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Theuniholy finite state machine00:00
Theunii'll put that on my todo list and go to bed :)00:01
srichtergood night00:02
srichterI think the symbol should be replaced when formatting a currency00:03
srichterso you should not need to look at the state machine00:03
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newpersok, i asked this earlier, but it was probably at a bad time.  let's say I have this persistent object with name, nick, weight,... and i want users to be able to add these objects to the container, but not if allow duplicate for name or nick.  how would i do this?  as a contanier constraint?00:24
newpersbut nto allow00:24
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newperslet me know if that didn't make sense00:27
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romanofskimoin :)09:47
* eins greets romanofski 09:48
* romanofski waves to eins 09:48
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newpersomg, did you see that thread on preventing duplicate persistance object members19:04
newpersi so want to reply to that19:04
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tvwHi, I am starting to use zope3 on windows and I wonder wether zope has problems when I use unc-paths.19:44
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tvwSo I have Python (and zope3) installed on \\server\blh\usr\Python-2.4.2 and when I make and run a zop3 instance on a local drive, I get a bunch of error messages.20:01
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tvwWhen I then map \\server\blh to a drive (e.g. G:) everything works fine. Python itself does not care whether I do map the share to a drive or not (and in practice I never do, since the alphabet is not very long) and my scripts work fine. So are there any known issues about zope3 and unc paths on windows?20:04
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newperstvw: just to warn you, i asked a question 2 days ago and havne't received an answer yet20:08
tvwnewpers: yes, it seems to be very silent here.20:10
smI think very few people know about zope3 on windows20:11
smyou are blazing a trail.. search and post on the zope3-users list, next20:12
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newpersin regards to my preventing duplicate persistent object members question... would it not make sense to do this when you define the schema20:15
newpersi asked this in zope-users, but it's also a dev question.  like "create unique index"20:15
newperswith sql20:15
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kevdev99tvw: I use zope3 on winxp everyday, but have only tried it by mapping paths to a drive, if you throw the error into the pastebin I'd be happy to take a look at it20:23
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tvwkevdev99: It's coming, it's coming - it's there ;-)20:32
tvwkevdev99: the url is:
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tvwkevdev99: don't be confused about the wrong paths starting with "C:\Python-2.4.2\". There is no python installation there (and never was). Those files mentioned there are under "\\server\BLH\usr\Python-2.4.2" and are also found there by zope/python. Only in the messages this old path is mentioned and I do not know why.20:40
tvwIt seems to have absolutely no effect when running zope3, which runs fine, when it is not on an unc path.20:41
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gnosisanyone know how I can access a subobjects view class from a parents page template?20:51
gnosissomething like <metal:fill-slot="description"><div tal:content="subobj/view/renderDescription" /></metal:fill-slot>20:54
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gnosisI don't want the context, that is the parent object... i'm interested in a subobject that i loop through21:05
tvwgnosis: this is the zope3 meditation room - it takes a while until someone gives a reply and I was told, this could take days ;-)21:05
sawdogwell, if you have a list, and you're doing a tal:repeat I items21:06
sawdogthen in that loop, I is it21:06
gnosisright, so how do i get the view class of I?21:06
sawdogahhh, I gotcha21:06
gnosisI'd like to format the description of I with a renderDescription function set in I's view class21:07
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sawdogI've never tried that in a template, I'd do it in a view class - you're going to have to call zapi.getView(I, view_name, request)21:08
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gnosisright, but i got that for the parent, but I can't format the subobject since the view looks at the context not I21:09
gnosisworks great for the parents description21:09
sawdogyou could put a method on the view, and pass it the subObject, and have it return what you need21:10
gnosisohhh.... let me check... perhaps I goofed21:11
sawdogNot that I'd recommend this, but something like:21:11
sawdog<div tal:define="subView python:view.getSView(i)">21:11
gnosiswas hoping to reuse the function from the subobject though, seems like there is no need to redo the function21:11
sawdognow you're unclear21:12
gnosisbut perhaps you cant get to that from parents page template21:12
gnosisI'll try making a function in the parents view class... should do the trick I imagine21:13
sawdogsounds to me like you're doing too much in your template21:13
sawdogmove the logic into the view, and just let the template render it21:13
gnosisI wanna reuse the html format already done in the subobjects template with macros... is that not a good idea?21:14
sawdogsure, you can do that in the view, have a method on the view return this already done to the template, then just get it from that mapping21:14
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gnosisoh, how do i get the subobject macro from a function in the parents view?21:15
sawdogstruct = view/doMagick21:16
sawdogin doMagick, have it build your sequence of subobjects, and have them rendered and stuff that rendering into a mapping, then your template just render21:16
gnosisah, got ya... that might work ok for me21:17
sawdogyou could build up a mapping to have all the logic to render the template from that mapping21:17
gnosisgot it now... that seems logical21:17
gnosisi'll give that a try21:17
gnosisthanks for your help21:17
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tvwNow I know why there is "C:\Python-2.4.2\" in the error message: it's the path, where the .pyc or .pyo once where compiled. grep only finds it there.21:30
tvwBut I still do not have a clue, why zope does not like unc paths.21:33
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kevdev99tvw: I21:50
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tvwkevdev99: yes?21:51
kevdev99tvw: I'd delete all the .pyc and .pyo files, but that doesn't really appear to be the problem, it looks like unc-paths are not supported21:54
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tvwkevdev99: Yes, the .pyc and .pyo files are not the problem, it is only confusing, that they store the path at compile time and use it later for error messages. But I guess, this is a general python problem, which causes no harm. But I am still searching for the bug with unc paths.21:58
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tvwBut in the meanwhile I will help myself with attaching this share to a drive letter (uuuuh ugly...)22:00
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