IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-11-06

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tareksrichter, ayt ?02:00
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srichterschema-based content is pretty much broken now02:30
srichterit has not been updated in many months02:30
srichterfor 3.3 I really want to get all of this working again02:30
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tarekoh ok i see02:31
tarekdo you want me to report that bug ?02:31
* tarek don't find anything related in the collector at this time02:34
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philiKONsrichter, ayt?06:28
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baijuI have one question, can two addMenuItem 'tilte' fields same in two different products?08:03
philiKONbaiju, dunno, try it :)08:17
philiKONs/products/packages/ :)08:17
baijuI am getting an error when I installed my test product in Zope 3.208:17
baijuI used title="Comment"08:18
baijubut it is already used in zwiki08:18
baijuThere is conflict error for 'name' field in 'addform' directive08:25
philiKONso, there you go08:25
baijucan you look in to this page?08:27
philiKONso, it's a conflict08:28
philiKONchoose a different name08:28
baijubut they are two pakages? different namespaces?!08:29
baijuit will very difficult to install packages from more sources?08:35
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baijuso administrator should know ZCML very well, also package user manuals also should be corrected08:37
baijufor conflicting packages08:39
baijudeveloper cannot copy paste configuration files for new packages :)08:41
philiKONadministrators don't need to know zcml08:43
philiKONpackage developers08:43
philiKONthey need to do it08:43
baijuadministrators are actually installing packages from different sources, and they are facing these name conflicts08:45
philiKONdeployers would install them08:45
philiKONthey should have tested these packages before08:46
baijuagaint which packges? and how can they test it? probably distributors like Debian will be facing this problem in 200708:51
baijuwhen there is more packages from the great Zope3 universe08:51
baijumay be theoretical problem only :)08:52
philiKONwell, we probably might want to look into this after all08:59
philiKONbaiju, why don't you write an email to zope3-dev08:59
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baijuphiliKON, I didn't yet joined that list yet09:08
philiKONjoin :)09:09
baijuwill join now09:09
baijuthanks for your help09:09
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baijuphiliKON, ayt?10:25
baijuI just send a mail to zope3-dev list, I think the problem I said before was a bug (attached a patch)10:26
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J1moh my, multiadapter lookup is expensive.20:33
srichterJ1m: any way you can improve it?20:42
srichterJ1m: I thought it was, based on comments from Roger and the time I looked at the code20:43
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J1mI don't think I can improve it for this release.20:44
J1mIt wants yet another cache in front of it.20:45
J1mMy new adapter-lookup schema needs a cache in front of it too.20:45
J1mI suspect that the new lookup mechanism with a cache will be the ultimate answer.20:45
srichterah, so I thought you had abondened this code; so you want to work on it again?20:45
J1mI didn't abandon it, I just set it aside.20:46
J1mIt needs a cache to be fast enough.20:46
J1mI was trying to avoid that.20:46
srichterI see20:47
J1mBut I think that, with a cache it will be comparible to the current code for single-adapter lookup and probably much faster for multi-adapter lookup.20:47
J1matm, I;m looking at:20:48
J1mwhich I am going to try to fix for this release.20:48
srichteroh that one20:48
srichtercool, I am glad you are looking into this20:49
J1mI realized when working on the new lookup scheme that fixing this is not too hard.20:49
J1mAlso, it is a "breaking" fix so I want to get it in sooner rather than later.20:49
srichterJ1m: btw, on Friday, the bug day, only one bug got fixed, so we are definitely already behind (same true for Zope 2)20:49
J1mI'd prefer to delay the beta until we've made more progress on the bugs.20:50
srichterthat's what Andreas and I already agreed on too20:50
J1mI wasn't able to help on Friday.20:50
srichterI will also not create a branch until the first or second beta20:51
J1mI've acquired some commitments I hadn't planned on.20:51
srichterso that the burden on the bug fixers stays lower20:51
srichterI see20:51
srichterI can probably do some bug fixes next weekend, but I have to do some ST work (which usually reveils some bugs too of course)20:52
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