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stainsbyshould source-based widgets be assuming that terms have a 'title' attribute?
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stainsbyhmm .. i suppose the ITerms interface does say "def getTerm(value):02:12
stainsby        """Return an ITitledTokenizedTerm object for the given value"02:12
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jpfariasI'm a newcomer to zope3 and I'm writting my first app04:44
jpfariason my app I have two domain classes (content types)04:45
jpfariasRelatorio and Tam04:45
jpfariasone Relatorio may have many Tam's04:45
jpfariaswhat is the best way to map this out?04:45
jpfariasmaking Relatorio a container or creating a List attribute on Relatorio?04:46
jpfariasI'm trying to make Relatorio a container but I gut stuck :(04:46
jpfariasif someone knows a way of doing that please give me some pointers (urls and so) so that I can find out how to do that04:47
gnosisI'd make relatorio a container and set restraints on it to only hold tam's05:05
gnosischapter 13 of stephan richters developers book should get you started, try
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srichterdoes anyone here know how trace decides for which modules it keeps statistics?17:45
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srichterJ1m: are there any known problems with the trace module?18:06
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srichterI ran trace over a directory, but one module did not get picked up18:06
J1mI dunno. What is the trace module?18:06
srichterthe standard module18:06
srichterthat gives us coverage in the testrunner18:06
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srichterit provides the coverage statistics18:07
srichterok, for some reason some modules are ignored and it does not seem to be a bug in the test runner18:08
srichteraehm, it actually might :-)18:08
J1mI vaguely remember benji complaining that there was a problem with test coverage.18:08
srichterI think I might have it18:09
srichterit keeps track of ignoring modules by simple name18:09
srichterfor example "site"18:09
srichterso if (stored via site) is ignored, then is also ignored18:10
srichterI think this might be a simple fix18:10
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srichterJ1m: yep, that's it18:15
srichterI write a test and check it in18:15
srichterJ1m: how should this ideally be done18:15
srichterJ1m: I check out zope.testrunner, fix it, and change the Zope 3 external?18:16
J1mYou check out zope testing.  Update the tests.  Make sure they all pass.  Update Zope's external.18:16
J1mNo, you check out the project.18:16
J1mand run the project's tests.18:16
regebroI need guru help.18:34
regebroI'm running the test ofr Zope2, and there is some tests that fail, but putting a pdb where they fail does not give me a prompt.18:35
regebroI think these tests are actually starting separate threads, or something, or redirecting stdin and stdout.18:35
regebroAnybody know which tests those could be?18:36
regebroMaybe J1m?18:36
J1mwhy don't use use -vv in the test runner.18:36
regebroDoesn't help-18:36
regebroUnless it does help...18:37
regebrobut then the tests doesn't fail if you run those modules separately...18:37
J1mYou should at least be able to determine the tests that are failing.18:37
J1mThat means some other test is evil.18:37
regebroWell... the error output comes after test in zope.server.ftp.18:38
J1mThe new test runner makes it fairly easy (not as easy as it should be) to narrow down tests until you discover which one is screwing you up.18:38
regebroBut the failure point is in the ZPublisher...18:38
J1mUse -t '!(...)' to eliminate tests until you figure out which one is screwing up the environment.18:39
regebroOK, I'll try that, thanks.18:40
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srichterj1m: are you there?23:43
srichterj1m: I am not feeling totally comfortable with having Zope 2 code in a Zope 3 release23:44
srichterj1m: I really like testrecorder, but this is not the right way23:45
srichterwe should think a little bit harder23:45
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