IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2005-11-25

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hyproi have a couple of zope 3 questions.06:30
hyprois there a zope3-users channel? or should i ask here?06:30
hyprook, i'll ask here anyway.... it simple: whatever happened to OrderedFolders in Zope 3?06:44
hyprodo i have to implement them from scratch (deriving from Folder, i mean...)06:45
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andresIf i have understood the answer to my question yesterday, in order to make an object traversable (so that in my case references which are members of the class can be traversed) i just need an adapter to implement ITraversable.16:24
andresIs that correct?16:24
andresBecause i tried both, implementing itraversable directly with my content object and via an adapter.16:25
andresIn both cases the traverse method wasnt even called when i tried to traverse.16:25
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efgeI have failing functional tests in the trunk in zope/testbrowser/ftests/../README.txt17:05
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srichterefge: eek, maybe due to ChrisW's latest checkins?17:21
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efgesrichter: dunno.
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roymI am trying to save a trusted adapter in a session container, so that19:29
roymits state is always available. Despite having called19:29
roymremoveAllProxies() on it, I cannot save it and keep getting an error:19:29
roym  "TypeError: can't pickle Checker objects"19:29
roymHow do I get around this?19:29
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