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JoaoJoaois Azax made for Z2 only?02:14
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bradallenNewbie question. How do I get <a href='relativePath'> URLs to find ZODB objects? I'm having trouble using anything other than absolute URLs.07:59
bradallenI tried <a href='context/relativePath'> but that didn't work either.08:16
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philiKONbradallen, not sure if i understand09:43
philiKONwhat's wrong with <a href="" tal:attributes="href context/@@absolute_url">...</a> ?09:43
bradallenThanks for the reply.09:54
bradallenI don't quite understand it yet, though.09:54
bradallenLooking at the TAL section of your book.09:55
bradallenOk, I hadn't noticed the attributes TAL command before.09:56
bradallenI will try that, though I am hoping to avoid using the absolute url, since parent folder paths may change.09:58
philiKONsure, but the url is dynamically generated10:02
philiKONso it would change when the parent paths changes10:02
bradallenoh, ok. Thanks! I will try it tomorrow after I get some shut-eye.10:04
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philiKONanyone know why i'm seeing these test failures: ?13:22
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