IRC log of #zope3-dev for Wednesday, 2005-11-30

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jfmoxleywhen doing a validate() on a vocabulary-derived zope.schema.List, I am getting a VocabularyRegistryError... any insights on why this could be?  i'm confused because the schema vocabulary used performs great on the generated corresponding edit.html01:22
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philiKONjfmoxley, are you doing this in a  test?01:42
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jfmoxleyphiliKON: no, i'm doing this to validate data read from a text database01:57
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jfmoxleyis anybody around?  i seem to be getting a ForbiddenAttribute no matter what I do in my configure.zcml02:57
jfmoxleynevermind i03:02
jfmoxley'm an idiot :)03:02
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* romanofski have a suggestion for formlib, especially for a template11:33
romanofskiand it would be very nice if this could be added to the svn11:33
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romanofskinah.. not svn ... added to the template actually11:34
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SteveAphiliKON, srichter: the zope test summarizer can no longer send its summaries to zope-coders.  where should they go?14:23
srichterSteveA: zope-dev14:29
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SteveAok.  the next run should go to zope-dev14:38
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drzoltron_any zodb wizards around `16:26
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zbirlo, TresEquis20:05
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TresEquiszbir: howdy20:06
TresEquisJ1m: I have a cAccessControl.c patch which needs an eyeball -- do you have time for a look?20:07
J1mwanna email it to me?20:08
TresEquisor I can send you mail20:08
J1mk, I'll look at that in a few minutes.20:09
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tiredbonesphiliKON, Is there a web page one can ask gquestion about your book?20:26
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drzoltron_J1m: do you have a sec20:39
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J1mdang, I forgot to loook at TresEquis' code....21:36
J1mdrzoltron_, a sec.21:36
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TresEquisJ1m: Yuppie uploaded some extra tests21:52
TresEquisI'm getting " NULL result without error in PyObject_Call" running with my current sandbox21:52
J1mYaa ha21:53
J1mYee ha21:53
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J1mTresEquis, is that with or without your patches?22:34
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zmi_junkiezope3-40428 has got an ImportError: No module named _zope_proxy_proxy on my system23:33
J1mrun make23:34
zmi_junkiehmm, okay23:34
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