IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-11-13

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VolpeI'm getting a TypeError: __call__() takes at least 2 arguements (1 given).  But I have no idea what's caused this, as zcml generates this stuff doesn't it?00:33
Volpethis is when I try to create my content object :\00:34
VolpeAnyone have any suggestions?00:35
VolpeNo one? :(00:38
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drzoltron_Volpe: could you provide a traceback  ?00:39
VolpeIs there a paste bin somewhere I could use?00:40
drzoltron_hmm00:40 ?00:40
drzoltron_Volpe: looks as if an argument is missing00:41
drzoltron_in the factory00:41
VolpeThat's in the zcml right?00:42
VolpeWell I haven't defined a factory anywhere00:42
Volpe(I have no idea how to yet :))00:42
drzoltron_do you have a <content class>  in you zcml ?00:42
Volpeoh crap, I haven't implemented IContentContainer :(00:43
drzoltron_there you got it ;)00:44
drzoltron_i have a <factory> inside my <content class> but maybe thats not needed00:44
VolpeThanks drzoltron_00:44
VolpeI was about to give up with Z3 :)00:44
drzoltron_Volpe: np. it's quite hard, I know, but it gets easier with every day.. much more consistent than z200:45
VolpeYeah, compared to z2 some stuff is so much nicer.00:50
Volpe(though I'm still getting that error)00:50
VolpeI added the '<implements>' tag.  Still exactly the same.00:52
VolpeThis zcml seems very 'magical' to me00:53
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drzoltron_try a <factory>00:55
drzoltron_maybe like this one <factory00:55
drzoltron_description="Absalon Content Type"00:55
VolpeI have one of them00:55
Volpe<factory id="weblog.Weblog.Weblog" description="Weblog" />00:56
drzoltron_do you have an __init__ in your class ?00:59
VolpeMy class inherits from BTreeContainer and defines nothing itself00:59
drzoltron_try a __init__(self):01:00
drzoltron_  super(Weblog,self).__init__01:00
VolpeExact same error :(01:02
VolpeI think something weird is happening01:03
drzoltron_Why do you inherit from a BTreeContainer ?01:04
drzoltron_what about subclassing a simple container ?01:04
Volpe(cause the Zope 3 Dev handbook told me too :))01:04
VolpeWhat's a simple container01:05
drzoltron_Volpe: you are doing the sample app from the book ?01:06
Volpeyes, except substituting messageboard, for weblog01:07
drzoltron_Container01:07 ?01:08
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drzoltron_philiKON's tells you a lot about containers01:09
drzoltron_p's book01:09
VolpeDo you mean SampleContainer?01:13
VolpeI can't find any container called Container :(01:13
drzoltron_Volpe: have a look at
drzoltron_this should work Foo(Persistent, Contained)01:16
drzoltron_and implement an IFoo01:17
VolpeAnd in zcml implement IContainer?01:17
VolpeDoes zope3 have a 'refresh' like z2 has?01:19
Volpedrzoltron: still the exact same error01:21
Volpesrichter, (I'm assuming your the same srichter who wrote the messageboard example) ?01:22
Volpe  - I'm getting that error, and have no idea why.01:24
srichterI can't tell you anything without more context01:25
srichteryou should write a message to zope3-users exaplining your issue in detail01:25
Volpeokay - the context, is that it's almost identical to the messageboard example01:26
Volpe(except I've called mine 'weblog' ) :)01:26
VolpeI'll write to the zope3-users list01:26
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JoaoJoaoWhat is the Zope3ish way to do cataloging?02:47
JoaoJoaosrichter: I was looking for some documentation on it yesterday, or even a package that uses catalogs03:00
srichterright, not many people use it yet03:01
srichterI can't help you either, because I have not used it03:01
JoaoJoaoMy guess is that it uses events and subscribers03:10
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JoaoJoaoDo you need help on translating Zope3 to brazilian Portuguese?03:16
srichtersure, we take any translation help! :-)03:17
JoaoJoaogreat, how can I help then?03:17
srichterplease join the zope3-i18n mailing list and sign up at Ubuntu's launchpad03:18
srichterwe are trying to manage the translations using Rosetta, the ubuntu translation system03:20
JoaoJoaosrichter: I'll do translations in Launchpad then03:23
srichterthanks a lot!03:24
JoaoJoao"Principals" is really hard to translate03:24
srichterthere will be harder ones :-)03:25
srichterbring it up on zope3-i18n and see whether someone responds03:25
JoaoJoaoI just did my first translation :)03:43
JoaoJoaoI hope nobody tries to translate "Widget"03:56
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JoaoJoaobedtime, bye all u05:51
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newpersthis is probably a terrible question:  are there any plans for a 3.2 release date?08:06
philiKONnewpers, yup. december 1st i think08:31
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VolpeWith a view page template, how can you access a contentObject's data.08:46
Volpeoh nm08:55
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mte_hello..i'd like to uninstall zope3 (i need to do a project in zope2 and i don't have time to learn zope3 yet) from winxp but there is no uninstaller - which directories do i need to remove from the python dir?16:47
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drzoltron_I've got a form in a page which is not registered, how do I read and process the data entered ?18:33
drzoltron_can i define a view which is not registered for a type ?18:33
philiKONyou can define a view for *18:34
philiKONprocessing form data: write a view class with a method that does whatever you need to do18:34
drzoltron_philiKON: Hi :)18:34
drzoltron_ok, an then set the view as the form action ?18:35
drzoltron_philiKON: cool18:35
philiKONi'm surprised you find this hard18:35
philiKONthis shoudl be straight-forward18:35
drzoltron_philiKON: it might not be hard, but I haven't done it before and wanted to check ..18:35
philiKONgot a form, need to impelemnt an action...18:35
philiKONyou've never dealt with HTML form action handlers before?18:36
drzoltron_philiKON: in z3 ?18:36
philiKONin general. say, zope 218:36
drzoltron_philiKON: I would use cpts and cpys ...18:37
philiKONthat's plone18:37
drzoltron_which is quite straight forward for a layman like me18:37
philiKONever done good old zope 2?18:37
drzoltron_not really18:37
philiKON a page template and a method on a class?18:37
philiKONdef form_action(self, var1, var2, var3, REQUEST):18:38
philiKON   ...18:38
drzoltron_is there an example in your book ?18:38
philiKONthat's what zope 2 style form actions looked like18:38
philiKONzope 3 style ones are very similar18:38
philiKONexcept that the REQUEST is at self.request18:38
philiKONand the 'form_action' method is not part of the content class but the view object18:38
philiKONthere are several examples iin my book18:38
drzoltron_philiKON: ok18:39
philiKONtake the rating view for example18:39
drzoltron_nice, then thats no problem : ;)18:39
drzoltron_ok, cool18:39
drzoltron_otherwise: zope3 rocks18:39
philiKONdon't remember which chapter18:39
drzoltron_np, will find it18:39
philiKONproblem with .cpt and .cpy is that it's too complicated for simple things18:39
philiKONotherwise a nice concept18:39
drzoltron_sure, very nice concept18:39
philiKONbut it's a do-it-all-with-us-or-nothing thing18:39
philiKONlike most of zope 2/cmf is18:40
drzoltron_should be implemented into agx ;)18:40
philiKONyou can just use it a little...18:40
philiKONyou have to do it all the way18:40
philiKONwhich sucks18:40
drzoltron_it is just a little search form i need, no big deal with validation etc etc18:40
drzoltron_so i reckon it's no big deal18:40
drzoltron_ah page 224 ;=)18:41
philiKONand it tends to let people think in too complicated ways18:41
philiKONbecause they're used to thinking these ways18:41
drzoltron_z3 is super cool, I learn extremely much about component arch. these days18:41
philiKONmore like page 22518:42
philiKONum, no, that's not it either18:42
philiKONp 23118:42
philiKONthat's the browser view18:42
drzoltron_another question18:42
drzoltron_I want to have a selection field with a vocab / values which are created when you load the form18:43
drzoltron_how do I call a classe's method from the interface where the field is defined ?18:43
philiKONwhat do you want to call from the interface??18:44
philiKONand why?18:44
philiKONusually you have a choice field:18:44
philiKONChoice(..., vocabulary='Foobars')18:44
drzoltron_a method that generates the vocab18:44
philiKONand somewhere out of magic it gets the 'Foobars' vocabulary18:44
philiKONok, you don't give it a method18:44
philiKONyou give it a vocab name18:45
drzoltron_ok, what if the Foobars is not static but generated ?18:45
philiKONread the chapter on vocabs18:45
drzoltron_ok, will .)18:45
philiKONof course 'Foobars' is generated18:45
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philiKONthat's what vocabularies is all about18:45
philiKONthey're dynamic18:45
drzoltron_ah, theres a whole chapter ;)18:45
drzoltron_thanx, will do ;)18:45
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philiKONdrzoltron_, see page 289 for a simple vocabulary factory (kitchenToolVocabulary)18:47
philiKONsee, it takes a context paramter18:47
philiKONso that makes it context-dependent18:47
philiKONin this case the vocab factory is a simple function that returns a SimpleVocbulary instance18:47
philiKONit could also be a whole class complying with the IVocabulary interface18:47
drzoltron_nice, thanx alot :)18:48
drzoltron_owe you 1,2 or 12 beers ;)18:48
philiKONsure ;)18:49
drzoltron_or some Eierlik├Âr, you decide ;)18:49
philiKONi take the beer, thank you very much ;)18:49
drzoltron_no salmonella then ;=)18:49
drzoltron_brb, food ;)18:50
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philiKONbrb, sleep :)18:51
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roymIs anyone out there having difficulty connecting to z3 via emacs(ange-ftp)? I pulled the latest trunk and ange-ftp stopped working (regular ftp from the shell is OK however!)21:05
srichterI don't that that many people connect to Zope 3 via ange-ftp21:06
srichteryou need to figure out which server command fails21:06
roymI get:21:07
roym200 PORT OK21:07
roym550 /-al : No such file or directory.21:07
roymls "-al /." /tmp/ange-ftp2356sDI21:07
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srichterah, it might be that the twisted server does not support ls options21:07
srichtercertainly not a Zope issue21:08
roymIs it possible to not use twisted for now?21:08
yotamaybe ask on twisted ml ?21:08
roymno, I mean is the server (twisted vs the old one) settable via a configuration option?21:09
srichterI am not sure how easy it is; it's possible but we did not try hard to make the switch very easy21:10
srichteryou have to change to point to server instead of twisted and change the configuration file to the old format21:10
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roymok - thanks... I think I'll pursue yota's suggestion and see if there are known issues w/twisted and ange-ftp.21:11
srichterroym: note that the twisted FTP server has only recently been rewritten21:14
srichterit used to suck big time21:14
srichterit might be simply a feature they have not implemented yet21:14
yotasrichter:  why to keep zserver in the bundle if the switching is hard ?21:16
yotaroym: it exists also chans on freenode : #twisted and #twisted.web21:19
roymsrichter: I think I see the issue - twisted does not support options to "ls" (ange-ftp issues "-la" by default), so it should be a simple matter of turning the options off.21:20
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srichteryota: because we need to deprecate in stages22:12
srichterright now, all existing Zope 3 instances if updated to 3.2 will keep using ZServer, so that there are no surprises22:13
srichterthis is very important to a lot of people22:13
yotaoki, thx22:15
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drzoltron_how do I call and render a BrowserView and hand some parameters over ?22:52
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drzoltron_how do I pack the ZODB in z3 ?23:58

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