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srichter hi00:52
projekt01How you doing?00:52
srichterpretty good00:53
projekt01I'm reading the mails about events from dominik, what do you think about it?00:53
srichternothing; I am not actively following the discussion :-)00:54
projekt01It's just about a additional "container modified event"00:55
srichteryeah, I know the subject, I just have not followed the arguments in detail00:55
projekt01Dominiks project is heavy based on events, that's the reason he recognized some miss behavior now00:57
projekt01btw, I'm also not lucky with the quick changes without a proposal00:59
srichteryou mean happy?01:01
srichterbring up the issue on the mailing list in a separate mailk01:01
srichterothers might agree with you01:01
projekt01Dominik was describing it already in a mail.01:05
srichterno, describe that you have an issue with not having a proposal01:07
projekt01Ah Ok, will do.01:07
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projekt01efge, hi02:25
projekt01I sent a answer to your mail02:26
efgesorry about shouting but that was after answering another mail about this that got me really over the top02:28
projekt01np ;-)02:28
efgeprojekt01: do you mean you tested on explicit event class ? I can understand that breaking, yes02:28
efgeprojekt01: so your pb is about the specializing of objectmodifed to containermodified ?02:29
projekt01>>> [event.__class__.__name__ for event in events]02:29
projekt01      ['ObjectCopiedEvent', 'ObjectAddedEvent', 'ContainerModifiedEvent']02:29
projekt01If somebody was testing this before he got different class names02:30
efgeyes, but you agree that some such changes are necessary, right? This kind of things (breaking tests) happen.02:31
efgeand in that case that's really only tests that break, because I can't see any real code testing for event classes explicitely02:31
projekt01no, not in my app. Dominik was calling me today and reported some tests in his application. This application is heavy based on events.02:32
projekt01That's the reason why he is afraid about event concept changes02:32
projekt01tests/failing tests02:33
efgefixing the tests would take a few minutes, no?02:34
efgeeverybody else seem to agree on my changes02:34
projekt01Yes, but I don't know about dominik02:34
efgefrankly a full fledged proposal for this is ridiculous02:34
JoaoJoaoI'm a little lost on this: I have a list of QuestionTypes, and then I'd need to associate a Question to a single QuestionType, how could I do it in Z3?02:35
efgedominik suggest using something that is really impractical02:35
efgeand I don't remember seeing a proposal for the modification descriptions either02:36
efgeprojekt01: anyway I have to go, more on this tomorrow I guess :)02:36
projekt01For me, your implementations seems straight forward. But I know dominik has a huge application interacting with SAP and he is using batches and events for import files and reorganize them in IContainers02:37
projekt01efge, see you02:37
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WebMavenzbir: AYT?06:38
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d2mis anyone using zsync or fssync with the trunk ? this is broken for some month now ( , i am curious how it works ...11:11
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projekt01mkerin, is it possible to use another log file format with the twisted web server. Right now only the "common" format is supported.14:09
agroszerprojekt01: Hi, I'd like to ask you if you still have interest in the z3ecm ecm.workflow package?14:14
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mkerrinprojekt01: not yet - but it should be very simple to implement the different logging formatters has utilities and call them by name from within zope.conf14:40
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andresI read in a old email that zc wanted to release some widgets (before 3.0). Has this ever happened? I search a more usefull datetime widget...15:53
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benjino, andres, it hasn't happened16:04
andresare there still plans to do that?16:04
benjiI have a date-time widget I'd like to release, but it'll have to wait until after the feature freeze for 3.216:05
projekt01agroszer, how do you mean that?16:06
andresbenji, propably no interest in an additional tester ;-)16:07
projekt01mkerrin, Ok, I will take a look at this. I was thinking twisted uses a hard coded "accesslog" handler.16:07
agroszerprojekt01: As I see you did it, and I found some bugs and problems16:07
benjiwell, it needs some work, but I'd be willing to put it in the sand box if you want to poish it and get it ready for wider release16:08
agroszereven have some fixes16:08
agroszerbut they just lay around as tickets in the z3ecm trac16:08
projekt01agroszer, I stopped working on the repository and implemented a custom workflow application. I don't use it right now.16:09
andresbenji, i can try to, but i cant promise anything16:09
benjisure, no strings attached :)16:09
projekt01agroszer, feel free to fix and refactor whatever is needed16:09
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agroszerI see, so I should bug the z3ecm guys, right?16:10
projekt01andres, use the misho calendar widget from Tiks: svn://
projekt01agroszer, just ask efge for commit access and check in your bugfix. The z3ecm wirkflow right now isn't useable I guess.16:11
agroszerprojekt01: no, actually it is working with some minor flaws16:12
projekt01agroszer, cool. Do you use it already?16:14
agroszerprojekt01: I will, and I will have to make it keep the workflow definition persistent16:15
agroszeras I remember Stephan forwarded an email to you also about it16:15
agroszerwe had a small discussion about this subject16:16
projekt01Why do you need persistent wf defs?16:16
agroszerI have to create a document management app16:17
agroszerso the users have to be able to define the workflow on site16:17
agroszerwith limitations of course...16:18
projekt01But this could end in a big disaster. How do you ensure that existing used transitions don't get deleted?16:18
projekt01I'm very interessted in this but I have no time today. Can we discuss this part in a couple days?16:19
agroszerfor the very first version I think I won't let them modify the once defined workflow16:19
agroszerlater, I can have some thought about the 'mercedes' version16:19
agroszersure, anyway I'll have to do this app16:20
projekt01I guess we should use a wf definition version number for this. "where is missing in the zope3 wfmc implementation"16:20
projekt01agroszer, I built already a productive wfmc application where I like to refactor. See
agroszerI'll check it out16:22
projekt01perhaps we can do some brainstorming together16:22
projekt01Are you around on IRC during the next days?16:23
agroszerusually I'm here16:23
projekt01Ok, let's talk again about wfmc next time.16:23
projekt01andres, ayt?16:24
andresprojekt01, yes.16:24
projekt01did you see my link?16:24
andresYes, im trying it out atm.16:24
projekt01cool, let me know if you have questions. I'm back later tonight.16:24
agroszerandres: is it working for you?16:25
projekt01Yes, of corse16:25
projekt01There is also a working demo at, svn://
agroszersorry, I mean
projekt01andres, are you trying the Tiks calendar widget?16:28
andresprojekt01, yes.16:28
agroszersorry guys, now amadeus is working16:29
projekt01andres, you have to include the javascript in the skin where you use the widget.16:30
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andres_projekt01, it will need a few minutes. Till now i tried to extract it, till i figured out, that its not the 2-5 min work i thought, because of the resourcedirectories16:37
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zbirWebMaven: You were looking for me?16:56
andres_projekt01, if i see it correctly i need to rewrite it a quite a bit, or include tiks?17:01
andresbenji Could you perhaps place the widget into the sandbox?17:01
benjisure, give me a minute17:01
_projekt01andres, why do you think?17:03
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andres_projekt01, at least you have to rewrite the configure.zcml bits.17:04
andresAnd remove the pagelet reference.17:04
andresrewrite of configure.zcml because resourcedirectories is not in zope 3.117:05
projekt01andres, the pagelet is only a sample how you can register the javascript17:06
andresprojekt01, yes, but ill have to rewrite the  <resourcedirectory> stuff, or?17:08
ignashow to add an interface to an existing object ?17:16
ignasin other words - how to apply a marker interface17:16
andresignas, you can do that in zcml17:17
andresOr do you mean at runtime?17:18
agroszerignas: directlyProvides(obj, marker, directlyProvidedBy(obj))17:18
andresignas, out of zope.interface17:19
ignasagroszer, thanks17:19
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benjiphiliKON, I think your last Zope 2 commit caused tests to fail because of time zone assumptions17:20
philiKONdid it?17:20
benjisee http://buildbot.zope.org17:20
philiKONcan you post the error?17:20
philiKONbenji, thanks :)17:21
* philiKON fixes17:21
benjiphiliKON, see
philiKONbenji, fixed now...17:34
benjicool, buildbot is great! :)17:35
philiKONyes, it rocks17:35
philiKONi should use it more often17:35
philiKONi wonder if i can hook it up to aspell17:35
benjiI think it's going to become more and more important17:35
benjito spell check doc tests?  :)17:36
philiKONno, my book *wink*17:36
benjiah :)17:36
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projekt01andres, no you don't have to rewrite the resource directives, this directive will only register the javascript files and images17:57
andresprojekt01, the problem is, that my zope only know resourceDirectory not the plural form.17:58
projekt01Ah, is see17:58
andresI thought that it got added somewhere in tiks.17:59
projekt01use this package and you will have the directive:18:00
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projekt01Its not possible to do everything with the recursive directory directive from z318:01
projekt01that was the reason why we implemented a explicit directive for nested resources18:02
projekt01With the recursive nested directory resource directive from zope3 you will map every file, which is more then bad.18:03
projekt01This is ugly and a big security hole!18:03
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benjiyou really think so projekt01?18:05
projekt01Yes, if I register in a package as a directoryResource and nobody will recognize that.18:06
projekt01Or think about what could happen if we support TTW "sometimes".18:06
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benjiwith the interaction of TTW, I see more of a problem, but still don't see that big of a problem (and I'm fairly paranoid :))18:07
projekt01benji, Not for us where are reading the code before installing a 3rd party package18:08
benjiI wonder if it would be a good idea to add an option to resource directory to take a list of globs that you want to register (*.js *.css)18:08
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projekt01Yes, could be a option. I guess we have at least to review this part.18:09
benjiwell, that is reducable to the "there is risk in running any code you don't completely understand" argument18:09
projekt01I call this a built in spyware door18:10
benjiwe have to make sure we support all important use cases!18:10
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projekt01Yes, I register every resource by it's own directive. I added a directory directive which allows to register path or names which makes this possible.18:11
projekt01Sometimes it's a lot of work for register hugh javascript libraries. But explicit is better then implicit.18:12
benjipracticality beats purity  :)18:12
benjium, that was a retort, not an agreement :)18:13
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andresprojekt01, stupid question: What am i missing? I added the js <script> directives to my template, overwrote which widget should be used for datetime. Now there is a reset button beneath my datetime field, but nothing happens, and i dont see any obvious failures (also i dont see a js event somewhere).18:24
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benjiandres, I just added zc.datetimewidget to the sandbox18:25
andresbenji, thanks.18:26
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andresbenji, so, i have move it from snippet to "standard zcml", is that the work you mean?18:33
benjiandres, that or use zc.resource library which is also in the sandbox18:33
benjiI'd prefer you use resource library18:34
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jintyany way to strip whitespace from ZPTs without causing myself an editing nightmare?18:55
projekt01andres, do you have the calendar javascipt in the html source code19:00
andresyes, all <script> out of javascript.pt19:00
projekt01can you call the on the server?19:01
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projekt01andres, are the scripts accessible on the server?19:02
projekt01andres, do you see a string like "Calendar.setup" below your widget?19:05
andresnot below, beneath ;-)19:05
projekt01that's ok.19:06
projekt01Does the "inputField:" point to the input filed id=""19:06
projekt01I mean the inputFiled argument in "Calendar.setup" method19:07
projekt01btw, which browser are you using?19:07
andresfirefox 1.5rc2 , and internetexplorer 6 and opera 8.519:08
projekt01I use it in ie right now.19:09
projekt01Firefox is also Ok19:09
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projekt01andres, I have to leave now, but I'm back later. It should work if all javascript are loaded and the inputField points to the element id19:12
projekt01andres, see you later19:12
andresprojekt01, i think they did, but i couldnt look right now, as i made some changes to my code braking it...19:12
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_projekt01andres, are you online later?19:13
andresyes, but i propably wont have access to my source later... Are you here tomorrow?19:13
andresI have a calender widget (the one out of sip), but i dont like it.19:14
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_projekt01Send me the HTML source to dev at projekt01 dot ch. I try to replace the urls and see what's happen to the JS.19:15
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