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sashavdrzoltron_:  command line00:09
drzoltron_sashav: how ?00:10
sashavlook for zodb tools or google, don't remember exactly00:10
drzoltron_ok thx00:11
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zmi_junkiemy zope3 revision 40087 bails out at etc/securitypolicy.zcml", line 11.2 / ConfigurationError: ('Unknown directive', u'', u'role')00:59
zmi_junkieis this something known ?01:00
newperssorry, i accidently bumped my keyboard01:04
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projekt01srichter, is the cache package inlcuded in the release?04:27
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VladDracI have to do some ugly stuff to get my datastructure included in the apidoc..12:01
VladDracimport pprint12:01
VladDracpp = pprint.PrettyPrinter(indent=4)12:01
VladDrac__doc__ = "<pre>" + pp.pformat(exc_map).replace("<", "&lt;").replace(">", "&gt;") + "</pre>"12:01
VladDracanyone have a better solution? :)12:01
VladDrac(yeah could move most of it to a function, I know :)12:01
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zmi_junkiemogge everybody - more luck today with Zope3 checkout 40092 ;-)12:24
zmi_junkieI am running with setuidgid in front12:24
zmi_junkiethen I get problems with zwiki-configure.zcml because12:25
zmi_junkiewiki was trying to make some weired mail-queueing dir in my *sources*12:26
hdimaVladDrac: can you just use __docformat__ = "reStructuredText" at the module level?12:26
zmi_junkiewithout setuidgid I would not have noticed this ;-)12:26
zmi_junkiebut where to report ?12:26
VladDrachdima: the problem is that apidoc only includes classes, no module-level class/constant definitions12:26
hdimado you try to set __doc__ for module?12:29
zmi_junkiefound the Issue Collector ;-)12:30
VladDrac()*&^*(&^*&( crap rest12:42
* VladDrac is *again* spending valuable time doing absolute crap12:42
* VladDrac gives up12:42
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VladDracstructuring a datastructure (nested) in ReST seems impossible as well12:43
VladDrac<string>:6: (WARNING/2) Definition list ends without a blank line; unexpected unindent.12:44
* VladDrac just puts the entire definition on one line12:44
VladDracwill probably annoy the hell out of the API users but oh well12:44
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JoaoJoaogood morning14:05
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tiredbonesFirday I updated my working copy and now I can't start zope. I'm getting "ImportError: no module named cPersistence". Where would I look to see if this is a known problem?16:38
benjitiredbones, did you recompile (run make)?  It sounds like the persistence code needs to be compiled.16:42
tiredbonesbenji, I thought that one only had to do "svn co ....". I take from what your saying I have to do this everytime I do acheckout?16:46
tiredbonesbenji, thanks, I found my install instruction and reread them.16:50
tiredbonesDoes anyone have a script that automates the process of checking out a working copy and running make?16:54
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d2mtiredbones: cd working_copy_folder; svn up; make all16:57
tiredbonesd2m. thanks17:01
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philiKONsrichter, does really depend on zope.testbrowser?18:46
benjiphiliKON, I think it is a "testing dependency"18:46
benjii.e. only the tests are dependent18:47
philiKONthat's still a dependency18:47
philiKONmaybe i should just grep18:47
philiKONthat' means we absolutely need to include it in zope 2.9 then18:47
benjitrue, but an unfortunate flavor of dependency :)18:47
philiKONi was hoping we could flunk out of that18:47
benjiwhy did you not want to?  I would /think/ it would be easy.18:48
philiKONtoo many more top-level modules18:48
philiKONwhich means svn:externals is not possible on them18:48
philiKONonly svn cp18:48
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benjiI'll take your word for it :)18:51
philiKONsvn:externals only works on directories (=packages)18:51
philiKONnot on files (=modules)18:51
JoaoJoaoso, anyone here has an example of how to use z3 catalog ?18:51
philiKONso that's why stitching in zope.testbrowser will result in copies of top-level modules like ClientForm and what not18:52
benjiok, got ya, I was thinking of the testbrowser dir, not the two top level modules18:54
philiKONoh wait, there are no top-level modules anymore...18:54
philiKONso, that's a good thing18:55
benjitrue, I forgot Gary moved them18:55
philiKONdo you know where?18:56
benjiinto zope.testbrowser18:58
benjihe then did some sys.modules hacks to make sure they show up as "top-level" modules18:58
philiKONi think in zope 2.10 we can get rid of top-level modules too18:59
philiKONeverything can be moved to a package with an __init__.py18:59
philiKONexcept Zope.py18:59
philiKONZope/ would conflict with zope/ on many filesystems/operating systems19:00
benjiI think that was just a stop-gap until zpkg handles stand-alone modules properly19:00
philiKONbut, good news is that is going away in zope 2.10 iirc19:00
philiKONbenji, yeah, working on stand-alone modules19:00
philiKONi wouldn't call it "properly" though ;)19:01
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JoaoJoaois there a list of sites running zope3? (to show my boss)19:23
philiKONthose are of the top of my head ;)19:24
JoaoJoaophiliKON: I'm considering different web frameworks right now, mainly Zope3 and RubyOnRails19:29
srichterthere are also several intranets19:30
philiKONgreat. use zope 3 :)19:30
philiKONi gotta go ;)19:30
philiKONJoaoJoao, yeah. many z3 apps out there aren't available onlline19:30
philiKONlike SIP19:30
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JoaoJoaophiliKON: Fortunately we have recipes like the good one made by benji19:32
jennerJoaoJoao: If RubyOnRails is similar to TurboGears then I would rather go with zope3...19:32
srichterthis is probably one of the largest Zope 3 sites in terms of Zope 3 functionality19:33
jennersrichter: looks like z319:33 as in the travelling/air traffic amadeus?19:33
JoaoJoaojenner: The idea is similar, but RoR seems to be much more complete and mature19:34
jennerJoaoJoao: I checked out TurboGEars this weekend and was quite disappointed, all it does is glueing some libs together and adding some convenience tools to create a web app skeleton19:35
JoaoJoaoWhat really makes RoR simpler is the code generation stuff19:35
jennerJoaoJoao: I even managed to create some sort of a TurboGears clone: sqlobject + simpleTAL + mod_python and ZConfig19:36
JoaoJoaoMany people are put off by ZCML19:37
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jennerJoaoJoao: really? why? its simpler then XML and more readable then INI style configs19:38
JoaoJoaojenner: I agree that ZCML is simpler, I guess Z3 only needs a sample skeleton configure.zcml with the most basic funcionality19:39
benjiJoaoJoao, if you're interested in getting the "flavor" of Zope 3, you can read my "Quick Start" guide (
jennerJoaoJoao: yeah, that's true... basically all you need to get an instance running is a port... so maybe like a base-setup.zcml with some crucial stuff like port numbers and such would be enough (it would just <include advanced-configure.zcml />19:42
JoaoJoaobenji: I used your quick start to get started with Zope3, it's pretty nice ;)19:42
jennerbenji: you need a 20 minutes video to make zope3 popular :)19:43
* jenner runs19:43
benjijenner, I plan on making one :)  I want to rework the quick start to be about building a blog and then do a movie about it19:43
jennerbenji: don't forget to mention AJAX somewhere19:44
benjione thing I want to educate people on though, is that Z3 isn't for everybody, some things (mostly simple things) are best done with other tools19:44
benjiyep, jenner there are some interesting things about to happen with Zope and AJAX (in the next 6-8 months)19:44
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jennerbenji: real AJAX? like XML _and_ XSLT?19:45
jennernatea: !!!19:45
JoaoJoaoBTW, is there any add-water-and-mix AJAX stuff to use with Z3 right now?19:46
benjijenner, I would disagree with you about the definition of "real" AJAX :)19:48
jennerJoaoJoao: I'm coding a webmailer for a customer right now (using java though), I'm using sarissa for AJAX - each view is defined through a data (XML) and a controller (XSLT) method... as soon as you get used to XSLT it's really a piece of cake, sarissa handles most of the annoying browser issues19:49
mgedminthe javascriptish navigation tree in the ZMI is AJAX, isn't it?19:49
jennerbenji: most of ajax libraries use only AJ and leave the X out :)19:51
JoaoJoaomany use AJAJ19:51
JoaoJoaoJSON-RPC :)19:51
nateajenner, how are you?19:52
jennernatea: stressed as usual :) what about you?19:53
nateayeah, also very busy19:53
nateathere is a guy on the ataudio mailing list who is asking to get in contact with "the guy who made the flash popup"19:54
nateaor rather, implemented the Flash popup within ATAudio19:54
nateaapparently there is some kind of javascript error which prevents the popup from working in some browsers19:54
nateaworks fine for me in safari and firefox for osx19:55
jennernatea: huh... the popup is merely a
jennernatea: there's nothing special about it19:56
nateaopening up the javascript console in firefox shows this:19:57
natea> GM_registerMenuCommand is not defined19:57
natea> Source file:
natea> audiocd_popup_play  Line 52719:57
jennerGM_registerMenuCommand looks like some JS coming from the Flash object (if that's possible)19:58
nateajenner, can i give him your email address?19:58
natearemind me what it is again?19:58
jennerigor at rulim.de19:58
nateaanother strange thing that he is experiencing is album cover art appearing for other albums,20:00
nateanot even ones that he has added to his site20:00
nateajenner, email sent20:00
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nateajenner, can you join the #plone4artists IRC channel?20:04
jenneryeah, ataudio is a bit offtopic here :)20:04
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VladDrachow outdated is ch. 19 in philikons book?20:14
VladDracwrt authentication and usermanagement20:14
* VladDrac needs to authenticate agains SQL using cookies/sessions20:14
VladDracI need some examples :)20:14
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JoaoJoaoVladDrac: Maybe SQLPrincipalSource does what you wanty20:21
VladDracjoao maybe, where/what is it?20:22
JoaoJoaoit does authentication against SQL20:23
VladDracand where is it? :)20:25
JoaoJoaoI don't remember right now, I know google knows where it is :P20:28
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JoaoJoaoYeeeeeahhh my SuperWaba app works again! (I know not Zope3-related but I'm so happy about it :))20:29
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VladDracgoogle hits give me max redirection limit exceeded20:31
VladDracit looks old, 200320:31
VladDracthe txt in pluggableauth isn't a great help either20:32
* VladDrac sighs20:32
VladDracperhaps I'll just hack around it, do it the fast, non-zope3 way :)20:32
JoaoJoaoVladDrac: Wait, I'll send you what I did20:33
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JoaoJoaoVladDrac: May I /msg you?20:37
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VladDracjoao sure if it's not to much20:39
VladDracelse mail me - ivo at m3r.nl20:39
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