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daMaestrowe are looking for a way to move moinmoin data into plone... are there any options?06:23
daMaestrowe do have webdav access to the moinmoin data06:23
benjidaMaestro, getting the data in is the easy part, you'll need to translate the Wiki markup to something else06:26
benjiyou might consider writing a zopectl run script to poke the data directly into the ZODB06:27
daMaestrobenji, thanks so much for the info.. how would we get the data in?06:27
daMaestrowhat about using the CMFwiki content type?06:27
daMaestrowould that be able to decode the wiki datA?06:28
daMaestrothe end goal is to import the moinmoin data into plone06:28
benjiyou'll either have to translate from moinmoin markup to something else, scrape the HTML moin moin generates06:29
daMaestrook.. so say we are able to drop the moinmoin markup.. or filter it out.. to say.. give us html.. what would be the best format to get the data into for import and use with plone?06:33
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guruzhello people15:41
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pindongahi. I am trying to get used to zope3, so I am reading the 'Programmers Tutorial'. I am getting a strange error, because this should work (as stated in the tutorial). I am getting ConfigurationError: ('Invalid directive', u'addMenuItem') in my configure.zcml file. What can I do?16:12
pindongafound the mistake...16:16
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j1mDoes anyone know the status of the feature freeze.17:00
j1mregebro, philiKON ?17:01
philiKONj1m, i'm here17:02
philiKONj1m, but running out of battery17:02
philiKONin 2 mins17:02
philiKONfive is feature freezing tonight17:02
j1mdoes that imply z2?17:02
philiKONbsically, my z2-related wokr would be done with that17:02
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philiKONin z3 i only need to update changes17:02
regebroGO/NOGO in Paris is GO. :)17:03
j1myeah, me too17:03
philiKONi'll be online later tonight17:03
philiKONgotta go. power out :(17:03
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gnosisAnyone know why I'm getting ComponentLookupError on this:
Theuniwhat code line does the traceback refer to?18:26
gnosisModule zope.component, line 154, in getMultiAdapter18:26
gnosisraise ComponentLookupError(objects, interface, name)18:26
gnosisline 154 in getMultiAdapter from zope.component18:27
gnosisline before that is "Module zope.formlib.form, line 748, in error_views", ""18:29
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gnosisI posted the full traceback on the pastebin site18:33
Theunihm. doesn't seem to be the same pastebin18:33
gnosistry this
volvoxhow is the join view defined in zcml?18:40
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gnosis        for="*"18:42
gnosis        class=".metrositeforms.JoinMetroSite"18:42
gnosis        name="join.html"18:42
gnosis        permission="zope.View"18:42
gnosis        menu="zmi_views" title="Join" />18:42
volvoxoh well, the error comes from the TAL, I thought there could have been a template..18:45
gnosisi'm not using a template other than default formlib one18:45
volvoxthe exception is upon submit, right?18:46
gnosisright, upon the join action18:46
gnosisbrb, gotta put my son down for a nap...wont take 10 minutes18:48
volvoxand it's not the getUtility() ?   i'm shooting at the dark, but guess it would justify a componentlookuperror.18:48
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gnosissorry bout that18:50
gnosisbaqck now18:50
gnosisI'd imagine i could try taking out the gist of the join action stuff18:51
gnosisgives me exactly the same error when the join action hander only have 'pring data' in it18:53
volvoxlooking at (i'm a *cough* a bit virgin with zope3)18:55
volvoxit would seem it is trying to get a MultiAdapter for your error and request18:55
volvoxformlib/, line 74618:56
gnosissomething about the view of the WidgetInputErrorView18:56
volvoxlook at the value of "error" there18:57
gnosisi'll see if i can figure out how to set a breakpoint and debuggin zope in wingide18:58
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volvoxquite easy19:01
gnosiscan you guide me through it?19:01
volvoxcreate a project, load the file, set the breakpoint and run "runzope" from the ide19:01
volvoxi think there is a setting about multithreading somewhere but I didn't use it19:01
gnosiswill this work on windows as well?19:03
volvoxdon't know19:03
gnosiszope is launced with bat files on windows19:04
volvoxtry it. it could be useful at times. much better than pdb or 'print data'19:05
gnosiswould be great if i can get it to work... i'll have to fiddle with it some19:06
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volvoxanyway, IWidgetInputErrorView is used to "Display an input error as a snippet of text.".   So, if it can't find a view to adapt the error and the request, it basically means... that it doesn't know how to render the error in html. just print it at the console, and see what it is...19:06
gnosislooks like i got zope to start from wingide... but it didn't catch the breakpoint19:07
gnosisthanks for all your help volvox... I'll see if i can dig up why it can't get the view19:10
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volvoxuh.. gnosis, see here
volvoxsomewhere in zope conf, set thread count to 1.. don't know where19:52
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MacYET_are we ready for beta 1 next week?20:30
srichteractually Jim wants me to do beta 1 tomorrow, so you can do your beta after that20:31
MacYET_perhaps sunday or tuesday..i'll be at the linuxtag for three days20:32
srichterits early this year20:32
MacYET_perhaps :)20:32
MacYET_we'll have a booth a the LT20:32
MacYET_selling plohn to the ppl :)20:33
srichterwill it be a Zope booth or one for your company20:33
srichterI see20:33
srichterthat's great20:33
MacYET_German Zope User Group20:33
srichteris anyone giving a talk in the free program?20:34
MacYET_i think martijn F and janko hauser will present something20:34
srichterI see20:35
srichterare you going to do some sprinting too?20:35
MacYET_sprinting won't pay my bills :)20:35
MacYET_pizza is ready...20:36
* rocky is excited to hear of the impending zope releases20:36
srichterguten apetit20:36
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MacYET_rocky: release slaves at your service20:52
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