IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2006-05-07

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roymwith the deprecation of the <vocabulary directive, did we loose the ability to pass in extra keyword arguments, or is there still a way to do this for a <utility as well?15:52
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mexiKONroym, right, we lost this ability17:26
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roymmexiKON: I used to pass in a 'type' argument as a discriminator, so I could reuse the same code for very similar vocabularies. Am I right in assuming that there is no way now to do this? (ie: that I need sa separate vocabulary factory for each vocabulary).17:37
mexiKONyup. you can still reuse the code, though.17:37
roymagreed - just that there is now a profusion (slight exaggeration :) of vocabulary decls.17:38
roymfine by me overall... though.17:39
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roymWith each release of trunk, is any of the example code kept up to date? buddydemo? zope book?17:48
mexiKONbuddydemo yes17:49
roymah! thanks.17:49
mexiKONi don't even know if the zope book was kept up to date with 3.117:49
roymis there any work in progress on the new version of your book?17:49
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J1mIn the off chance that anyone here is interesred, I'm mention that senra and I are about to do some brainstorming on ZEO network refactoring on #zodb-dev. :)18:01
mexiKONroym, yes18:03
roymmexiKON: I'll be happy to review any content you have (if you're so inclined).18:05
mexiKONthanks. i already got a team, though18:05
roymok. do you plan to publish any drafts, or will I have to wait till the book comes out.18:06
mexiKONno drafts. i'm not allowed to do that18:10
roymI know it could be a while, but do you have a rough ETA in mind?18:11
mexiKON3rd quarter this year hopefully18:11
mexiKONu.s. perhaps a bit later18:11
mexiKONhmm, actually, it'll be 4th quarter most likely18:12
roymwouldn't I be able to order directly from Springer (I'm in the u.s)18:12
roymrather than wait for a u.s release, that is.18:13
mexiKONright. but it's printed over here and springer-ny usually gets the shipment 1 month later18:13
mexiKONorders directly from springer to a u.s. address will always be dealt with by springer-ny18:14
roymok. thanks.18:15
roymon a different note - would anyone care to comment on the 'state' of sqlos? My (naiive) impression is that it has a number of rough spots, and is difficult to set up (I have a about 12 tables, with very tight RI constraints). On the other hand, it would solve my CRUD issues very nicely - I would like to hear impressions from anyone who has used it for a reasonable sized project.18:18
mexiKONroym, ask jinty on #z3-fve18:20
mexiKONi mean #z3-base18:21
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PopSatoryHello all18:27
PopSatoryI cannot start my Zope3 (I get a message error).  Could someone help me out please ? many thanks !18:28
roymPopSatory: I'm willing to take a stab - how experienced are you w/z318:29
PopSatorythanks; I'll mp you :)18:30
PopSatoryroym: did you get my private message ?18:34
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roymPopSatory: no - I have a fairly basic emacs IRC client - if you want to email, use
PopSatoryyou mind if I post my details here ?18:35
roymI don't care. Since there is no separate newbie channel, fire away.18:36
PopSatory<PopSatory> well I played a bit with Zope 2.918:36
PopSatory<PopSatory> I'm a bit new to all this18:36
PopSatory<PopSatory> I have downloaded and run the Zope 3.2.0 exe (I'm on XP home)18:36
PopSatory<PopSatory> I made an instance using the mkzopeinstance.bat18:36
PopSatory<PopSatory> then I ran runzope.bat.  That's where it bugs18:36
PopSatory<PopSatory> Here's the last lines I get in the IDLE Py window when I run runzope :18:36
PopSatory<PopSatory>   File "C:\Program Files\Python24\Lib\site-packages\zope\app\appsetup\", line 60, in ensureUtility18:36
PopSatory<PopSatory>     sm = root_folder.getSiteManager()18:36
PopSatory<PopSatory> AttributeError: 'Application' object has no attribute 'getSiteManager'18:36
mexiKONPopSatory, 'Application' object? are you using a zope2-zodb with zope3?18:38
PopSatoryer.......... good question :-s How can I check ?18:38
mexiKONi'm asking you whether you used your old Data.fs...18:39
PopSatorythis is a brand fresh installation of Z3.  I removed the Z2 one.18:40
mexiKONdelete Data.fs and try again18:40
PopSatoryokay, in which folder can I find it ?18:40
mexiKONin your instance's 'var' directory18:40
mexiKONor in the root of a checkout18:40
mexiKONdepending on where you start zope from18:41
PopSatoryindeed there are several files named like that.  I delete them all ?18:41
mexiKONsure. if there's no valuable data in there18:41
PopSatoryno nothing for sure18:41
mexiKONgood. rm Data.fs*18:41
PopSatoryokay, I'm trying again... running runzope.bat18:43
PopSatoryHURRAY !!!!!!! thank you very much indeed !!!!18:46
PopSatoryit works :D18:46
PopSatoryI'll keep this channel in my bookmarks :)18:46
mexiKONlooks like you made the zope 3 checkout without cleanign up some of the left overs from zope 218:46
PopSatorywell... I used the same folder for my Zope Instance, thinking that it would be overwritten... seems not.18:47
mexiKONno, things aren't overwritten18:48
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PopSatoryapart from the Zope3 Developer's Handbook, with other book(s) would you recommend for a Zope-newbee ?18:48
PopSatorythanks again.18:49
roymPopSatory: Also look at the buddydemo code that ships w/the release. It is kept up to date (I just learnt that today).18:49
PopSatoryI'll get that book.18:49
PopSatoryokay I'll have a look at that too18:50
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PopSatorywell I'll "dive into Zope3" tonight.  Thank you all again, byebye !19:04
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