IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2005-11-05

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benjisrichter, AYT?00:40
srichterbenji: pong00:41
benjiearlier today you referred to "the ZopeInterface release directry"; where would that be?00:41
srichterand you also need to create the ZopeTestBrowser.cfg00:43
srichterthe SchoolTool repository has also some examples00:43
benjisrichter, is there a "makeing a ZopeInterface release" document I can read somewhere? (I've made my files for zope.testbrowser, I just need to know how to actually generate the package)00:50
srichteraehm, no, but let me check STRelaionship00:53
srichterbenji: see
srichterthis is my STRelationship-test.py00:55
srichterespecially interesting are the commoand line calls00:55
benjiok, thanks00:56
srichteractually, all you need is zpkg -C ZopeTestBrowser.cfg00:56
srichter-x allows you to exclude a dependency from being packaged00:57
srichter(but there is no a cfg fiel option for this too)00:57
benjisrichter, any clue what "unknown resource: ZopeTestbrowser" means?01:00
srichtercan you checkin what you have?01:01
benjisrichter, done01:02
srichterI think the default collection is wrong01:03
benjiwhat should it be?01:05
srichterhold on, I am looking01:05
srichterah, you have not extended the file01:05
srichteryep, that was it01:07
srichterI get a tar ball to build01:07
srichterok, committed01:08
benjihmm, the generated tar doesn't have any of the testbrowser code in it :(01:21
benjiI don't have time to work on this now, I'll talke to you later srichter01:21
srichtersee ya later01:21
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mpzope3 lacks "standard library" documentation01:36
mpreally badly01:36
mpapidoc might do, but it should be heavily improved01:36
srichterhow so?01:37
srichterthose type of comments are very dumb01:37
srichterplease tell me what you do not like and I consider changing apidoc to satisfy your requests01:38
srichtermany people really like apidoc01:38
srichternote that it is already a thousand times better than anything you could ever generate with epydoc or similar01:38
srichter(I'll note that I have incorporated any changes that were suggested until now)01:40
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mpit's just worse than php library docs.. also, I end up reading zope source code often. reading source code is educating - source code is good and readable... but, you know, there is still difference between j2se api docs and apidoc.01:40
mpdoes zope apidoc support references (links) do other parts of documentation?01:41
mplike @see
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srichterit has links wherever it is sensible01:42
srichterit has the README.txt files compiled to a book structure01:42
srichter(note that all of APIDOC is autogenerated from existing information)01:42
mpalso, even if apidoc (as a code) is good, there are too few comments, esp with examples01:42
srichterThere are examples in the book README.txt files01:43
mpapidoc is (among other things) generated from comments in code01:43
srichterunfortunately we have not yet wroitten those for all modules, since we started using doctests later01:44
srichterit is generated from doc strings01:44
srichterbut not comments, which would make no sense01:44
srichterok, I gotta go; please send me a detailed E-mail with suggestions to the list01:44
mpwell, I'm just observing myself as I'm learning zope - things are pretty easy and straightforward, but getting them to work for the first time takes too long01:44
srichterdid you read the two books?01:45
mpok, I meant docstrings not comments...01:45
srichterand the other primers?01:45
mpnope, I did not read books, I've read docs available online01:45
srichterwell, tough luck for you01:45
srichterI cannot help you then01:45
srichteryou should read the books01:45
srichterthey get you started really well01:46
mpjust my 0.02$, based my experience with java and php, as a person that usually at some point gets to do what I wanted to do ;)01:47
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mphow do I use name chooser? how do I implement name chooser?15:45
srichterif you look at APIDOC you see that INameChooser is implemented by bugtracker.tracker.BugTrackerNameChooser15:47
srichterso there is your example15:47
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smmorning all17:55
smI think I'm seeing the 3.1 directory layout for the first time17:56
smis most of the source under Dependencies/ now ?17:56
srichterin the TAR ball it is17:56
srichterbut if you install it, it looks as usual17:56
srichterthe distribution package does not have a working structure at all (on purpose)17:57
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smI see.. thanks srichter17:57
srichteryou are welcome18:03
srichternote that every package in the Dependencies directory will become eventually its own distributed package18:04
srichterlike an EGG18:04
smstill a bit confused.. how I get back ?18:05
srichteronce you do make install it should be in the bin directory18:05
srichteronce you do "make install" it should be in the bin directory18:05
smapparently not :/18:06
smit's left in zopeskel18:06
srichterahh, you also have to create the instance18:06
srichterbecause the utilities (executables) are only created for each instance18:06
srichterthe idea is that you can test the installation, but not run it18:07
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yotasrichter: hi :)18:20
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yotasrichter: I have ssh_host_rsa_key file in the Zope3 trunk directoy after co18:21
yotaok it's normal, cool.18:23
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