IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-11-24

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VladDracdoes BaseRequest/HTTPRequest support keyword arguments?11:00
VladDrac_args contains positional arguments, is there a kw equiv?11:00
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ChrisWanyone who knows testbrowser: ping?11:06
ChrisWis there a method that gets called whenever a post or get is issues by testbrowser that I can hook into?11:07
ChrisWI want to keep track of the cumulative time taken to do a series of requests...11:07
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d2mthere is and -- is the first one to be removed ?11:20
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drzoltron_anyone got sqlos running with zope3.1 ?11:51
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drzoltron_I get this one ConfigurationError: ('Unknown directive', u'', u'ConnectionName')12:11
drzoltron_ ... any ideas ?12:11
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drzoltron_looks like theres no namespace sqlobject ... any idea how to get that ?13:03
agroszerdrzoltron: have a look at sqlos\doc\examples\sqlos_sample13:12
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drzoltron_agroszer: works with zope 3.0 but not 3.113:13
agroszercan't help you regarding that, I used it with the trunk13:13
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drzoltron_agroszer: the trunk of what, zope ?13:13
agroszeryep, Z3 trunk13:14
drzoltron_at which point of time ?13:14
agroszernov. 0713:14
drzoltron_agroszer: it looks to me as the namespace sqlobject is not loaded ...13:14
drzoltron_might try that13:14
drzoltron_and it is working ok ?13:15
agroszerhope so13:15
agroszerhave you copied sqlos-meta.zcml to the package-includes?13:15
agroszersqlos-configure.zcml too13:15
drzoltron_sqlos-conf: yes13:16
drzoltron_have you put a sqlobject-configure.zcml in you pack-incl ?13:17
drzoltron_ah: new error: ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'handler', "Couldn't import sqlos.metaconfigure, cannot import name MetaSQLObject") ;)13:17
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agroszerabout sqlobject i'm not sure, i don't have the nov 07. state now13:18
drzoltron_np: i can see in the meta that the namespace is defined there, cool13:19
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drzoltron_agroszer: where do I define the name of the table to show in a sqlos container ?13:29
agroszerI think it's the same as the class name13:30
agroszerI can't tell you more13:30
agroszerfrom that point I'm also a beginner13:30
agroszerlook for "jinty" here13:31
agroszerhe is currenlty actively developing sqlos13:32
drzoltron_will, thanx13:32
drzoltron_I saw that an ivo did a z3.1 branch13:33
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agroszerdrzoltron: there is a project using sqlos14:12
drzoltron_agroszer: yeah, looking at that right now, thanx ;)14:12
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andresI have a question regarding path traversal. Lets say i have an interface IPerson and IProject (and implementations for those). IPerson references multiple Projects. so i want to do /basepath/personxyz/projectname. What i tried was implementing IReadContainer with Person. This worked, but had a big drawback. I couldnt delete /basepath anymore, as single object would get deleted twice.16:03
andresWhich is the intended way to do something like that?16:04
philiKONwrite an ITraversable adapter for your IPerson object16:08
philiKONand have IPerson not extend IReadContainer16:08
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ChrisWdamn, was just hoping to catch stefan16:26
ChrisWanyone here used file fields in testbrowser?16:26
* mgedmin thinks they might have been used in schooltool's functional tests16:28
ChrisWmarius: you got an example handy?16:28
* ChrisW can't get 'em to work :-S16:28
andresphiliKON, thanks.16:29
mgedminignas, do you remember where we use file fields in schooltool's ftests?16:32
* ignas must grep16:32
* mgedmin is about to walk out of the office, citing extreme hunger16:32
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* ChrisW is already sated with big fat Thai lunch ;-)16:32
* ChrisW notes the example zope.tesrbrowser's README.txt16:33
ChrisWbut it didn't work in the real world :-(16:33
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ChrisWignas: any clue?16:46
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ignasi think we are not using it :/16:53
ignasthe case is not functionally tested :/ and the project that works with file upload is not using testbrowser :/16:54
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ChrisWso file upload in mechanize is likely geb0rken :-(*16:55
ignasChrisW, in what way are you using it ?16:57
ignasand where is the readmi with a broken example16:58
ChrisWthe README.txt in zope.testbrowser16:58
ChrisWyes, the tets passes there16:58
ignasyou should actually do this:16:58
ChrisWbut it doesn't test that if you actually set a value it'll get uploaded to the server ;-)16:59
* ChrisW waits...16:59
ignasctrl.add_file(StringIO('File contents'))16:59
ChrisWyeah, that's what zope.testbrowser.browser does behind the scenes16:59
ignasoptionally providinf content_type and filename16:59
ignasas keyword arguments16:59
ChrisWI wonder if it's not the filename thing that's the problem...17:00
ChrisWI believe our server spits out files without filenames...17:00
ignas    The value attribute of a FileControl is always None.  Use add_file instead.17:00
ignasthe documentation17:00
ChrisWyes, well, that's not how the functional test in README.txt does it17:01
ignasdid you try running that test ?17:02
ChrisWI'm sure it's run nightly17:02
ChrisWit's a doc test17:02
ChrisWit'll pass, it's just that no server will use the uploaded file, since it doesn't have a filename ;-)17:02
ignasif test is not failing but should fail - it is not being run :)17:02
ChrisWno, it wil PASS17:02
ignasi see17:02
ChrisWit's just a USELESS test17:02
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ChrisWhow do I run doc tests in current Zope 3 trunk?17:04
ignasChrisW, doctests are registered (added to suites) in some file17:04
ignasfind that file17:04
ignasand run tests in it17:04
ChrisWand how do I run that?17:06
ChrisWcontcretely, I want to fix README.txt, how do I run the doctests in it?17:06
philiKONChrisW, python -s zope.testbrowser17:07
ChrisWthanks, I'll give it a go17:07
* ChrisW is just busy updating his windows checkout17:08 is the Zope 3 test runner17:08
ChrisWwhat PYTHONPATH do I have to have set up for that to work?17:08
philiKONChrisW, for every doctest file, there needs to be a module exposing it as a doctestsuite... so you'll just have to grep for README.txt in tests/*17:08
philiKONif you want to run just that one doctest17:08
philiKONChrisW, no pythonpath necessary, if you're in Zope317:08
* ChrisW bravely firess up a dos box17:09
ChrisWpython2.4, right?17:09
philiKONugh, get cygwin, mate17:09
ignasi think -s takes zope/testbrowser (might be teribly wrong though)17:10
ChrisWwhy do I have to compile all of zope just to run the tests in a python-only package?17:11
philiKONignas, yes, *terribly* wrong :)17:11
philiKONignas, seriously, the new testrunner accepts a dottedname for -s17:12
ignasi must svn up then17:12
philiKONignas, uh, how old is your checkout? ;)17:12
ignas1 month :D17:12
ChrisWdoes Fred Drake or Tim still put up nightly windows binaries?17:14
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philiKONChrisW, think so; at least C extensions haven't been changed for a while, so they should still be good17:16
philiKONoh, and btw, get a real OS :)17:16
ChrisWI'm trying17:17
ChrisWstil lwaiting for a free weekend to get ubuntu on this box17:17
ignaswhy do you need a weekend ?17:17
ChrisWbear in mind you cut out large potential groups of the zope userbase if you go windows only...17:17
ignasit takes less than an hour :)17:17
ChrisWI have a touch screen17:18
philiKONChrisW, you mean linux only?17:18
ChrisWI NEED it to work17:18
ChrisWsorry, yeah, linux only17:18
ChrisWI doubt I would have got into zope at all had it not been for the windows support17:19
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ChrisWcouldn't have kept bashing away on my desktop box or home box when all the sysadmins were goign "zope - no, we don't know what that is, and you're not putting it on our servers" ;-)17:20
ChrisWannnnnyway, that aside, can anyone remember where I can download the binaries from, and what I do with them in a fresh Zope 3 checkout?17:20
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ChrisW    IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\LocalSVN\\Zope3\\zopeskel17:29
ChrisWwhat am I doing wrong now?17:29
ignasdid you read the readme file ?17:31
ignasis there a file in that folder ?17:31
ignaswrong file, sorry17:32
ChrisWwhat readme?17:32
philiKONChrisW, python install_data --install-dir .17:32
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ChrisWcool, looks like they all passed17:34
ChrisWnow I can start fuzting ;-)17:34
philiKONhave fun :)17:34
philiKONi'm going to bed17:34
philiKONsee y'all17:34
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* ChrisW feels morally pure having given something back to Zope 3 at long last ;-)18:01
ChrisWmgedmin: I got the file thing figured18:01
ChrisWsee my recent checkin to the readme.txt18:01
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drzoltron_jinty: ayt ?18:17
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jintydrzoltron: yeah18:20
drzoltron_jinty: hi, agroszer told me you worked a lot with sqlos, I am trying to get it to work with z3.1 but have not been very lucky  ...:(18:21
jintyyeah, i've done devel on sqlos. unlucky, howso?18:22
drzoltron_jinty: throws a lot of errors18:22
drzoltron_which branch is working for you ?18:23
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jintyI actually use my jinty-Five branch18:23
jintybut you should _really use the trunk18:23
drzoltron_jinty: ok, I'll give it another try18:23
jintywhy don't you show me an erorr message?18:24
drzoltron_will just a sec18:24
drzoltron_jinty: ImportError: Module mysqldbda.adapter has no global IMySQLZopeConnection in mysqldbda.adapter.IMySQLZopeConnection18:25
drzoltron_looks like my mysqlda is old18:26
jintyyep, get the trunk one18:26
drzoltron_jinty: ok: File "/Users/bes/instances/", line 168, in __len__18:31
drzoltron_    i += # optimal, does not get all objects18:31
drzoltron_looks like something is wrong with the factory18:31
jintywhats the actual error?18:32
andresWhat failure do you get?18:32
drzoltron_ah sorry: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'select'18:33
jintyI think you just hit one of the warts...18:33
andresdrzoltron_, but the tests work?18:34
drzoltron_haven't tried yet18:34  runs ok18:34
andresjinty, if you think its a bug, do you have a clue, where it sits?18:35
drzoltron_the getFactory() returns NOne, hmmm18:36
andresdrzoltron_, can you show your code somewhere?18:36
drzoltron_one sec18:37
drzoltron_andres: do you need more ?18:39
jintywhich sqlobject version are you using?18:40
drzoltron_getFactory() gives me three strings: [u'absalon.ctr.AbsalonContentType', u'absalon.ctr.ContentType', u'BrowserAdd__absalon.ctr.ctr.AbsalonContentType']18:41
andresjinty, have you defined a Container for that?18:41
drzoltron_the first one returns None, the second <class 'absalon.ctr.ctr.AbsalonContentType'>18:41
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jintyandres: i'm not sure what you mean18:43
jintydrzoltron_: firstly factory id's have to follow the form ${package}.${class}18:44
drzoltron_I have sqlobject 0.7.018:44
andresarg, i wanted to asked drzoltron_ if he also created a class deriving from SQLobjectContainer18:44
jintythats a wart, but not the present problem18:44
drzoltron_andres: yes, I have a container18:44
drzoltron_class ICtr(ISQLObjectContainer):18:45
JoaoJoaowhen will Z3 have a cool video? :P18:46
drzoltron_where do the factory id's come from in self.allowedFactories()18:46
drzoltron_because u'absalon.ctr.ContentType' is an old one I am not using anymore ...18:46
jintyand the container implements an interface with a condition like: contains(IAbsolonContentType)?18:47
jintydzoltron_: getAllowedFactories is black voodoo to me...18:48
jintydzoltron_: allowedFactories is black voodoo to me...18:48
drzoltron_hehe even ;)18:50
drzoltron_jinty: __setitem__.precondition = ItemTypePrecondition( IAbsalonContentType )18:50
andresdrzoltron_, could you perhaps also share your zcml etc?18:50
drzoltron_andres: sure18:50
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andresdrzoltron_, the only idea i have atm, is, that you try to alter the example in tiny steps till you find your error.18:55
jintydrzoltron_: perhaps try removing <factory> from the <content> declaration18:55
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drzoltron_andres, jinty: ok, will give it a try18:58
jintyhave a look at the sqlos ftesting.zcml, and how SamplePerson is registered18:59
andresdrzoltron_, why do you register the container as a local utility?19:00
* jinty dreams of getting rid of <sqlos:factory> and just using <zope:factory>19:00
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drzoltron_andres because I need it afterwards as a utility19:02
drzoltron_now I get this one: ('Could not adapt', < object at 0x403ccb0>, <InterfaceClass sqlos.interfaces.IZopeSQLConnection>)19:03
andresOk, that one i know.19:03
jintyheh, andres: what about that patch you were talking about;;;))19:04
andresjinty, i need to get zope commiter bits first.19:04
andresAnd i forgot to fill out the fax this week.19:04
andresdrzoltron_, uncomment this:19:04
andresline 129-14019:05
andresin configure.zcml of sqlos19:05
andresor apply those patches:19:05
andres(would be good to get more coverage):19:05
andrespart 1:
drzoltron_  File "/Users/bes/instances/", line 91, in __init__19:07
drzoltron_    pgconnection.PsycoBinaryConverter)19:07
drzoltron_AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'PsycoBinaryConverter'19:07
andresBut the problem will be equal. Wait a min.19:09
andresis you sqlos updated?19:10
drzoltron_i use the trunc19:10
drzoltron_trunk even19:11
andresdrzoltron_, very strange. This funcion is in sqlobject.19:13
drzoltron_yeah, not in mine :(19:13
*** vlado has quit IRC19:13
drzoltron_looks as if I have a quite old sqlobject here19:14
drzoltron_    Ian Bicking <> 17 Oct 200219:14
andreswhat are the last lines in your sqlobject/postgres/pgconnection?19:14
drzoltron_andres: # Converter for psycopg Binary type.19:17
drzoltron_def PsycoBinaryConverter(value, db):19:17
drzoltron_    assert db == 'postgres'19:17
drzoltron_    return str(value)19:17
drzoltron_looks much better19:17
*** jhauser_ has joined #zope3-dev19:17
andresVery strange. Why doesnt it find that?19:17
drzoltron_looks as if port installed some old shit19:18
drzoltron_new error: TypeError: __init__() got an unexpected keyword argument '_SO_fetch_no_create'19:18
drzoltron_sqlobject/", line 906, in get19:18
andresHow did you get rid of the former error?19:19
drzoltron_I deleted some sqlobjects and installed a brand new one ;)19:19
andresdrzoltron_, traceback?19:20
andresjinty, btw, i think we should document somewhere, that we require a recent sqlobject, or?19:27
drzoltron_sqlobject 0.7019:27
drzoltron_or 0.7rc1 ?19:27
andresjinty, "Sqlos is known to work with sqlobject 0.7rc1 but may work with older versions"19:28
*** jhauser has quit IRC19:30
jintyandres: sure, feel free to make the readme more verbose19:31
jintybtw, I just ran the tests against sqlobject 0.7.0 with no issues19:32
drzoltron_installed now sqlobject  trunk, still the same error19:32
andresdrzoltron_, i will install 0.7.0 now. I still had rc119:32
jintyso there is something really screwy going on.19:33
drzoltron_I think I'll try the example19:34
drzoltron_thanx for your help19:34
jintythe only half suggestion I have is that you use the new sqlobject way of declaring columns19:34
jintyso don't use _columns = [xxx], but template = StringCol(length=20)19:35
andresI can also use 0.7 without problems.19:36
drzoltron_zope 3.1 or zope trunc19:36
andresboth i think. I cant try trunk here, as im on windows, and currently i have no visualstudio installed, but at home it worked (under linux) some days ago with trunk.19:38
andresdrzoltron_, have you changed you column spec?19:39
drzoltron_still same error19:39
andreswhat are you doing (in code) when this error occurs?19:41
andresIf you create a container via zmi, can you "open" it without errors?19:44
drzoltron_andres: no it throws the error19:45
andresIs the database table empty?19:46
drzoltron_no theres one record19:47
andresCan you delete if for a test?19:47
JoaoJoaohum Basecamp is really a cool website19:48
drzoltron_andres: back to this one:   File "/Users/bes/instances/", line 105, in items19:49
drzoltron_    for obj in
drzoltron_AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'select'19:49
*** stub has quit IRC19:50
andresSorry, but i dont see an other way, than starting from the example.19:50
andresPropably its just a stupid error we both dont catch.19:50
andresPlease try the example first. (then change, the dbname, then the columns...)19:51
drzoltron_andres: yeah, I am trying the example19:51
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drzoltron_trying the sqlos_test I can add a container but nothing appears in it and I cannot add persons to it, hmmm20:04
andresIf you create objects in the database, do they appear?20:04
drzoltron_i had this working with z 3.0 hmmmm20:05
drzoltron_funny: in the add portlet it says "SQL Object container"20:06
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andresCould you watch the database log, after putting it into verbose mode?20:06
andresdrzoltron_, thats the false one.20:06
drzoltron_andres: i am, quite silent20:07
drzoltron_one sec20:07
andresdrzoltron_, add the container you created...20:07
drzoltron_was not properly added to site-packages20:08
andresYou have to add the "Person Container"20:08
drzoltron_i just found out that the .zcml file had a .txt extension grrr20:09
drzoltron_persom container is working20:10
andresThen alter it to suit you condition ;-)20:11
drzoltron_thanx for your help20:12
andresGod im tired... I will go home now.20:12
andresEnough of work.20:12
drzoltron_me too :)20:13
andresAnd i have to clean up my flat, as tomorow my gf will come... *g*20:13
* drzoltron_ is constantly cleaning after his son20:13
*** dobee has joined #zope3-dev20:15
andresdrzoltron_, neither me nor my gf are really old enough for children... (20)20:15
andresAnyway, a weekend nearly without work will be good.20:17
drzoltron_andres: sounds good20:17
drzoltron_i wasted half a day on this sqlos-crap :)20:18
drzoltron_so I will work in the weekend20:18
drzoltron_but first I will make some Topfenpalatschinken20:18
andresdrzoltron_, the first time i wanted to use sqlos, it didnt work with postgres at all, and i had to port it to 3.1 first ;-)20:18
andresi think it used ab one and a half day... so your half day is not that bad *g*20:19
drzoltron_worked greatly under 3.020:19
drzoltron_I even made some foreign keys at that time20:19
drzoltron_have to run before the shop closes, thanx very much for your help, cheers20:19
andresdrzoltron_, here foreign keys and join are working without problem.20:20
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