IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2005-12-01

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TresEquisJ1m: thanks for the feedback -- I've checked in a version incorporating it at svn+ssh://
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romanofskihm ... weird... functional testing using my own skin is a bit odd, in particular if I need to create my own request using makeRequest11:05
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einsis there anything like nextURL in editform view?12:38
romanofskiyou have to register several pages if I understand you correct, afaik12:40
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einsromanofski I simply want to redirect to some other page after correct editform submit. When using addform, I can use nextURL() defined in some class which I refer to in ZCML addform directive with class="...". However this is surprisingly not the case in editform.. (??)12:52
romanofskiwell, I'm not using editform at all, just page(s) and the formlib for edit screens12:54
romanofskibut I'm not a zope3 wizard, so I'm probably not able to give you zopish advice here12:55
einsthanks anyway;)12:55
einsformlib comes from zope3.2..13:02
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andreseins, but it works well with 3.113:08
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einsbut anyway it should be simple thing to redirect to some other page after correct ediform submit, why is that different from addform? what's the correct way to do this?13:11
einsbtw how do i svn anonymously from doing svn co ends in "301 Moved"13:17
mgedmineins, svn co svn://
einsthanks mgedmin13:23
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mgedmincd ~/src/Zope3/14:40
mgedminPYTHONPATH=src python14:40
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mgedminimport zope.component14:40
mgedminImportError: No module named component14:40
mgedminI can import zope.interface, but not zope.schema, or zope.exceptions, or zope.tales14:41
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mgedminI did run 'make'14:41
romanofskimgedmin: is this a whitespace in the PYTHONPATH?14:42
mgedminoh, I get it14:42
romanofskilooks like a whitespace14:42
mgedminthere's /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/zope on my system14:42
mgedminPYTOHNPATH=src python -v -c 'import zope.component'14:42
mgedminshowed it14:42
mgedmingaah, /me stupid14:43
mgedminI typed PYTOHNPATH=src instead of PYTHONPATH=src14:44
mgedminso it used the system-wide path and found the 'zope' package in /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/zope14:44
mgedminwhere it only contains zope.interface and nothing else ;)14:44
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mgedminand that's because I somehow got the ubuntu python2.4-zopeinterface: package installed14:46
TheuniJ1m:  ping14:54
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mgedminniemeyer, worksforme16:04
mgedminuh, that was supposed to be a privmsg16:04
mgedminniemeyer, can you ping
* mgedmin says oops again16:07
niemeyermgedmin: Yep16:07
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niemeyermgedmin: And as well16:10
niemeyerBut telnet to port 80 doesn't work16:10
* niemeyer tries from somewhere else16:10
niemeyerFrom another server it works.. looks like some network is blocking me out..16:11
* niemeyer mumbles something bad16:11
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niemeyermgedmin: Anyway.. my problem. Thanks16:12
* mgedmin just ran 'make test ftest' in his Zope3 sandbox and saw 2 failing ftests16:12
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J1mTheuni, pong16:20
zagy_hey J1m  :)16:21
Theuniman ... that was cool .. i was in the office next door and someone proxied your pong for me ...16:21
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someoneright Theuni *G16:21
TheuniJ1m:  the certification funding is complete now and I'm starting to move16:21
TheuniI'm revising the project page in the componentarchitecture wiki now, to reflect the real status and the current plan16:22
TheuniI have a couple of questions though16:22
Theunia) will you be around at pycon for sprinting?16:22
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J1mTheuni, I currently don't plan to be.16:23
TheuniHmm. Would it be interesting to spend two days or so to work on the features we need for Zope 3.3 to get certified?16:24
TheuniI'll be coming to pycon and spend some more time around (some holidays in front and the week afterwards). I'm not so flexible on the locations though, as I'll have to have the flights arrive and leave from the same destination.16:24
J1mIt's something to think about.16:25
TheuniOk ... just tell me when you know for certain ...16:25
J1mYes, I would be interesting on working on what's needed for certification.16:25
TheuniAs I'm targeting for Zope 3.3 to begin it's release cycle in may, I was informed that 3.2 might be behind schedule ... I didn't find any hint about that other than a posting by Stephan on the developers list a while ago. Will the release of 3.3 be affected by that?16:26
J1mI expect 3.2 to be released on schedule in december.16:27
J1mA December 1 release would have been nice, but not expected.16:27
Theunigood. is the bugday tomorrow still planned? i'd help out if it is still there ...16:27
J1mThere's a bug day tomorrow?16:27
J1mIf so, I'll try to participate.16:27
Theunithat's the response i was expecting ... :)16:28
Theunithere was a mailinglist posting on november 17 that announced this bug day16:28
Theuniit hadn't much feedback but nuxeo was interested to participate16:28
Theunii looked in the bugtracker and think i'd be able to tackle a couple of bugs with minor guidance16:29 is roasted16:29
efgeTheuni: hm I totally forgot about the bugday, you should send a reminder16:29 works fine for me.16:29
J1mgotta go to a meeting16:30
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mgedminisn't there a makefile rule to compile .po files to .mo?16:30
TheuniJ1m:  ok ... thanks for listening. You remember to tell me when you decided about pycon?16:30
Theuniefge:  i'll do that16:30 was just a bit slow ...16:30
TheuniHmm. I have the feeling that bug day slipped through a bit ... it was mentioned in this thread, but never announced:
Theuniis there a current policy about bug days for zope 3?16:32
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Theuniwell ... i'll just drop the note to the list again16:42
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*** Theuni changes topic to "zope3-dev | Bug day tomorrow (2005-12-02) | Zope 3.1.0final released! | Help translating Zope 3.1 into your language! | logs available at"16:50
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J1msrichter, ayt?19:51
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srichterJ1m: pong20:10
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andresAm i right if i think that always the most specific adapter/view/page/whatever gets selected?21:00
J1mYes, unless you are looking up subscribers.21:00
andresThen all are notified, or?21:01
drzoltron_J1m: may I bother you with an email regarding use of ZODB for a non ZOPE project ?21:01
drzoltron_cool, will come within the next 24 hours ;)21:01
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andresPerhaps somebody remembers me asking a question about traversal the last days, this question is somewhat related to it. The Situation is the following: I have an content class (out of a foreign db) which has attributes which are lists containing other content objects. I have zope so far, that i can traverse down those attributes by providing my own browser publisher. In order to traverse further than just object/attribute i have the browserpublisher21:35
andresreturn a Box class. For this box class i have specified a browser:page which works. The Problem is, that i want not only provide a default view, but i want to be able to specialise the view. So, that if the attribute holds elements of a certain type, i can provide more information.21:35
andresAny idea to implement that elegantly?21:36
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bradallenI'm puzzled as to why a search for 'zapi'  in the Code Browser returns no results.22:41
bradallenOther searches such as "container" seem to return results.22:41
dman13bradallen: using fgrep, here's an snippet from the codebase:  'from import zapi'22:45
dman13maybe that will help you find it22:46
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bradallenso it's in That turns up lots of results, but no zapi. Just zapidoc22:48
bradallenIn the src dir, I found the zapi package.22:50
bradallenIt only contains an and an __init__.py22:51
dman13I usually just read the source22:51
dman13look in;  it's probably just a collection of handy functions22:51
bradallenyes, I see it has a bunch of import *22:52
dman13maybe the code browser's search only matches classes and the like and doesn't match on packages22:52
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bradallenthat makes sense22:52
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bradallenAnybody have experience using zwiki with reST to create links internal to the Z3 site?23:59
bradallenI'm stuck.23:59

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