IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-11-07

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bradallenis this room an appropriate place to ask Zope3 user questions, or is it only for those developing Zope itself?00:52
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bradallenfrom glancing through the IRC archives, I can see mix of different types of questions, so I will go ahead and post. Tell me to go away if this is not the right place.00:57
bradallenIn the Zope 3 DG, ch 14, Adding Views for Content Objects00:58
bradallenthe file00:58
bradallenclass MessageDetails00:58
bradallenthere is a line which confuses me00:59
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bradallencreators = ICMFDublinCore(self.context).creators00:59
bradallenSince ICMFDublinCore is an interface, why is it being instantiated like a class?00:59
bradallenWhen I look at the source for ICMFDublinCore, I see there is no method called "creators" but there is one called "Creators"01:00
bradallenoops, I mean "Creator" not "Creators"01:01
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smbradallen: this is a good place for all zope 3 questions.. it seems quiet just now though01:27
smI'll take a stab at it01:28
sminvoking an interface class like that is how you request an adapter from some object to the interface01:29
smI believe01:29
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bradallenThanks for the reply.01:31
smalso ask srichter when he comes back, I think that is his book01:33
bradallenyes, it's his book I'm reading01:33
bradallenI have the other book on order01:33
bradallenI don't recall reading an explanation of that in the Zope 3 DG. The chapter on interfaces is very short.01:34
bradallenI couldn't find anything about it in the online help.01:35
smI just read philikon's, and it was explained there01:35
bradallenthat explains it. I'm hearing that book is complementary to the Zope 3 DG01:35
smme too01:36
smI want to read that one next01:36
smI'd rather read a 3.1 version though01:36
bradallendoes philikon's book have anything about using database adapters?01:38
bradallenthat's another thing I'm trying to figure out now.01:38
* sm checks..01:38
smno I don't think it does01:38
bradallenI'm wondering I really need to use a Zope database adapter, or whether it makes sense to just use Python to connect directly using psycopg or mysqlda01:39
bradallenthat may be a question for the mailing list01:40
smI think you do want to use a DA, to help with threading etc.01:40
bradallenokay, thanks.01:40
smcaching, etc01:40
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srichterbradallen: calling an interface is equivalent to looking up an adapter04:50
srichterthat's part of the Python Interface PEP04:50
bradallenso in this case, when we call ICMFDublinCore(self.context) we are creating an adapter to self.context? And that adapter has the same methods and attributes as the ICMFDublinCore interface?05:27
bradallenI'm still don't really understand adapters.05:27
benjibradallen, you're creating an adapter /from/ self.context to something that implements ICMFDublinCore05:29
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bradallenah, that makes a little more sense05:36
bradallenI need to go find the source for the context class to understand this better.05:37
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bradallenI'm having a bit of trouble getting Zope 3.1 to startup after installing MySQLDA.05:57
bradallenHere is transcript.log last line:05:57
bradallen    ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'package', "Couldn't import ZMySQLDA, No module named Shared.DC.ZRDB.TM")05:57
bradallenThis is similar to the error I get when I try to import ZMySQLDA from the Python interactive prompt.05:58
bradallenDoes this database adapter work with Zope 3? Maybe I should just remove it.05:58
srichteryou installed the Zope 2 database adapter05:58
bradallen(it was installed via Ubuntu's package manager)05:58
srichteryou need the Zope 3 database adapter05:58
bradallenOk, I didn't see one in my package manager. I guess I will look elsewhere for it.05:59
srichterlook at svn.zope.org06:03
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drzoltron_faassen: ayt ?15:19
faassendrzoltron_: sort of.15:25
drzoltron_faassen: good ! ;)check this:
faassendrzoltron_: heh, cool. :)15:27
srichteruuh, this is a nice logo15:28
srichteris that copyrighted? :-)15:28
drzoltron_faassen: discovered it recently on a bike trip with my son ;)15:28
faassendrzoltron_: cool. :)15:28
drzoltron_srichter: I don't know, looks like their corporate identity, they use the same font everywhere:
drzoltron_even on their site: ;)15:29
philiKONnice picture, drzoltron_15:29
drzoltron_the latter link shows the Five Memorial during opening hours ! ;)15:29
drzoltron_Actually it's called Strandstation 515:30
philiKONhdima, i picked up somewhere that you wanted to look at zpkgtools for top-level module capabilities?15:31
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hdimaphiliKON: Hmm... no :-)15:43
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philiKONhdima, ok :)15:51
philiKONjust making sure15:51
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philiKONhey benji16:19
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agroszersrichter: ayt ?16:50
srichteragroszer: pong16:50
agroszerregarding "ServerControlForm.html / Restart, Shutdown does not work" should I fill a collector issue?16:50
agroszerOK, I'll do it16:51
agroszerI have one more, but can't decide whether it's small bug or an enhancement17:10
agroszerit affects
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agroszerI wrote a mail about it ("[Zope3-dev] proposal")17:14
agroszerwhat do you say, file or forget?17:15
srichteryeah, you can file that17:16
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mgedminbenji, are you there?18:42
mgedminI think I found a bug in testbrowser/browser.py18:42
mgedminthe 'contents' property skips everything up to and including the first blank line18:43
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mgedmin(apparently it wants to skip the headers)18:43
mgedminhowever in my experiments mechanize's read() returns just the body, with no headers18:43
mgedminthus, if the document doesn't start with a blank line, bad things happen18:43
mgedminin z3 almost all documents start with a blank line, thanks to tal/metal18:44
benjican you provide a minimal test case that demonstrates the bug, so I can reproduce/fix it18:44
mgedminin z3?  let me try...18:44
benjimgedmin, feel free to hack on zope.testbrowser/README.txt and related files (see the resources) to create your test case18:45
srichteryeah, that is true; if you don't start with headers the testbrowser will not work18:49
srichterthe loop that removes the headers will run to the first empty line18:49
benjihmm, so we need to figure out if mechanize has changed, or what18:49
srichterI guess the thing to do would be to inspect the first line to see whether headers were passed in18:49
mgedminperhaps it is not a problem with testbrowser.testing.Browser, but it is a problem with testbrowser.browser.Browser?18:49
srichterbenji: no, it has little to do with mechanize18:50
srichtermaybe it does18:50
benjimgedmin, that's possible, but they are pretty similar18:50
mgedminI am now using the version of mechanize (and all dependencies) that are in the Zope3 checkout18:50
srichterlet me see where the line in question is18:50
srichteruuh, you are right18:50
srichterthe line is in browser.py18:51
srichterthat means if you use mechanize directly without the publisher then bad things happen :-)18:51
srichterI think the header removal code should move to testing.py18:51
benjisrichter, actually I think the bug is on line 64 of testing.py18:52
benji(or there-abouts :))18:53
srichterno, because there you construct the request18:53
srichterbut the problem is with the response18:53
srichterthe publisher's contents is headers+body18:53
srichterwhen using urllib2 the contents is just body18:53
* mgedmin discovers his z3 sandbox is broken: Module has no global pagelet18:54
benjiright, but then use response = self.caller, and that should return the same thing as a real request would18:54
srichtermgedmin: just delete the package-includes ZCML files and type make18:54
srichterbenji: but it does not18:54
benjiso a stand-along testbrowser won't see any headers?18:55
srichterI am positive on that because I ran into this same thing with the static APIDOC generator18:55
benjiif so, I'd say it needs to put them in the response from urllib2 so, they are consistent18:55
benji(or remove them from the publisher response and make it get the headers in some other way)18:55
mgedminah zopeskel!18:56
mgedminthat's evil18:56
benjimgedmin, welcome to the club :/18:56
mgedminI thought that if 'svn st' showed no unknown files, then I had no extra package includes18:56
srichtermgedmin: yeah, a little bit18:56
srichterbenji: right that be good18:56
* mgedmin does rm zopeskel/etc/package-includes/*18:56
mgedmin && make18:56
benjimgedmin, you can also make clean && make (IIRC)18:57
benjiso, any takers on normallizing the publisher/urllib2 back ends to testbrowser, or should I work on it?18:58
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srichterfeel free to do it :-)18:59
benjithanks... :)18:59
mgedminhey, what happened to the zope test runner?19:01
mgedminI cannot filter test files any more19:01
mgedminah, -s nowadays takes _package names_, not _subdirectories_19:02
srichteryeah, I really do not like that19:03
srichterI cannot use tabs anymore19:03
mgedminthe coolest thing is that the new has no if __name__ == '__main__' check19:05
benjisrichter, you might be able to use (some combination of) the path related options, but I doubt it would be convenient19:05
mgedminand if you try to import, e.g. testbrowser (which wants test.pystone), it starts running 6000+ tests19:05
mgedminduring import time19:05
mgedminfun fun fun19:05
srichtereek, really?19:06
srichterit does not just look at the package?19:06
benjido what?  If I do ./ -s zope.testbrowser it runs the right tests19:06
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srichterbenji: so the latest selenium code tells me that they are now using XML-RPC19:06
benjisrichter, hmm, interesting19:07
benjithat should make it easier19:07
mgedminbenji, I have a reproducible test case for you19:07
mgedminjust add '>>> print browser.contents' to testbrowser/over_the_wire.txt19:07
benjiok, great, I'm working on it now19:07
mgedminyou will see that it prints an empty string19:07
mgedminsince google's home page contains no blank lines19:07
benjiadd it after which line?19:08
benjioh, after the open, ok19:08
agroszerI'm digging in the collector issue 451/"OrderedMultiSelectWidget problem"19:34
agroszerI need some help19:34
agroszerI think the problem lies here in the different signature of CustomWidgetFactory and CustomSequenceWidgetFactory19:35
agroszerjaj, CustomSequenceWidgetFactory does not adhere to the IViewFactory interface, which it implements19:38
agroszeron the other hand ItemsEditWidgetBase needs 3 parameters...19:40
agroszersimple widgets take 219:41
agroszerany ideas?19:42
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agroszersrichter: ayt ?19:45
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srichteragroszer: I am here20:14
agroszerany ideas/hints for the subject?20:15
srichterI know what the issue is about, but I have not thought about solutions yet20:17
srichterbasically, you have to generalize the CustomWidgetFactory somehow20:17
agroszerI think somehow a distinction should be made between the 2 factories20:17
agroszerthen I could pass different parameters20:18
agroszerI'll think about it20:20
agroszernow I have to go, get some food and rest20:20
srichteryou could also support flexible parameters using *args and **kw20:20
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LaaapinI've read a part of Zope3Book, and it talks about Services and utililities21:58
Laaapinbut i've been told that services were no more...21:58
Laaapinis it true?22:00
benjiLaaapin, right, all the services were converted into utilities22:04
Laaapinok, it makes sense with all the code i've read.22:10
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