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j1msrichter, what are you talking about?00:11
j1mwhat's the big deal of having the Zope 2 code?00:12
j1mah, let me guess, the module is getting implicitly loaded by apidoc.00:13
srichternothing gets loaded yet00:17
srichterbut I think it is just a bit awkward00:18
srichterpeople might look at the code and wonder where it comes from00:18
srichterj1m: I think with a little bit of structuring we could just link the part in Zope 3 that is relevant for us00:19
j1mThere is a pretty clear README that explains that it is both for z2 and z3 and explains how to install it for z3.00:20
srichterthe install is not the problem of course00:20
j1mI don't know what *is* the problem.00:21
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j1mIf peo[le are confused, they'll read the README. And then they won't be confused.00:21
srichterbut I think it just should not contain Zope 2 code00:22
srichtersome people might use it as a template for dual-packages00:22
rockyburthehe, sricthter thinks the z2 code might be contagious ;)00:23
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j1mYeah, I don't really think that's likely.00:24
srichterI just think that with some thought we could have a package that is developed dually, but in the distro only the Z3 part is available00:24
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j1mIf you want to do that, go for it.  It's not worth my time.00:24
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srichterwell, it should have been really discussed beforehand too ;-)00:25
j1mok, rip it out.00:25
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j1mI don't care.00:25
srichterI like it too much ;-) I'll work on a cleanup00:26
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fairwindsHi. Has anyone successfully got PGStorage configured for Zope3?01:51
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srichterit seems that properties are excluded from tracing (at least sometimes); can anyone confirm this?13:25
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dobeeany pytz gurus around?14:11
dobeewhen i do     >>> tz = pytz.timezone('Europe/Vienna')14:11
dobee    >>> dt = datetime(2006,1,1,12,tzinfo=tz)14:11
dobee    >>> dt14:11
dobeei get     datetime.datetime(2006, 1, 1, 12, 0, tzinfo=<DstTzInfo 'Europe/Vienna' CET+1:00:00 STD>)14:11
dobeeand when i change the date to  dt = datetime(2006,5,1,12,tzinfo=tz)14:13
dobeei get14:13
dobee datetime.datetime(2006, 5, 1, 12, 0, tzinfo=<DstTzInfo 'Europe/Vienna' CET+1:00:00 STD>)14:13
dobeebut in the second date the offset should be 2 hours14:14
dobeebecause dst should change14:14
dobeemy use case ist that i want the utc datetime from a naive datetime, given the tzinfo from the request14:16
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dobeei am trying to fix a bug in zc.datetimewidget or, where this is not handled correctly14:17
dobeehm, ok it's sunday :-(14:21
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SteveAdobee: see if stub is around tomorrow14:26
SteveAhe's the pytz maintainer14:26
dobeeSteveA: thx, ok i'll have a look14:26
srichterdobee: certain timezones are unaware of the daylight saving time14:38
srichterbut I forgot how the rules went14:38
dobeesrichter: hi stephan, this must be a bug, because when i set a break point in the init of the timezone the values are right14:39
srichterah, ok14:39
dobeethe vienna tz has dst info14:39
srichterI see14:40
srichtera bug then :-14:40
srichtera bug then :-)14:40
dobeei gonna dig a bit14:40
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j1msrichter, ayt?16:59
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benjij1m, do you know if anything has changed in the C components of Zope 3 since January, 5th of this year?17:03
benji(other than the changes you just made)17:03
j1mI just checked in some changes. :) So Yes.17:03
j1mI don't think so, except maybe in zodb.17:04
j1mWhy do you ask?17:05
benjiI'm trying to fix the test failures of Z3 on Windows, and am seeing a different set of failures on my box (without the neccesary C compiler)17:06
benjiI'm trying to get the fish to come back alive, already got the zope.testing one to resurect :)17:07
benji(yes, as a distraction from being sick I wrote the buildbot aquarium :)17:07
benjiok, well, since I don't have VC2005, I'll just make the changes I think are right and let the buildbot test them for me17:08
j1mDid I break something?17:09
j1m(I don't see how.)17:09
benjidon't think so, it's been so long ago that it scrolled off the screen17:09
benjithe zope.testing failures were Stephan, but because he doesn't have Windows to test on, those are now fixed17:10
srichterj1m: yep, I am here17:15
j1msrichter, never mind :)17:15
benjisrichter, you don't have a Windows box, do you?17:16
srichterwell, my laptop dual boots, but nothing is setup on the Windows installation17:16
benjiok, I won't harass you for your last few commits not working on Windows then :)17:16
benjinp, that's what us multi-platform people are for17:17
srichterwhich one particularly?17:17
srichterI saw your checkin to zope.testing, but I don't understand how I made them break on Windows; it looks like the breakage was there beofre me17:18
benjithe "ignore" stuff for zope.testing17:18
rockyburtas a consultant i could never get by with not testing my stuff on linux and windows ... vmware to the rescue! :)17:18
benjinope, I checked out the version just before your checkin, and it worked; it had to do with the direction of the slashes in the ignore cache dict17:18
benjirockyburt, that's one of the reasons I *always* have a Linux and Windows box on my desk17:19
srichterI don't understand that, since I did not mess with the paths at all17:19
rockyburtbenji: yeah, for my day-to-day i couldn't survive without linux (well, perhaps on macos i could) but having vmware for windows on top of my linux workstation is very nice17:20
benjibefore it (incorrectly) used module names, you changed it to use paths17:20
srichterbut it should not care how the paths look like17:20
benjiI prefer a multi-head setup, rockyburt, see  :)17:21
rockyburtbenji: oh so do i, but what do you do when you have your laptop on a client site or at a conference? :)17:21
benjisrichter, there were two problems, the test renormalizer didn't properly handle normalizing Windows paths (not your fault, you just stepped on the land mind)17:21
benjieasy rockyburt, I never go anywhere :)17:22
rockyburtboring :)17:22
benjithat's me!17:22
benjithe second, srichter, was the different handling of trailing slashes on Linux and Windows; neither were big problems, just took a little work to track down17:23
srichterok, right, that's how I was interpreting your checkin; still I do not get why it failed, but that's enough of an explanation for me17:23
srichterI think the coverage is now fixed in Zope 317:23
benjiI saw that, very, very cool17:24
srichterI really need to ask Marius to contribute his coverage_reports HTML generation tool17:24
srichterthis is what I use to check the coverage these days17:25
benjiyep, that'd be a nice addition to buildbot (or something similar)17:25
srichterright, I need it for the ZSCP site too17:25
benjihow's that going BTW?17:25
srichterbenji: btw, did you notice that sometimes coverage of properties does not work properly?17:25
srichterbenji: we got very far at the sprint17:25
benjihmm, nope, didn't notice17:25
srichterbenji: you can register packages and the site is pretty much ready (content-wise)17:26
benjiwow, very good17:26
srichterbenji: I cannot reliably repoduce the issue17:26
srichterI also noticed that sometimes when a property raises an error, it is masked by IAttributeError17:26
srichterI think those two things might be related17:27
benjihmm, I suspect (I think is its name), it's somewhat ignored and quite old17:27
srichterbut as far as I can tell it works on some properties17:28
srichterI strongly suspect this being a Python bug17:28
srichterbtwm we also have a prototype Zope 3 website based on Bebop; I need to send people the test site infos17:29
benjiIf you include in Python, then I give it 90% odds17:29
srichterI Will do that once I am back in the US17:29
srichterbenji: I also have the AttributeError problem with properties; this has nothing to do with trace17:30
srichterand I think the issues are related17:30
benjioh! so in non-coverage-testing situations you get the AttributeError?  Strange.17:30
srichteryes, even non-testing situations17:31
srichteryou get an attribute error and you check17:31
srichterthen if I make the property a function again by removing the decorator, I can tell that it is another error being raised17:31
srichterbut when I do a simple Python shell test, it works17:31
srichterso it must be a more complex combination17:32
benjiyeah, that'll be fun to debug17:32
benjiwoohoo! My zope3-on-windows fish came back to life!17:58
srichterhe he17:58
rockyburtbtw, any of you who are considering buying a wood furnace to heat your home -- don't ;)18:01
benjiwhy, won't pass the functional tests?18:01
rockyburtbenji: oh it passes all tests ... it just doesn't have enough functional tests i guess ;)18:02
rockyburtor perhaps stress tests would be more appropriate18:02
srichterrockyburt: combined units (wood/coal and oil/gas) are pretty popular in Germany --> but with German engineering ;-)18:02
rockyburtsrichter: hehe, nice18:02
rockyburtsrichter: i have combined wood/oil here18:02
rockyburtbut my pipes basically caught on fire this morning :(18:02
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regebroDamn! He saw me! :)19:30
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efrerichbenji: did you create new pyd-files? I asked tim_one to build new pyd-files for python 2.5a1 (You can find them on his member page).19:52
efrerichbenji: But he told me: "Note that I don't work at Zope Corp anymore, and (a) I don't test Zope3 on19:54
efrerichWindows anymore either; and, (b) the Zope3 community would be better off now19:54
efrerichfinding someone else to do this kind of thing"19:54
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benjiefrerich, I was AFK; right we need someone interested in keeping the binaries up to date (or better, someone interested in automating the process of keeping them up to date)23:16
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efrerichbenji: you know Tim better as I; should he write on the dev-list that we need somebody who does it?23:28
benjiI'd think it would be just as well if you, or I, or anyone wrote an email; unfortunately our rate of volunteerism on Windows hasn't been very high in the past23:30
efrerichbenji, please write you23:30
benjiwill do; first I'll ask at work and see if I can do it on company time first (I don't have the right compiler at home) and if not I'll email zope3-dev23:31
efrerichthank you23:31
benjinp :)23:32
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