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srichterare there still any catalog experts here?01:23
srichterJ1m: can I ask you a index question again?01:32
srichterlet's say I have courses01:32
srichterwhich I grade01:32
srichterI now want to search for all students that received an A in mathematics?01:33
srichterwhat index would I need to use and how?01:33
srichterthe thing is, of course, that the courses are not attributes01:33
srichterbasically, I have a mapping/dictionary course -> grade and I want to find all students that have a particular course -> grade map01:34
srichterJ1m: any idea?01:35
srichterI guess a topic index is what I want?01:36
J1mYou could have a method that returns a list of course-grade pairs and index the result using a keyword index.01:37
srichterahh, ok01:38
J1mSo suppose that the course code for math is 42.  Then you'd just do a keyword index search for the value ('=42, 'a')01:38
J1mSo suppose that the course code for math is 42.  Then you'd just do a keyword index search for the value (42, 'a')01:38
srichterbut then I could not do a find all students that have a grade better than b in 4201:39
J1msure you could, if you do a range search.01:40
srichterhow does that work, i.e. where can I read about that?01:41
srichteroh, so basically I would give my grades numbers too01:42
J1mEach index has it's own low-level "query language".  You have to look at the documentation for each index, if there is any. :)01:42
srichterand then I can searcdh from (42, 3) [B] to (42, 4) [A]?01:42
J1mI'm not sure we even have a keyword index. :)01:42
srichterthat's the problem, the documentation is only in the tests, which are not very extensive01:42
J1mI have no idea what that would mean.01:43
srichterwe have a field index01:43
J1mYou need a keyword index.01:43
srichterah, we have that too01:43
J1mBecause students take multiple courses.01:43
srichterok, I think I see how the keyword index would work for me01:45
srichterthanks a lot01:46
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jukartdobee: ayt ?15:44
dobeejukart: y15:45
faassenhm, anyone have an example of a generations script that changes the class of persistent objects?15:47
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sashavfaassen: I know they have made something like that for schooltool16:37
sashavlook for some kind of migration script/tool there16:38
faassensashav: ah, okay, I'll take a look at that, thanks.16:39
faassensashav: I'm solving it by recreating the new classes now, that ought to work.16:39
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sashavstefan said that they had walked through the whole zodb and changed classes on persistent objects16:40
mgedminfaassen: that's a very hard problem16:47
mgedminI tried to solve it once, then gaveup16:47
mgedminstefan solved a similar but easier problem: changing the location/name of a class16:47
mgedminyou need to be able to import the old class with the old name to do that16:47
mgedminif you want to change the class of a single persistent object (rather than *all* instances of a particular class)16:48
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mgedminyou also need to hunt down *all* the references to that object16:48
mgedminand mark the persistent objects that have those references as changed16:48
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faassenmgedmin: okay, that sucks, I'm just going to replace them.16:57
mgedminyeah, in ZODB every reference to a persistent object explicitly stores the object's class in addition to OID16:59
faassenmgedmin: yeah, I found that out.16:59
sashavhow do I use a view from a dtml file?17:03
faassenmgedmin: argh, things depend on person instances in the ZODB, so that isn't so easy either. :)17:03
faassenmgedmin:   File "/home/faassen/working/schooltool/schooltool/Zope3/src/zope/app/container/", line 45, in CheckDependency17:04
faassen    raise DependencyError(Message(exception_msg, mapping=mapping))17:04
faassenRemoval of object (${object}) which has dependents (${dependents})17:04
faassenis not possible !17:04
faassensashav: never tried that from DTML17:04
faassenvery helpful error message, that. :)17:04
faassenmgedmin: so maybe using annotations *is* better. :)17:05
* mgedmin wonders why anyone would want to use DTML17:05
mgedminfaassen: if you have a debugger, you can try to zope.i18n.translate(that_message)17:06
sashavmgedmin: generate js17:06
faassenmgedmin: weird that it only shows up on the console and not through the UI17:06
mgedminfaassen: is that a generation script?17:07
faassenmgedmin: yes.17:13
faassenmgedmin: I guess that causes it.17:13
faassenmgedmin: I don't know much about the dependency system in use.17:13
mgedminfaassen: I've just refreshed my memory17:20
mgedminfaassen: let's talk about that on #schooltool after the meeting17:20
faassenmgedmin: okay, thanks. :)17:22
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faassenthe '' path is a reference to the root, right?18:18
regebro('',) should be root.18:18
regebroOr '/'.18:18
regebroUnless this has changed in Z3, but that would be bad.18:19
regebroI guess '' would probably end up returning whatever you traverse from... which often is the root. :)18:21
faassenyeah, tracing some bug.18:21
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gnosiscan anyone point me to an example of setting up a join form with pau?18:32
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