IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2005-11-15

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JoaoJoaogood evening fellow zopethree'ers01:00
benjihi JoaoJoao01:03
* JoaoJoao trying to figure out the catalog thing01:06
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romanofskimoin :)14:56
* romanofski is a bit puzzled about about the intended approach to customize skins14:57
romanofskicustomizing rotterdam seems to be the "old" way and boston the new, but I've the feeling, that I'm able to reuse code fragments from boston by using the viewlets and not the template14:58
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Charlie_XHi, just trying to build Zope 3.1 and get the following error message ValueError: filename pattern '*-configure.zcml' doesn't match any files15:23
philiKONCharlie_X, what did you do?15:25
Charlie_XRan make after ./configure15:25
philiKONand then?15:26
Charlie_Xthen just make15:32 is raising the error15:35
philiKONwhich package is the ValueError being thrown for?15:36
philiKONor, better, just paste the whole traceback somewhere15:36
efgeor :)15:37
philiKONefge, ah, cool :)15:37
* Charlie_X wonders if Google has started indexing all this throwaway stuff.15:37
efgephiliKON: you can do actually :)15:39
philiKONCharlie_X, this is very strange. Zope 3.1.0 always worked for me and for everyone else15:39
Charlie_XYes, well I am running it on ZETA15:39
philiKONwhat's zeta?15:40
Charlie_XSo it's probably some kind of path issue.15:40
romanofskithe BeOS thingy philiKON :)15:40
philiKONah, that stuff15:40
Charlie_X2.8 builds15:40
* philiKON used beos once15:41
philiKONCharlie_X, looks like ZConfig file globbing doesn't work15:41
* Charlie_X has used BeOS et al for years.15:41
philiKONi used beos4 and beos515:41
romanofskiwas a great os though15:42
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romanofskiunfortunately the support for it seem to become very little15:43
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Charlie_XIt still is. Particularly now the Python support has improved. Python 2.4 + PostgreSQL is pretty good.15:43
philiKONi always missed multi-user support15:43
Charlie_XphiliKON for a desktop OS? Anyway that's slated for the next release.15:44
philiKONyes, for a desktop os15:44
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romanofskidoes it supposed to be a multiuser system? thought no... but would be necessary nowadays I guess15:44
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philiKONat least separate administrative issues from daily life issues15:45
Charlie_XI don't find that to be a problem for my work.15:45
philiKONit's one for me when my parents use a computer15:45
philiKONi'm their admin :)15:45
philiKONi'm not letting them change anything15:46
philiKONalso, of course, our family computers at home (we have 3) are all multiuser systems15:46
philiKONeven though they're purely desktop computers15:46
romanofskidoes all of them have such an apple symbols? *G15:46
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Charlie_XI'll try expand_globs15:47
philiKONromanofski, yes :)15:47
philiKONromanofski, not all of them running OSX, though15:47
philiKONi'm also running debian gnu/linux15:47
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romanofskiheh - it's the evil apple inc. who didn't bought BeOS!!! *G15:47
philiKONwell, it was too expensive15:48
philiKONand NeXT rules15:48
romanofskiI just remember the stories a friend told me... I also used BeOS a lot15:48
Charlie_XNeXT is great15:49
Charlie_XAnyway. Let's see if I can fix this globbing issue and build Zope 3 on ZETA15:49
philiKONwould be cool15:49
philiKONmake sure to feed the patch upstream15:50
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philiKONguys, i need some debugging advice15:58
philiKONso i'm trying to build a Zope 2 distribution that was built using zpkg15:59
philiKONand i'm executing python build15:59
tiredbonesbenji, I was going over your starter guide again, to pick up on some finder point I missed the first time, and before I move on to philikon's book. Why do I see "CHEWWY World" instead of "Hello World"?Second, where is the file edit.html?16:00
philiKONso, build has several subcommands, such as build_py, ..., and build_scripts16:00
philiKONbuild_scripts is the last one actually16:01
philiKONafter it or during it i get:16:01
philiKONerror: Is a directory16:01
philiKONas if some program is opening a UNIX file stream but the filename points to a directory16:02
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benjitiredbones, for the first question, you probably changed the value of the "greeting" field to "CHEWWY"16:06
benjitiredbones, for the second, there is no file "edit.html", but that is the name used to access the EditView of HelloWorld objects (and the HTML comes from
tiredbonesbenji, On the second quetion, you confirmed what I thought.16:08
tiredbonesbenji, As to the first, I tried many values and always get CHEWWY.16:09
benjitiredbones, it sounds like your class doesn't inherit from persistent.Persistent16:10
Charlie_XphiliKON can you give me a sample call for expand_globs?16:12
philiKONCharlie_X, uh...16:13
philiKONwhat's expand_globs? a standard python function?16:13
Charlie_XNo, how I can check expand_globs on my machine, ie. expand_globs(dir, reldir, list). I think pkginfo is returning wrong values.16:14
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philiKONbenji, any idea how to debug my problem?16:23
benjium, philiKON, I don't know what your problem is :)  hold on, let me read the IRC log16:24
philiKONah, sorry, you probably came in too late16:24
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benjiok, philiKON, I read the log but I have no idea what you're talking about :)16:27
benjiI have a short meeting now, I'll be back in a couple of minutes16:28
philiKONbenji, no worries16:31
philiKONi think i know the reason16:31
Charlie_XphiliKON it looks like it is really only sticking on "*-configure.zcml" The folder in question has a "configure.zcml" file16:37
philiKONwhat is the folder in question?16:38
Charlie_XIf I rename the file to -configure.zcml the script progresses further until the next file16:38
Charlie_Xmm, looks like the config loader is making a mistake16:39
philiKONthe filename is supposed to be configure.zcml16:39
Charlie_XYes, I understand but the globbing is failing because the pattern is wrong16:39
philiKONbut there's also supposed to be a
philiKONthe pattern is correct16:39
philiKONit's about zcml slugs16:40
philiKONthey are named  some.package-configure.zcml, some.package-meta.zcml, etc.16:40
Charlie_Xah, yes, that's there as well16:41
philiKONthat's what the pattern should match16:41
philiKONand it does on every other OS16:41
Charlie_XI'll pass it on to the developer16:42
philiKONfile a collector issue16:42
philiKONnote that this will be very hard for the developer (i guess we're talking about zconfig's developer, fred drake) to debug16:43
philiKONas he most definitely doesn't have ZETA ;)16:43
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Charlie_XphiliKON the files actually end in .zcm16:57
Charlie_Xglob.glob1 is pure python so is OS independent16:58
philiKONCharlie_X, if the files end in .zcm, not .zcml, then that seems to be a bug in the untar or soemthing16:59
philiKONthey should come out as .zcml16:59
tiredbonesbenji, I gave some thought to your last statement, that being I wasn't inheriting from persistence, but if this so, I shouldn't see the correct value for "subject", which I do. Anyway, I'll move on and try so solve it later when I have a better understanding of what's going on.17:00
Charlie_XphiliKON possibly. I'll check the file on another system17:02
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andresDoes anybody know, who maintains the zope3 postgres adapter?17:15
Charlie_XphiliKON Winzip also has problems unpacking the archive17:16
Charlie_XIt generated a .zcml00664 file!17:17
philiKONthat's weird17:17
Charlie_XJust testing it on my server17:17
philiKONit worked fine for me on linux and osx17:17
Charlie_XUnpacks fine on my server. I suspect that the path lengths might be a problem17:18
philiKONplease file a bug17:19
philiKONmeaning, a collector issue17:19
philiKONinclude as much info as you have17:19
philiKONe.g. winzip version, etc.17:19
philiKONfull traceback on zeta17:19
philiKONetc. etc.17:19
Charlie_XBTW have started working with Trac. Pity it isn't available as a Zope product17:19
philiKONother zope packages resemble similar functionality17:20
philiKONthere are several bug collectors17:20
Charlie_XYes, I know17:20
philiKONthere's zwiki, a very good wiki impl17:20
philiKONand there's also an SVN viewer system17:21
philiKONboth bug collectors and svn viewers are probably best set up on top of plone17:21
* Charlie_X doesn't like Plone17:21
philiKONnot because they have to but because they were written for plone17:21
Charlie_XTrac would work quite well with Zope 3 I think17:22
philiKONif you say so :)17:22
Charlie_XMy technical understanding isn't brilliant but they have a component model and template driven presentation.17:23
Charlie_XUnfortunately the default data and security models are frightening17:23
philiKONmaybe they can be talked into at least reusing some zope stuff, like zope.comonent and zope.pagetemplate17:24
philiKONwho knows...17:24
philiKONif you do it be my guest17:25
philiKONi'm need to be going to be dnow17:25
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VladDracanyone know why zope3 cant adapt zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest to ISession in an authenticationadapter?17:34
VladDrac(but can in a browser viewclass)17:34
VladDrac(Pdb) ISession(self.request)17:36
VladDrac*** TypeError: ('Could not adapt', <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance URL=http://localhost:8080>, <InterfaceClass>)17:36
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VladDracagain a great example of how zope3 manages to make something trivial impossible17:46
VladDractime to implement my own sessions then17:53
romanofskiVladDrac: I've the same feeling with the skin management17:56
VladDracI'm still wondering if it's me17:58
VladDracif I'm stupid and the rest of this channel is brilliant17:58
VladDracperhaps that's just it :)17:58
VladDrac(though most people tend to think I'm smart :)17:58
VladDracperhaps I', just not german enough :)17:58
VladDractrying to do things the "correct", zope3 way (writing interfaces, adapters, components, zcml) does not work for me17:59
VladDractakes too much time or just doesn't work - I get stuck really quickly18:00
romanofskiyeah.. well, the problem I have currently is if my way is the correct or deprecated way to customize a skin18:00
* Charlie_X can't comment yet18:00
romanofskiwe should consider to open a club of zope3-people-in-stuck or something like that *G18:01
Charlie_XI would expect any high level content stuff to be quite difficult to migrate.18:02
Charlie_XOn the other hand I hope it's easy to do things with products like Formulator in PythonScripts which is currently very difficult because of Zope 2's security restrictions.18:03
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romanofskigot to go - cheers18:10
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Charlie_Xme too18:13
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Theunianybody online who knows about the twisted integration in zope3?18:33
TheuniWe are thinking about using twisted reactor calls to spawn of asynchronous calls to other network services. Is that something that we should have classified as "obviously stupid" or is that an intended side-effect of the twisted integration?18:43
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JoaoJoaogood afternoon19:19
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j1msrichter, ayt?21:23
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j1mDoes anyone here know anything about locale-specific sorting?21:25
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