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oferwI am looking now on for zope 3 translation and there are 4 options zope3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 but the Hebrew translation that I did is not in 3.300:24
oferwso what to do?00:24
oferwI  mean which one to contineu the translation?00:24
oferwseems like the translation for 3.3 is new file without what I already translated00:29
philiKONoferw, get the hebrew translation that you worked on last (the one that is complete) and upload it to the zope3.3 branch in launchpad00:33
philiKONyou can just upload the corresponding zope.po file00:34
oferwphiliKON: it is not complete but just has a bit of Hebrew translation on it00:34
philiKONwhatever... you know what i mean :)00:34
oferwso to continue the first file and when I am done to upload it to the 3.3?00:34
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oferwthanks for your answer00:35
philiKONjust get the first file00:35
philiKONupload it to 3.300:35
philiKONand then continue00:35
philiKONunless you need the translations for 3.2 as well00:35
oferwI will try to do that now00:35
oferwthere is change in the files?00:35
oferwI want to translate it offline00:35
oferwso which file to download00:35
philiKONyou know what, ask on zope3-i18n00:35
philiKONyou know what, ask on zope3-i18n@zope.org00:36
philiKONthat's what the list is for00:36
philiKONegon frerich is managing all that00:36
philiKONhe should know what to do00:36
oferwok will do thanks00:36
oferwhe is not online here now?00:36
philiKONdon't think so00:37
oferwok will send to the list now00:38
oferwI will00:38
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philiKONj1m, ayt?00:39
philiKONwill you go to europython this year?00:39
j1mI don't think so.00:39
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volvoxhow much are accomodations? i don't see prices on the site..00:57
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philiKONdunno. i'll probably stay with friends ;)01:09
volvoxi'm tempted.. but the site is low on info, program and such01:11
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volvoxhope you will sign your book if I come :-)01:12
nouriwhat do you guys think about having a 'require' directive in zcml to support --multi-version distributions?01:14
* nouri points to
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guruzis it normal that my custom AuthenticatorPlugin gets asked for authenticateCredentials for every HTTP request? I thought that gets cached when using the Session credentials plugin?13:01
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regebroguruz: Just a guess: Doesn't the session need to be validated?13:05
guruzi don't know. doesn't that happen all automatically when i return true in my auth plugin?13:06
regebroEuh? I'm completely lost now.13:09
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guruzme too.13:13
guruzI just want that my auth plugin does not always ask the radius server for every HTTP request.13:13
guruzi could cache a (username, password) tuple13:13
guruzbut I thought the session credentials plugin does all that work for me13:14
regebroNo, I think the session credentials just means it gets stored in a session.13:16
regebroBut I haven't used them on Zope3, so I could be wrong.13:16
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guruzyou happen to know how i can access that session and somehow tell it 'hey, you are a properly authenticated session'?13:17
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regebroWell.... If I'm right (which I don't know if I am) you could cache username/password mappings.13:19
guruzi can. but it does not feel right. Hm. i thought there is a nicer way13:21
regebroguruz: Well, a generic session auth plugin, maybe, that instead of username/password stores a magic cookie and keeps track of which username that is.13:25
regebroBut I don't know how to hook that in so that it gets to know what is validated and what not..13:25
regebroI think it makes most sense, if you want to avoid calling your auth source every time, so make the plugin cache it...13:26
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volvoxa quick question: what's the purpose of a subpageform? tnx13:32
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guruzregebro: hmhmhmmh.14:07
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philiKONrocky|new-baby, congrats!!!15:40
rocky|new-babyphiliKON: thanks :)15:40
philiKONboy or girl?15:40
rocky|new-babymy son, Kaden Rocky Burt was born at 4:39am this morning :)15:40
rocky|new-babyon my birthday :)15:40
philiKONhappy birthday then :)15:40
philiKONto both of you ;)15:41
rocky|new-babythanks :)15:41
rocky|new-babyi guess this will be the last birthday i have celebrated ;)15:41
philiKONthis is kid #3, right?15:41
rocky|new-babyyep ... this will be the final 3 out of 3 ;)15:41
philiKONand how's your wife? she doing ok?15:42
rocky|new-babybaby and mother are doing A-O-K15:42
srichterrocky|new-baby: congratulations!15:43
rocky|new-babysrichter: thanks :)15:43
regebrorocky|new-baby: Congratulations.15:54
regebroI guess if you already have two you know what you are doing, and it is OK to congratulate you. :)15:55
regebroIt's good when things happen on somebodies birthday. Less days to remember. :)15:56
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efrerichoferw: I assume you got my mails so you can begin translating :-)17:49
oferwefrerich: just answered you now thanks :)17:51
oferwefrerich: you did it to other langugues or just to Hebrew?17:51
efrerichoferw: just for you (I assume no other translation is missing)17:55
oferwefrerich: ok I will try to do in the next few weeks17:58
oferwefrerich: what time zone are you at?17:58
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philiKONoferw, MEZ = german for CET18:36
philiKONcentral european time. GMT+118:36
philiKONacutally, currently we're in CEST (central european summer time), GMT+218:36
oferwphiliKON: ok I just was not sure if he is in the US time or europe18:37
oferwphiliKON: have you seen zopepual short movies about z3?18:38
oferwreally nice18:38
oferwI really want to see how the Hebrew will fit in the tamplates18:39
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oferwthe problem with the po files are that there is no priority to the fields to translate so I need to translate it all...18:39
philiKONyou could do it selectively18:40
philiKONe.g. first translate the messages related to contents.pt18:40
philiKONwhich is a very common view in zope318:40
oferwbut I need to look one by one18:40
philiKONnot sure what you mean, but i think the answer is yes :)\18:43
oferwso it will also take me long time18:43
oferwto find what values on the and after that find each one in the po file18:44
philiKONthere are comments in the po file18:44
philiKONthat tell you what's from contents.pt18:45
philiKONso no, you won't have to find them one by one18:45
oferwok got you now :)18:45
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oferwand what about the tamplates ?19:11
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oferwFood For Thought23:23
oferwintersting value to translate :)23:23
benjiaren't idioms fun :)23:42
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