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vladohm..does z3.interface support transitive adaptation ?01:32
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srichtervlado: what is transitive adaptation?03:17
vladoif there's adapter for IA to IB and adapter from IB to IC, you can do IC(obj_providing_IA)03:20
srichterno, it cannot automatically do this03:20
vladook, thanks03:20
srichteryou could write some code doing this though03:21
srichteryou either would need a pipeline concept and define the pipelines or keep a registry that is suitable for those type of lookups03:22
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lcaamanoI'm trying to run the zope3in30minutes tutorial but zope doesn't show the boom package04:07
lcaamanocan anybody give me a hint?04:07
lcaamanonever mind ... I needed to log in as admin/secret12304:19
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drzoltronmorning, how do I get the template name / id from the skin ?08:03
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drzoltronhow can i retrieve the id of a page in a template ?08:47
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roym`Can anyone suggest how I might connect a z3 app to an Oracle 10g db. The current python drivers seem tout of date.15:58
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roym`surely, this is a real requirement in many places.15:59
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dobeeroym: use cx_oracle16:07
dobeeroym`: and
roym`dobee: does it work w/10g?16:07
dobeeroym`: i only use it with 9.x servers currently, but it compiles with 10.g client libs, so it should work16:08
roym`I see from googling that it should. thanks!16:08
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srichterj1m: okay, this release will take a while; the scripts in zopeskel have to be updates; I also get an error with test-browser :-(16:32
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srichterj1m: okay, I guess the procedure has changed a bit; no more test checking after make16:47
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srichterj1m: btw, who will do the Windows release?16:47
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srichterMacYET: hi there17:01
srichterhow was the LinuxTag?17:01
agroszerhi, srichter17:02
srichterhi adam17:02
MacYETsrichter:  boring :)17:03
srichterhe he17:03
MacYETat least a bit :)17:03
srichterready to make a release?17:06
* MacYET shivers...17:06
MacYETi hope philikon fixed the svn:externals17:06
MacYETphiliKON: pingeling17:06
agroszerguys, btw: there's something wrong with z3 downloads: the 3.2.1 is missing there17:08
MacYETdont forget the girls17:09
agroszersorry :-)17:09
agroszerand the MS folks, 3.2.1 win32 is also missing17:10
srichteragroszer: yeah, noone ever did th eWindows release for 3.2.117:13
srichteragroszer: I am not even sure who will do the Winows release for 3.3.x17:14
MacYETwindows gefrickel17:15
agroszerdo we have the instructions how to build it on win32?17:16
MacYETpay chris withers a million and he will do the z3 windows builds as well :)17:17
agroszerfor a million I'll do it also :-)17:17
MacYET1 million lire i think :)17:19
agroszer1 million lire is now =~ 017:19
agroszerin fact it's not too complicated, just to get the tools installed17:22
agroszerI'll give it a try17:25
MacYETzope 2 trunk: all tests passing :)17:27
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The|unieverybody who speaks german: the DZUG today started a campaign "dozen dirty tricks" that will feature a flash movie promoting zope 3 for the next 12 weeks17:46
The|unicheck out if you want to have a look17:46
The|uni(An english translation will be provided as soon as we have time for it)17:46
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philiKONMacYET, pongelong18:04
philiKONMacYET, haven't yet fixed zope2's externals18:04
philiKONsrichter just released 3.3b today18:04
philiKONwhen do you feel like making a zope 2.10b release?18:05
philiKONwe first need to fix the zpt situation no?18:05
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senraj1m: quick note, I have received your e-mails, either e-mail address is fine, I' ll respond to your questions in a 10 hs time frame, I have to interleave other activities now.18:12
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senraj1m: did you receive my contributor agreement ?18:13
j1mYes, you should have recieved email with instructions for uploading your keys.18:13
senraok, got it. Get back to you later then.18:13
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pindongahi. I am trying to figure out how to migrate a product to z3. Currently, my product is a zope2 tool, that stores two properties about members, throught the portal_memberdata tool, and manages this values (that is, you can query/set the default value for these properties, or the value for a specified member). It also manages these values through a cookie. What should I do in zope3, an utility?19:12
pindongahow would you handle the dependance on portal_memberdata? (is this still valid in z3?)19:12
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agroszerany volunteers to check to win32-test-release?20:08
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agroszersrichter: seems like it worked20:09
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drzoltronwin32, yuck20:11
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srichterj1m: could you look into the problem with the release? (see my zope3-dev message)20:30
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srichterj1m_: could you look into the problem with the release? (see my zope3-dev message)20:50
j1m_Sure.  I don't have time now, or possibly even soon.20:50
srichterj1m_: that's ok20:50
srichterj1m_: I just do not know why those testrunner tests are failing when running the tests from a release made from the tag20:51
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philiKONsrichter, is this the failure in "make test" ?20:52
j1m_Your message didn't say which tests were failing.20:52
j1m_There are a test or two that have always failed in an install if you didn't specify a full path name when you installed.20:54
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srichterj1m_: ok, I check with a fully specified path20:57
srichterj1m_: but I had 8 unit and 6 functional test failures20:58
j1m_ok, then it's probably not that.20:58
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srichterphiliKON: make test did not work at all20:58
srichterphiliKON: not even on the branch20:58
srichterphiliKON: I actually removed the script now20:59
philiKONuh huh20:59
philiKONi'm pretty sure make test from a release tarball in zope 3.2 worked20:59
srichterthis run was also not tested in anymore, so I thought it was not supposed to work anymore20:59
srichterj1m_: okay, it was the absolute path issue; all the unit tests have passed now21:08
srichteragroszer: you said you got the windows release built?21:12
agroszersrichter: yep, seems like21:13
srichteragroszer: cool, so as soon as I have the Zope-3.3.0b1 release up online, you could create the Windows binary?21:13
agroszerbut test_file_upload (zope.testbrowser.tests) fails on the installed system21:13
srichteragroszer: this is probably due to a OS compatibility bug21:14
agroszersrichter: ok, drop a mail21:14
srichterisn't this test failing on a trunk or branch checkout as well?21:14
agroszeryep, you're right21:15
agroszerI built it from the trunk21:15
agroszerI had that at hand21:16
agroszerI should look if the trunk fails also21:16
srichterthat would be important to know21:16
agroszerhmmm, fails also but with a different error21:18
srichterthat's strange, but that should be fixed first21:19
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srichtermaybe this will also fix the release21:19
agroszerlet's continue tomorrow21:19
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philiKONhey nathany21:34
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srichterwas twisted not in the Zope 3.2 release?21:40
benjiit was, srichter; why do you ask?21:41
srichterbecause when I try to build 3.3 (effectively the trunk) it is not there21:41
srichterbenji: was twisted itself included as well?21:44
srichterbenji: or just
benjihmm, don21:44
benjioops: don't know about that21:44
srichterno doubt, I am pretty irritated right now21:45
srichteryep, it is there21:46
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d2msrichter: is published but the release is missing :~21:57
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srichterd2m: yes, it is coming21:59
srichterd2m: I had to publish it, so that I will not make the other releases unavailable21:59
d2msrichter: ok, tanks ;) i already forgot about the release dance21:59
srichteryeah, so annoying :-(22:00
alecmIs there a reason the getAdapters((obj,), Interface) only returns one adapter with a given name (it's unclear how it chooses the preferred one) even when multiple adapters implementing Interface are available? Or is this a bug?22:07
philiKONalecm, are you sure you're iterating?22:11
srichterd2m: everything should be up now22:12
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alecmphiliKON: What do you mean?  I get a list of adapters, but if there are e.g. two unnamed adapters providing the Interface (say because they each provide a super-interface of the queried interface), only one will show up.  The same goes if there are two identically named adapters that implement the queried interface via different super-interfaces.22:13
d2msrichter: great22:13
alecmmaybe this is fixed in 3.322:14
philiKONalecm, i was just making sure you were iterating over what getAdapters() returns... sometimes it's not a list but a generator (afaik)22:14
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philiKONalecm, could be ... j1m_ knows more :)22:14
srichteralecm: that's the correct behavior22:15
alecmphiliKON: In this case it's a list, getProvidedAdapters from apidoc gives a generator and returns all the expected adapters.22:15
srichteralecm: it always returns the most specific adapter for each name22:15
srichter(unnamed adapters simply have an empty string as name)22:15
alecmsrichter: But what if they are all equally specific, it chooses randomly?22:15
srichtertwo adapters cannot be equally specific22:16
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srichterotherwise you would override the registration22:16
srichternote that order of the interfaces in implements() matters22:16
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srichteryou can get the full list of interfaces (in the way they are looked up using .flattened()22:17
alecmSure they can, if one provides only I3(I1) and the other provides only I2(I1), and I'm searching for adapters providing I122:17
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alecmis it determined by registration or definition order in that case?  Seems pretty silly22:18
srichterprobably by registration22:18
srichterbut Jim definitely knows the details on that :-022:19
srichterbut Jim definitely knows the details on that ;-)22:19
alecmsrichter: Well I one case where the one registered later appears and another where the one registered earlier appears, it all seems pretty arbitrary to me22:20
srichterI think we just never had use cases for this22:20
srichterI am not surprised that this scenario is undefined22:20
alecmif I look up adapters for I2, I get all the adapters for I2, and when I look up for I3, I get all the adapters for I3, but when I look up I1 I get some random assortment of adapters for each, one per defined name.22:21
alecmOK, so perhaps it is a bug then22:21
alecmj1m_: Thoughts?22:21
srichterno, I don't think its a bug22:21
srichterits a scenario that is simply not covered22:21
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alecmIs it likely that covering this scenario would break assumptions that people are making in current applications regarding the fact that getAdapters only returns one factory per name?22:23
srichterI just think it will make the registry much slower :-)22:23
srichterbecause you then would need to keep track of some sort of ordering in your registry mapping (I think)22:24
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alecmsrichter: Is there some other pattern that people use when they have multiple adapters which all provide a super-set of some give interface and want to be able to query them all (order isn't really relevant I think).  Is it best to just require that these adapters be named, even if each one provides a unique super-interface?22:31
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d2mgot a problem with z3.3.0b1 ZMI:  the site manager menue appears mixed with the 'standard' add menue items22:38
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srichterd2m: please file a bug report22:42
srichteralecm: right, in those cases we require adapters to be named22:43
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srichteralecm: there is no other mechanism as far as I am aware of it22:43
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