IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2006-04-28

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hsn_is there SQL driver for PostgreSQL and Zope3?09:07
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faassenconcerning the new component registration story.13:44
faassenif I want to register a local utility, I still need to add it somewhere, right?13:44
faassenor is this not needed?13:44
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efgeno it's not needed, just register it13:45
efge(i'm told :))13:45
regebroI'm told you have to add it somewhere. :)13:45
efgehm JMO told me you could have a non-persistent local utility13:45
efgeat this point it's just earsay13:46
efgehearsay even13:46
faassenanyway, I changed some authentication registration story..13:46
faassenand it can't find it anymore.13:46
regebroYeah, that makes sense, if it's not persistent, you don't need to add it, just register it.13:46
faasseneven though it is there according to utility lookup.13:46
faassenlet me check whether this thing is persistent.13:46
faassenI guess it doesn't need to be persistent.13:47
faassenthough the thing is right now.13:47
faassenanyway, I register it, and it seems to be found, except nextUtility just fails and doesn't found the IAuthentication stuff.13:47
faassenah, that explains it.13:48
faassenthe implementation wants to be located.13:48
faassenas it calls getNextUtility13:48
faassenand that will fail if the implementation isn't located.13:48
faassenso I shall add it somewhere.13:48
faassennow where is the SiteManagerFolder hanging out..13:49
faassenSiteManagementFolder, that to get it.13:49
regebroNever used getNextUtility.13:49
faassenwell this code does, so I better make it work. :)13:50
regebroIs that fo you have several utilities implementing the same interfaces?13:50
faassenauthentication typically wants to fall back.13:50
faassenyeah, it's like acl_users in Zope 2 falling back on higher up ones.13:50
regebroMakes sense.13:50
faassenif you want your utility to fall back on earlier ones you can use getNextUtility.13:50
regebroSo, if you want to support that, the utilities have to have a location.13:50
faassenI suppose so.13:50
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faassenthat seems to have eliminated many errors, so that's good.13:55
regebroAnybody know what this is about:14:19
regebroile "/home/checkouts/zope/traversal/lib/python/zope/configuration/", line 494, in include14:19
regebro    assert _context.stack[-1].context is context14:19
faassenthat one is new to me.14:20
faassenI mean, I presume you're reporting an assertion error?14:21
regebroI've seen it before, but I don't remember what it was about.14:21
rockyburtahh... its nice just watching random conversations chattering about in #zope3-dev and #zope3-base these days ;)14:21
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rockyburtregebro: i remember seeing something like that when during testing a z3 pkg was including a package from another package/product even though that package already had its own slug activated14:22
rockyburtthis was z2914:22
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regebroThis works on 2.9, but fails on trunk...14:26
regebroWell, it aint MY fault! The test fails on both trunk and my branch! :)14:27
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regebrorockyburt: You have no idea of how to get rid of that context assertion error?15:58
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dobeejukart: u got mail18:09
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regebroOK! Traversal refactoring merged to trunk!21:09
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regebroI'm gonna get the WSGI refactoring in there too, but I'm actually gonna test with Twisted before I merge it. ;)21:09
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yotaregebro: thanks for your work21:13
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