IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2006-05-04

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srichterphiliKON: what do I need to get write access to codespeak?00:07
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srichterj1m: did you write an entry in doc/CHANGES.txt for your refactorings?01:00
j1mNot yet.  I need to do that.01:04
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philiKONsrichter, you need me :)01:07
srichterphiliKON: yep01:07
srichterphiliKON: can you set me up?01:07
philiKONsee priv msg01:07
srichterah, ok01:08
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j1msrichter, ayt?13:58
srichterj1m: yep, but still in morning processing14:00
srichterwho is doing the ZODB releasing?14:02
srichterCan I ask tim again?14:02
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j1mI wonder of a ZODB release is necessary.14:10
j1mBTW, Tim doesn't work for ZC anymore, so you'd have to ask him, not me. :)14:10
j1m"morning processing"?14:13
j1mwhen do you plan to make the 3.3 branch?14:13
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j1msrichter, let me know when you are available.14:28
srichterwell, I need to have a ZODB branch first, which I just remembered this morning14:33
j1mwhen were you planning to get started?14:38
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j1mMan, the logging module is annoying14:39
rockyhmm... i really wish zoope2.10 would ship with a working INSTANCE_HOME/etc/site.zcml and INSTANCE_HOME/etc/package-includes upon instance creation :/14:40
j1msounds like a good project for 3.4.14:40
j1msrichter, let me know when you are available.14:41
srichterI am planning to do the branch this afternoon14:42
srichterI have things to do all morning14:42
j1mhm, I'm tempted to sneak a feature into zodb before then. :)14:42
srichterj1m: that would be fantastic! :-)14:43
j1mI started plumbing the object iteration protocol through ZEO the other day.14:43
j1mI could probably finish that this morning.14:43
srichterlet me know; I could also wait another day14:44
srichterI'll simply wait for your ZODB feature freeze announcement14:44
srichterI am on ZODB-dev14:44
j1mI don't want to delay the releases in any way.14:44
j1mbut if you aren't going to do anything until this afternoon, I'll see if I can get this done.14:45
srichterIt will deinitely not happen before 2:00 pm14:46
j1mThat is, if I can get the logging module to stop puking when the zodb tests exit. :(14:46
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pindongahi. I am trying to migrate my custom products from zope2 to zope3. I have read several tutorials about this, but none covers the aspect of writing a tool for zope3. Is there some documentation on this somewhere?15:11
rockypindonga: tool is a CMF concept (only for zope2) ... the closest equivalent in zope3 would probably be to create a local utility15:12
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pindongaok... do you know if there is some doc on creating a utility?15:12
rockypindonga: pretty sure the online zope3 book covers that ... srichter would know i guess15:13
srichteryep, it's in the book15:14
srichterthere is also a lot of documentation in zope.component and
rockypindonga: but keep in mind that i know at least in plone, cmf tools are *heavily* overused ... so often times when you make a tool ... a simple python package would suffice15:15
srichterright, tools == utilities15:15
srichterJim had even suggested before renaming utilities to tools15:16
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rockyi like the name utilities much better than tools15:17
srichterme too :-)15:18
pindongaisn't a tool just a python package for which you need to have at most one instance, that gets to be shared?15:18
rockypindonga: yeah... but the only real reason you need a tool is if you need to maintain site-wide state15:19
pindongaok.. then I need a tool :)15:19
rockypindonga: if you don't need to maintain site-wide state, a simple python package will probably suffice15:19
* srichter notes that Zope 3 has other facilities to storestate as well, for example annotations15:20
pindongaalthough, actually... I was maintaining site-wide state using portal_metadata tool (I extended the users properties with some custom ones, and used the tool to manage those, plus a default one)15:20
rockypindonga: you should definitely read the info in the online zope3 book on utilities so you understand the difference between local and global utilities15:20
pindongayes.. i will do that now15:21
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pindongais there a difference between the online version and the pdf file?15:21
rockypindonga: this product you're trying to get running on zope3... i assume you mean zope3.2 ?15:21
pindongaactually I dont know... it will be running mainly on plone with five, but the idea is to make it so that we can migrate slowly away from plone to zope3 only15:22
rockysrichter: hey, just out of curiousity, which freenode channel is the official channel for developers who are trying to build apps with zope3.x and are needing help?15:22
rockypindonga: gotcha ... the preferred strategy for that these days seems to be to break up your plone product into 2 products  1) a zope 3 product for: as much as possible of the code rooted out into a zope3-only product   and 2) a plone product for: the extra bits to make it run on plone15:23
rockymake sense?15:23
pindongaso basically the plone product would consist of an adaptor between plone and the zope3 product (or something like that)?15:24
rockypindonga: something to that effect ... it might contain custom browser views that only make sense on plone ... it might contain code for properly cataloging content on plone, etc15:25
pindongaalright... and the plone product would depend on the zope3 product... that makes sense15:25
pindongathe five dependence would be in the plone product, right?15:26
rockybut the zope3 product should *not* depend on the plone product15:26
rockypindonga: btw... you might have better luck getting questions answered in the future regarding zope3/plone in #zope3-base as thats where most of the Five talk happens, etc15:26
rockyor is it #z3-base ?15:26
pindongagreat !!! thank you15:27
pindongaI asked here, because this is the only channel I knew15:27
pindongasorry if I was offtopic15:27
rockywell, it wasn't off topic for me... not sure about the rest ;)15:27
pindongathis channel is mainly about zope3 (internal) development?15:27
rockynot sure ... thats what i was trying to ask srichter ;)15:28
srichterall Zope 3 questions are fair game15:28
rockysrichter: ah, good to know15:28
srichtersince we do not have a zope3-users channel15:28
rockyyeah i was wondering about that15:28
rocky#zope people don't often like questions regarding z3 ;)15:28
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srichterj1m: I sent Tim an E-mail asking for a ZODB release; waiting for his reply21:01
srichterj1m: if he is not doing ZODB releases anymore, it'll take a while, since I then have to learn and document that process21:01
j1mOr you could just make a branch and not make a zodb release.21:02
j1mI imagine he's left instructions somewhere.21:02
srichterright, but it is a bunch of work anyways, since all those other components depend on it21:02
srichterI wonder whether he had a script21:03
j1mprobably a windows bat file. ;)21:03
srichterthat's fine with me; I can port that to linux21:03
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j1msrichter, I'll be checking in my ZODB changes soon.21:28
j1mI hope21:28
j1msrichter, are you going to make the branch for ZODB?21:30
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srichterj1m: yep21:37
philiKONwill this be zodb 3.7 or something?21:37
srichterthe script tim uses is called release.py21:37
srichterno, I will only do an internal release21:37
philiKONah, ok21:39
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srichterj1m: are you done with your changes21:44
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j1msrichter, yes22:09
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jukartdobee: ayt ?22:17
dobeejukart: yep22:18
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