IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2005-11-27

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jfmoxleyfor a zope.schema.Choice with vocabulary= SimpleVocabulary.fromValues(range(-20, 20+1)), i am having trouble verifying values like '0' from a database using schema.fromUnicode()00:27
jfmoxleycan i set a type on the vocabulary somehow so that it would behave like zope.schema.Int.fromUnicode()?00:29
jfmoxleyany thoughts or suggestions guys?00:47
srichtermmh, that seems like a bug in the choice implementation00:49
srichterjfmoxley: in the special case of a range, you could use an integer field and provide a min and max value00:50
projekt01Hi srichter00:50
jfmoxleythanks srichter.  i guess i just liked the idea of having a pulldown menu00:51
jfmoxleyi'll go back to the simpler form :)00:51
projekt01sricher, do you know if we can customize the accesslog (twisted) and get back the user name in the log00:51
srichterprojekt01: not that easily00:52
srichterprojekt01: we have to agree with the twisted.web2 developers on a WSGI variable00:53
srichterok gotta go again00:53
projekt01Have a nice weekend00:53
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newpershi projekt01.  how's Tiks coming along?01:02
projekt01newpers, Hi01:03
projekt01I have to implement a user tracking system right now and didn't have had many time to make progress on  new features ;-)01:04
projekt01Except some AJAJ stuff01:04
projekt01AJAX with JSON01:06
newpersohh... nice01:06
projekt01I implemented a generic message queue for server side AJAx messages in Tiks01:07
newperssounds exciting01:07
projekt01Where can be used for showing progress (progress bar) on large fileupload via AJAX01:08
newpersthat's cool01:08
projekt01Or you can build a chat system based on this message queue01:08
projekt01You can use this messages for principals (e.g. chat) or for sessions (e.g. file upload)01:10
newpersthe demand is definitely there01:11
projekt01newpers, your mail is in my inbox. If I find time, I will take a closer look at your requirement and extract some things out where we can share. (e.g. the join/login system where I also need for the site)01:13
newpersthanks, projekt01.  no rush.  i understand you're busy and i'm still learning.  :)01:14
projekt01newpers, btw, do you know a good user tracking software?01:14
projekt01no problem01:16
projekt01...then I will continue fighting with LiveStats01:17
newpersprojekt01: looks nice :)01:20
* projekt01 is looking at ...01:21
newpersfor a better screenshot:
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newpersi found a url that compares measuremap, mint, and google analytics.  i think a few comments mention livestats as well.01:31
projekt01newpers, thanks for the links, very good infos.01:35
projekt01I guess what I need doesn't exist right now. What I need is a user tracking software where is able to log via a image (domain/xy.gif?username=zope.Manager&foo=bar)01:38
newpersi asked this a week or two ago, but i don't think i explained the problem to well.  i installed zope3.1 with prefix=/usr and make install prefix=/tmp/zope-slackpackage/usr.  i then made a slackware package and installed, where it installed everything to /usr.  everything runs great and all the installation files are in /usr/... But, when I get an error in /usr/lib/python/zope/... it says that the error is in File "/tmp/zope-slackpackag01:47
newperswoh.  that was long01:47
projekt01Are you speaking about the zpkg tool?01:48
newpersnope.  i'm talking about slackwares SlackBuild scripts that use makepkg01:49
newpersin the SlackBuild, i run ./configure, make,  make install prefix=SOMEPATH, makepkg01:50
projekt01Sorry, I have never heard about that. Is it a part of z3?01:51
newpersnope.  i'm asking because i think it happens whenever you use z3's make install01:51
projekt01Sorry, I have no idea01:51
newpersthat it hardcodes make install's prefix path into the debugging01:51
newpersi think01:52
projekt01write a mail to the list if you think there is a compatibility problem01:53
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JoaoJoaoI was wondering, is there any example on how to do AJAX in Z3?18:47
agroszerhi, look for azax at the z3ecm project18:50
JoaoJoaoOh I tried to install Azax but then I got a little confused, it needed Zope218:51
agroszerdrop them a mail about it18:52
d2mJoaoJoao: ajax just calls urls like a regular browser does, depends more on what you want to return from your app18:54
JoaoJoaoI would need something like "the list of objects in the current folder which implement interface X"18:55
d2mJoaoJoao: write a view for this, let it return the result as XML, call it from the browser and process it there18:56
JoaoJoaod2m: A XML-RPC view then18:56
d2mJoaoJoao: well, no -- ajax requests are plain GET or POST requests18:57
JoaoJoaoI'm considering using Dojo or MochiKit18:58
d2mI have seen examples wher people went through an extra xmlrpc layer, but i think thats not necessary most of the time18:59
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JoaoJoaoThat's true, I like the Azax approach though18:59
d2mAzax is meant that you do not need to write the client part at all, should be managed by the package too19:00
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JoaoJoaohum it seems that Azax is meant for Z2 really19:36
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srichteryes, it is19:43
JoaoJoaoah that's why I couldn't use it in Z3 :P19:51
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J1msrichter, I can't run schooltool20:07
ignas_how and why ?20:09
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drzoltron_any sqlos sharks around ?23:38
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