IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2005-11-28

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JoaoJoaois there a way for me to tell how an object's default id will look like?03:23
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newpersI don't check the site too much, does need updating?04:24
newpersin regards to zope 3.204:26
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mgedminhi, folks13:21
mgedminsvn: Berkeley DB error while opening 'revisions' table for filesystem /svn/repos/main/db:13:21
mgedminCannot allocate memory13:21
mgedminwhile Fetching external item into 'Zope3/zpkgsetup'13:21
mgedmintime for somebody to put on a sysadmin hat?13:21
philiKONmgedmin, yeah, J1m :)13:31
mgedminwhen will you switch to subversion's fsfs backend?13:31
philiKON"you" ?13:31
mgedminas in "you Zope 3 folks"13:31
philiKONi guess when some volunteer of the zope foundation will take over maintenance of svn.zope.org13:32
philiKONnote the future tense ;)13:32
mgedminI can tell you a scary story about how bsddb completely ate the subversion repository that I used for storing my home directory backups13:32
philiKONheh, i believe you13:33
philiKONi've been using the fsfs backend for some time now as well13:33
philiKONand feel comfortable, especially with the ability to incrementally backup13:33
philiKONmgedmin, actually, it's not a BDB problem, I think13:33
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philiKONmgedmin, svn upping svn+ssh:// urls works13:33
philiKONmgedmin, it's the svn:// urls that don't work13:33
philiKONviewcvs also does work13:34
philiKONso it seems like it's a problem of svnserve13:34
philiKON"Cannot allocate memory" != corruption of bdb13:34
mgedminwell, it explicitly said "Berkeley DB error", so I just believed it13:36
philiKONthat could just mean that it's somewhere int he bdb backend...13:37
philiKONi used to be more familiar with the svn source code back when i contributed to it...13:38
mgedminI had some fun wih svn's source code when I was debugging my problem --
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roymIs there an implementation of ISessionDataContainer that doesn't persist to ZODB? Both PersistentSessionDataContainer and RAMSessionDataContainer seem to use the ZODB.14:26
philiKONroym, i don't think there is, but you could probably easily write one that uses a tmpdir14:27
philiKONroym, though you'd have to make sure you get it right in the threaded environment...14:28
philiKONand with transactions and such14:28
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roymWhat confuses me is with a name like 'RAMSessionDataContainer', one would expect it to NOT persist to disk. What might the rationale be to use disk.14:30
philiKONnot sure. i'm surprised too. maybe there isn't a decent way to keep data in ram over several requests14:33
philiKONthat works well with threads and all14:33
philiKONi guess it could use a memorystorage or whatever it's called14:33
philiKONa kind of zodb storage14:33
philiKONmaybe it does that?14:33
roymCould it be that this is the only way to allow ZEO to use storage? It uses MappingStorage (which is persistent to disk, isn't it?)14:38
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philiKONroym, ah yeah14:46
philiKONroym, that's it... zeo :)14:46
roymphiliKON: thanks for confirming.14:47
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andresSome time ago i asked how i could realize this: A content object has an attribute ref which directs to another object. I want to do /object1/ref in order to reach this. I got the advice to implement ITraversable which didnt work, i had to implement IPublishTraverse (Im saying this just to explain the situation, not to blame someone). So, now i have the problem, that i want to do object/reflist/1. Currently reflist is an array (a join out of a databas15:12
andrese). So, how could i realize that? Because i cant see how to register an adapter for that. What ways do you see to implement that?15:12
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jhauser_but if obj1 does implement IPublishTraverse it can lookup the parameters in the request and generate the requested object15:47
jhauser_but it seems that reflist is an implementation detail15:48
jhauser_are there different reflists?15:48
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andresjhauser_, yes.16:09
andresOn some content objects there are (This is something i need in 20+ different classes) multiple.16:09
andresthose "reflist" are joins and a ref is a foreign key.16:11
jhauser_ok, but then you have both informations, reflist and ref from the request object16:12
jhauser_I think your problem might be to stop traversing there16:13
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roymHow would I detect a session timeout? Is there an event for this? Any examples in the codebase?16:15
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andresjhauser_, yes, it is.16:20
efgeanyone from Zope Corp here ? subversion is broken...16:21
agroszerefge: philikon said at 12:30 that svn+ssh is working16:25
efgeagroszer: well now I have bdb errors, with svn+ssh://
agroszerhoped that'll help...16:26
jhauser_ah andres: have you tried to modify the request in the publishTraverse method?16:30
jhauser_that's how I would do in in z216:30
andresjhauser_, i will do that now, but i still dont like that... Its not that clean.16:31
philiKONreuqest doesn't have to be modified16:31
jhauser_now comes the clean way :-)16:31
philiKONIPublishTraverse is indeed the right iface, i think16:31
philiKONsorry to have mislead you16:31
philiKONITraversable is for stuff like TALES traversal16:31
philiKONso, first, you don't have to implement it on the object, it can be an adapter ;)16:32
philiKONbut it's your choice16:32
philiKONand what's wrong with further adapting 'reflist' to IPublishTraverse to get to obj/reflist/1 ?16:32
jhauser_reflist is a list and not an object16:32
jhauser_and there should be a way to stop traversing somewhere16:33
philiKONlists are objects16:33
philiKONbut that's not the point16:33
philiKONwho says that obj/reflist as a traversal actually has to  yield the list object16:34
philiKONit could yield some surrogate that knows how to get valuese from the real list when it's traversed16:34
jhauser_right you can do this16:34
jhauser_but nevertheless I think it would be a hinderance16:34
jhauser_first you generate a chain of objects, than you dissect them to get the parameters16:35
jhauser_obj ist the publisher16:35
jhauser_or controller one could say16:36
philiKONyes, the traverser can be told to further neglect entries16:36
philiKONif the current traverser already took them into account16:36
philiKONe.g. we're traversing 'object/reflist/1'16:36
philiKONthe traverser for 'object' also takes into account the items following it: 'reflist', '1'16:37
philiKONso it deletes them from the traversal stack16:37
jhauser_question is how to delete from the traversal stack16:37
andresso, i have to implement my own traverser, right?16:37
jhauser_isn't the stack part of the request?16:38
philiKONit used to in z216:38
philiKONnot in z316:38
philiKONb/c the request should be read only16:38
jhauser_which I mean with change the request16:38
philiKONITraversable.traverse(name, furtherPath)16:38
jhauser_ah fine16:39
philiKONhmm, not too fine16:39
andresphiliKON, ITraversable?16:39
philiKONIPublishTraverse doesn't support this16:39
andresphiliKON, this confused me too.16:41
jhauser_but the ITraverse-Adapter of the result object could implement this16:41
* philiKON still thinks that mock objects along the traversal path would be the easiest16:42
andresphiliKON, its the easiest, but not the nicest way ;-)16:43
philiKONi think it's nicer than fiddling with some traversal stack16:43
jhauser_hm traversing to the end, than asking all the parents for the values, then generating a result, which could already be created by obj16:44
jhauser_I think it's enough if the result object implements traverse and eats it16:46
jhauser_eats the stack16:46
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efge(svn works again thx)16:47
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andresjhauser_, it works now, thanks for your help... (got it working in 5 minutes. Sometimes advice has some _serious_ advantages over just finding the solution yourself ;-))17:42
jhauser_:-) I learn this myself, so I will need to ask similar questions :-)17:43
andresjhauser_, i still wonder why #zope3-dev is that silent.17:47
andresjhauser_, the "box" approach has a additional benefit. You can define a view for it.17:48
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andresbtw, all this stuff only works in custom views, not through zmi...17:49
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andresbecause of AbsoluteURL17:54
andresok, i found my failure... I have just set __parent__ and not __name__...17:58
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andresAnybody here using zope.formlib?20:57
andresEspecially in combination with the file widget?20:59
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j1msrichter, ayt?22:24
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