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srichteranyone still here to have a chat about paths in ZCML with me?00:52
srichterHave you ever been annoyed with specifying the queue path in ZCML and not getting to the var dir?00:55
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ChrisWhi all... wonder if anyone here can help... looking to do some development on Zope 2 trunk and 2.9 branch ona debian box... once I have a writeable svn checkout, how do I build things such that I can run the tests to check my changes?11:51
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srichterj1m: do you have 30 secs for me?12:10
srichterj1m: why are there no persistent Indices in the package?12:14
srichterj1m: it makes it much harder to get started with catalogs12:14
srichter(I'll fix that if this is an oversight/missing feature)12:14
* srichter has never used cataloging in Zope (2 or 3)12:15
j1mWhat makes you think this?12:16
j1mfield indexes and text indexes are persistent.12:17
j1mwhat index is not?12:17
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ChrisWmaybe he means ttw configuration?12:17
j1mMaybe he's mistaken.12:17
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srichterj1m: sorry, client crashed12:18
srichtercan you repeat?12:18
j1mfield indexes and text indexes are persistent.12:18
j1mwhat index is not?12:18
srichterI could not find where Persistent is inherited12:18
j1mLook in the ase classes from zope.index.12:18
srichterah ok12:19
srichterI was looking at thise files too :-( --> too much sleep deprivation + cold12:19
srichternow I am ready to go :-)12:20
j1mwhere are you?12:20
srichterat Roger's office12:20
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* srichter and projekt01 is doing a crazy speed project for a client12:21
srichterit's a good experience to do a very confined real-world app in Zope 312:22
srichterI think the biggest problem in Zope 3 as WEb-app solution is the lack of advanced widgets right now12:23
srichterbut other than that it was a real joy to develop12:24
* srichter also became a full believer of test coverage control12:27
srichterbtw, what is the general rule of thumb concerning different catalogs? Have one big one or several smaller ones?12:29
j1mA catalog is a lot like a relational table.12:30
j1mI don't think we have a rule of thumb.12:30
srichterok, so I should put all attributes of IFoo into a catalog foo-catalog12:30
j1mIn Z2, we tended to put too much into a single catalog.12:31
j1mI find the table analogy to be helpful.12:31
srichterright, that's what I remember people telling me about Plone12:31
srichterok, I keep this in mind12:31
j1mExcept that we can be a lot more flexible than an rdbms.12:31
srichterI guess I can always use tools to combine results from two catalog queries12:32
srichter(maybe hurry does that?)12:32
j1mBut a big difference between z2 and z3 is that, in z3, we can combine queries from multiple catalogs.12:32
srichterthat is good to know12:32
j1mIt's not hard, since catalogs queries can return intsets/trees.12:33
srichterok, then I definitely have one catalog per type12:33
srichterright, that makes sense12:33
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regebroAllo, all! Panic mounting before the feature freeze? :)13:15
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srichterregebro: all calm here14:43
srichterregebro: we are pretty much ready; we only wait for the Z2 people14:44
regebrosrichter: Glad to here it. :)14:44
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regebroWell, I got the traversal refactoring in, and I'll add the experimental WSGI and Twisted support today.14:45
regebroAnd then Zope2 should be pretty much ready too, I think.14:45
srichterwhat index do I use if I want to match sub-strings of a text?15:20
srichterfor example, I have an index on the first name of a person15:20
srichterbut 'S' will not match 'Stephan'15:21
srichterfaassen: can you help?15:21
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srichterregebro: do you know how to use the catalog to search for a simple substring?15:26
regebrosrichter: Hmm. not on field indexes, no.15:28
srichterany index will do15:28
srichterregebro: I can setup whatever index I like :-)15:28
regebroOn a text index I thought it was automatic?15:28
srichterno, it only searches for whole words15:29
regebroOK, I haven't done that in years, so I don'tremember.15:29
regebroHave you tried 's*'?15:29
srichterno :-)15:29
srichterooooh, this works15:30
regebrofaassen: Gary asked the same question as you yesterday. I think the deprecations are gone in 3.3.15:38
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dobeehi all, what kind of errors should i raise as invariant errors in form lib, should it not be interface.Invalid because that's the normal case on the interface error, there is no view for it19:20
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roymIn a doctest, is the ":list" suffix honored by the TestRequest object? ie: if I have a form that has elements named A:list, B:list, etc... can I emulate that behavior using TestRequest?19:32
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regebroroym: I think (but I'm not sure) that it's the publisher that does those things.19:44
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rockyJ1m: thanks for the wiki super access permission thing ;)19:46
roymregebro: thanks - that explains why I couldn't get it to work using TestRequest alone.19:48
regebroYea, I think it just tsakes the name of the field, and the data in the list form.19:48
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faassenJ1m: is your unicode in zope 2 work really on the agenda?19:51
faassenJ1m: seems like a high risk change, but perhaps I'm misunderstanding.19:51
J1mNo, I don't know where Plilipp came up with that.19:52
faassenJ1m: some vague email message from last november. :)19:52
faassenJ1m: ok, good.19:52
J1mI guess I should note that.19:52
J1mAnybody have any idea what the z2 status is?19:52
faassenwell, the page is pretty up to date, I suspect.19:53
faassenregebro: or Philipp would be most up to date.19:53
regebroAt least if somebody (me) removes J1ms stuff it would be up to date.19:53
J1mI'll remove my entry19:54
regebroOK. I added anguenots stuff there too, and I will confirm with him tomorrow.19:55
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regebroI guess we should schedule a bugday soon too?20:31
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rockyhm, so when is the planned first beta of zope 2.10 ?21:30
rockyor perhaps there's an up to date roadmap someplace i could view?21:30
srichterwe release a1 next week21:31
srichterfeature freeze was moved one week21:31
rockyso 3.3 and 2.10 are scheduled for release simultaneously? or?21:31
J1mThat's a good question.21:32
J1mI think they should be close.21:32
J1mI don't think they need to be simultaneous.21:33
rockyhow many alpha releases are being planned?21:33
J1mThe finals should both be in June.21:33
rockyoh, nice21:33
J1msrichter, why are we bothering with an alpha?21:34
rockyi thought an alpha release was a bit odd if no more functionality is allowed to be added21:34
J1mIs there anything holding up a z3 release?21:34
J1mIs there anything holding up a z3 beta release?21:35
J1msrichter, Is there anything holding up a z3 beta release?21:35
* rocky is looking forward to "really" running plone 2.5 on a zope2.10 beta release21:35
_sussido u know : why asking often not for the reason21:37
srichterJ1m: no, other than we would liek to sync releases21:37
srichterI am waiting for Andreas to say he is ready21:37
J1mI'm not sure we need to sync releases *that* closely.21:38
srichterwell, we usually do21:39
rockyi was just commenting elsewhere that as soon as a zope 2.10 beta comes out i'm going to try and base my next client project on plone 2.5 beta + zope 2.10 beta (since time of final release those products will be in finals as well) ... the biggest reason being to ensure a large application like plone gets rigorous testing on zope 2.1021:39
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srichterJ1m: I will be in transit tomorrow so I could do a release on Thursday21:40
J1mI think that would be cool21:40
srichterok, will do21:41
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