trying to understand21:50
agroszerit does a "provideUtility(pd, IProcessDefinition,"21:50
agroszerso that should be a global utility21:51
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srichteryou do this to register the process definition as a utility (global that is(21:51
srichterI think some ZCML directive does this automatically21:51
agroszernow I'm wondering, because after I shut+restart Z3, the definition is still there21:52
agroszerlist(getAllUtilitiesRegisteredFor(IProcessDefinition)) returns them21:52
srichterwhere is the provideUtility call made?21:53
agroszerjust a sec21:53
tareksrichter, the problem is, the zope.publisher.xmlrpc doctest passes just fine with the bug (??) we have a problem there to properly simulate rpc calls21:53
srichterwell, note that functional tests do not use the server21:54
agroszerwill be a lengthy description...21:54
srichterthey send their stuff to the publisher directly21:54
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agroszerI have an Application class (something like schoolbell's), it implements IReadContainer, IPossibleSite, IAttributeAnnotatable21:55
tarekso i guess i'll just go for that fix, w/o adding a test21:56
agroszerthere is an event subscriber for .interfaces.IApplication
srichtertarek: yeah, in this case it is ok I think21:57
srichteragroszer: note that the provideUtility call above is usually done from ZCML21:57
agroszerin the subscriber method I convert the app object to site, then add the WorkflowUtility, which contains the ProcessDefinitionRegistry21:57
srichterI bet you one of the directives you have ssets it up already21:57
agroszerstill in the subscriber I do addProcessDefinitionFromXpdl('z:/ecmdemo.xpdl')21:58
srichterok, that is a local utility call21:58
agroszerI see21:59
agroszerso that's why it is persistent21:59
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agroszerwait a sec22:00
agroszerin zope.component.provideUtility it calls for getGlobalSiteManager()22:01
srichterdoes addProcessDefinitionFromXpdl call provideUtility? I doubt it22:02
agroszerbut it does22:03
srichterok, then I don;t know22:03
srichteryou have to ask one of the ECM developers22:03
srichterlike Jean-Marc or Roger22:03
agroszerin fact Julien wrote in a mail that I can't keep the process def's persistent...22:04
agroszerI'll reply him22:04
agroszeranyway, thanks for your help22:04
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agroszeris there any way to un-provide a utility?22:09
srichternot globally22:10
srichterrestart should work22:10
srichterlocally you can delete the ZODB of course, to get a new slate22:11
agroszerI'm thinking about how to manage the process definitions... I mean add/modify/delete22:12
srichtervia ZCML22:12
srichteryou should not allow users to edit workflows22:12
agroszersorry, no way, it must be user defined22:13
srichterthen you are guaranteed that your system will not work for a day22:13
agroszerI cannot pre-define the workflows22:13
srichterin this case you have to write persistent workflow definitions from scratch22:14
srichter(including workflow definitions)22:14
srichter(including all the edit screens)22:14
srichterthis is a lot of work and you should really re-evaluate your requirements22:15
srichteryou could , of course, also allow people to just upload XPDL files to the database and have a subscriber register them globally at startup22:16
agroszerI know that it is hell lot, that's why I wanted to use ecm.workflow/zope.wfmc22:16
srichterhowever, I think this is a recipe for disaster22:16
srichterbecause you interact with the workflow via applications22:16
agroszeryes, this is a still a big hole in my plans22:16
srichterthose applications have to be written in Python and if you cannot predefine the workflwo, you can also only hardly define the applications22:17
agroszermy app is a document management app22:17
srichterI really do not know what ecm.workflow does, so I cannot say anything about them22:17
agroszerthat's why the workflow should be user defined22:18
srichterthe workflow in a given company is almost always well-defined22:18
srichterI disagree22:18
agroszerthey decide on site what to do, and there are not always gurus there to hack zcml22:18
srichtera workflow is a very complex data structure and there is no way the average Joe can modify this22:18
srichteryou will corrupt the entire application in no-time22:19
srichterediting ZCML is a lot easier than editing a workflow22:19
srichteryou could only provide a very limited set of operations for users22:20
srichterbut that means a lot of code development22:20
agroszersurely, for the first time they won't get the mercedes :-)22:20
srichterok, so you need to start writing local process definition utilities first22:21
srichterthen edit screens for them22:21
srichterand then specific edit screens for your use case22:21
agroszerin fact everything what's there in zope.wfmc22:22
agroszerbut instead of using (local) utilities I have to provide a sort of process registry22:22
agroszerwhich is of course persistently stored22:23
agroszersomething like that22:24
srichterno you need to make process definitions persistent22:24
srichterthe process definition registry is just the local utility resgistry22:24
agroszeryes, of course22:24
agroszermissed that22:24
agroszerdoes Roger and/or the guys from z3ecm come online here on IRC?22:26
srichterroger is projekt0122:27
srichterthe Nuxeo guys are resularly here as well22:27
tarekjulien and florent have left a while ago22:27
tarekjulien == anguenot, florent == efge22:28
agroszerI see, I'll try to catch them22:28
agroszerthank you very much22:28
srichteryou are welcome22:29
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mphow do I specify default field date to be now?22:36
srichterI think you have to do this manually22:37
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